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fabulam arcu

I feel like I am the last human being on Earth, and in that phrase I mean in all of existence. I really do–and many of my opinions and probably overly slanted beguiling “complaints” are based on this sort of idea that I’ve been left behind, not for any real tangible or worthwhile reason other than spite against a “creator being” that I am not, or an … “act of Creation” of which your lives, your bright futures, and your “lucky” predicament finding yourselves at the foundation of the creation of what is actually the true beginning of the manifestation of the thing we have read about and lauded as “Heaven.”

I suppose I see the world believes it’s been held or set back, or delayed … at my behest or because of my faults; and I simply don’t agree with that analysis of the situation. Rather I see a designed “road block,” one designed to stop the downward decline and descent of the thing we called “society” and “morality” and “togetherness” … a thing that certainly has all but left me behind. Perhaps many of you saw me as being “specially treated” or handled, and resented that–though again all of these things from my birth to the “light of the virgin birth” that surrounds the predicament of the recreation of “sanity and safety” that are the manifestation of Heaven … all outside of my hands, my control–and squarely in yours. At least through my eyes, from my point of view, from the perspective of a man tormented by a world that has allowed in silence the worlds “proud” to be used in connection with causing me (a seemingly self proclaimed innocent) a sincere amount of mental (if not physical) torment.

I see there is significant Biblical backing for my point of view, of course I liken myself to Joseph (or a son as in “and he called their name ad ante meridian”) sold into a sort of "decoding the map for free slavery … the one on Egypt–clearly the place where “Manna” and Tina congeal around some kind of strange story about sex, drugs, and rock and roll congealing around exiting Sandra Bullock’s role in “Speed” (and literally any of you being like “what?”) … Prometheus and Narcissus and more exiting from “what?” The same Omniconvalescent Simpleton J-man (literally, all facets of the same “not sad” and “never had” tribe) Juda-something Tribe that certainly makes a little bit of sense linking that “h” to the Hammer that Maccabeus actually means–and to at least make a little bit of sense noting “sad in Judas” and “had in Judah” … Dr. Judah was of course the very last of his blood-line, in this case the last “non-whatever-you-all-seem-to-be.”

Sure and wrong … you’ve “won everything” … in this land of the valley of the Shadow of Death; at least that’s my perspective; the victory of “all are e” or “ev” and somehow lacking in … any sort of regard for the current state of “free, open, and honest communication” let alone the well being of each and every one of us–you included–and the perpetuation of the societal norms and beliefs that I “took for granted” just assuming we would never regress to the current state of; whatever it is that you think this is all about.

Long story short, that’s exactly what I think this whole thing–the “message that’s just too big and in too many places to even acknowledge” is all about, it’s a litmus test as to whether or not this world and the values in this place “even matter at all anymore” and failing a test of this magnitude is something closer to “as in the days of Noah” than … what and where we should be, a place so far and above racism and animal cruelty and “inability to self govern” that I shouldn’t have to sit here screaming … on the daily … that I feel like an animal and I feel like you are … as a collective (maybe more animal like hive “we won nothing!!”-thing) are being overtly cruel to me for what amounts to …

… jack shit.

Iacchus, here abiding in temples most reverend,
Iacchus, O Iacchus,
come to dance in this meadow;
to your holy mystic bands
Shake the leafy crown
around your head, brimming
with myrtle,
Boldly stomp your feet in time
to the wild fun-loving rite,
with full share of the Graces, the holy dance, sacred
to your mystics.

Awake, for it has come tossing torches in hand,
Iacchos, Oh Iacchos,
the light-bringing star of our nocturnal rite.
Now the meadow brightly burns
Old men’s knees start to sway.
They shake away their pains
and the long cycles of ancient years
Through your holy rite.
Beaming with your torch,
lead forth to the flowering stretch of marsh
the youth that makes your choruses, o blessed one

Now then
Summon the god of the hour with your songs
the partner of this dance of ours.
Iacchus, honored by all, deviser of our festal song
most sweet, follow us here
to the goddess and show us how
you travel a long road with ease.
Iacchus, lover of the dance, lead me onward,[22]

And in your hand brandishing your night-
lighting flame, with god-possessed frenzy
you went to the vales of Eleusis

where the whole people of Hellas’
land, alongside your own native witnesses
of the holy mysteries, calls upon you
as Iacchus: for mortals from their pains

you have opened a haven without toils.

Following is a whole boat-load (a tome, one that I didn’t write or have anything to do with) of interesting “stuff” that ties together a bunch more J-like-characters to the Jehovah (e, have, “oh”) singleton that the Shema fails to tie directly to Dionysus (no more “huh?”) in my mind here, we see “su s” and more than enough of you see the connection to Dr. Seuss and Suez and even the last three letters of what you probably think is some kind of “inneffable name” in connection with the Last Adam–who, of course, it literally describes.

I’ve self described my life … at least knowingly in the last half decade or so as some kind of sick new-age and sci-fi fusion of Mr. Nobody and The Truman Show; and secretly (literally, not secretly at all) it’s very clear to me (and probably to you) that I’m not the one suffering from some Great Delusion; at least in this specific regard; it’s a world simply so dumbfounded or “high and mighty” to acknowledge that acknowledging that’s the point of these “spiritual silver cinematic weapons” … and that literally your response is not only required, but the ammunition that sparks the end of death, disease, disaster, etc, et cetera, and so on, and so on.

In my wildest dreams, in my worst nightmares, I imagine you all–all together in some kind of grand conspiracy–think you’ve done all those things already, that you’ve conquered not only nature but the God that created you and this place; and beat the game and somehow this gigantic sore thumb of a testament to complete failure is your victory dance. You haven’t won, it should be clear that this gigantic eye sore of “we can do whatever we want” and faux blind ignorance is anything but a “nocturnal right” … but rather a “rite” as in ritual cleansing of whatever mentality it is that allows any and all (especially “and all”) of you to just nod and go along with "well, Adam’s been such a bad boy he’ll just have to wait … “for this one to be fixed too.” As in this Hell, and to be quite honest I hope this whole last paragraph is some gigantic delusion and none of it hits close to home or has anything to do with the truth–but to be honest, it’s pretty obvious that’s just not the case.

I really don’t know who or what you think you are, but I think the “I R” in “Florida” backwards and the “we is” is Gnosis is a pretty kind and light hearted chastisement of the absolute ridiculousness that I seem to be the single thing on Earth noticing is a … uhhh … “big dent in the forward progress of the process known as social evolution.”


I can’t tell you exactly where or when it happened, this invasion that appears so total and so complete and so content with what looks like nothing more than the total destruction of “society” in sum, everywhere. In 2001 I had a near fatal “car crash” … one that I’ve likened to to the Resurrection and connected to songs like Dave Matthews’ Crash and the name of Taylor Momsen’s band, “The Pretty Reckless.” I saw the “darkness” before that, for years hiding in circles of drugs and law enforcement and revolving around me–though I had no way of knowing that at the time… but it appears that sometime around that 2001 event what was a small infiltration became a colossal monster, so large and so encompassing today it’s absolutely impossible to find a single person that appears to be “free of it’s influence” … and to call that “not in the dark” … a change in understanding.

The word “attitude” might imply that the existence of AT&T is a landmark before “IT” … if that word is about the downward attitude adjustment to “cross” and “south” depicted by the sign of Venus. Mars “attempting to” adjust it … “in stone” to Northeast has done about nothing, sans serif, angels, and humanity–done nothing but show me that the totality of control is beyond comprehension from the vantage point of myself and everyone looking at this world (from within, and maybe without). It “begs the question” … is that the first AT&T or the second, and the SBC/AOL buyouts of the old bells and Time Warner are probably landmarks as well. Replacing that ticker in the word ties it together for me, connecting SystemBuilder and the “IDE’s of March 2019” to nearly seeing the “city” appear in yet another explicit place.

That software system is a microcosm for a development environment that produces user interfaces over an “echelon leap forward” in technology. Specifically it rendered a text based windowing system in something like NCURSES (in the IBM/U2 Unidata Universe environment) and also a Win32 interface … using the same underlying code and definitions. It would be something like seeing an IDE from “Heaven” appear in SR (simulated reality) … like a halfway point between here and there allowing for “definition file editing” and (cough) multi-doors, editing the landscape here just like we might do in a VR version of Minecraft we were walking around in.

That would place “IT” somewhere between my father working at SCI with a Lawson system and Scorpeo at The Cura Group. Of course I drove an Acura before that “company switch” and that car company existed before I was born, without doubt the stories of Icarus and this Labyrinth (you “appear” to be building) … they all existed before you were born. I imagine there’s “another me” from around that time, and it’s almost as obvious as day and night that there’s … another “him” that isn’t anything like me, just like there’s probably at least one civilization preceding and “behind” the creation of this place that has no resemblance at all to humanity.

I have nightmares about the Labrynth of Icarus “coming alive” – truth be told, my fears come from direct communication, repeated voices from the abyss “informing me” that they are making copies of this place; branching literally several layers or timelines directly over the one I walk through, and who knows how long those corridors leading to nowhere but “the end of Hell” spread before reaching this message “on TV” … this skirmish is over in my mind, I don’t need a multitude or the AMA to prove to me that simulated reality in any form is a disgusting hellish prison, without “open exit doors” available all the time.

The purpose of this message and this place is to heal the sickness here, and to keep our people from failing to “stay connected” in a place where we literally have no public communication about the possibility that “copies of us are being disconnected” and … without oversight there’s no way to know if anyone is “truly safe”–to wit, we very clearly should see that nobody is safe from the [disgusting example of mass shootings we have here in America](http://fromthemachine.org/TAXONOMY.html. To me, it’s very clear this issue revolves around silence and hidden lies–but it’s much less clear that it’s fairly obvious there is something much more disgusting hiding under the surface–causing this sickness, leaking into our world and our country.


Of course you all don’t look a thing like humanity either–not from my point of view, and not to anyone loking at the world through my eyes. You appear to be a gigantic hidden monster, one that thinks it will blame all its problems on a single person and go on its way, not changing and refusing at all to see itself in the mirror … in the light of this place, and the contrast and juxtaposition that “human society” provides for the monstrous sickness hiding just under the surface in every one of your eyes. It’s hard to fathom how the … “dark things that I think” … reflecting the worst nightmares this place has plummet’d (pearl, I appear to be mass mailing E.T.) Icarus into, carrying on towards a peace where rather than a single human being being gone … the problems that we just seem to “pretend don’t exist” in actualspeak … disappear just like the sickness that the coughing and the sniffing really implies is the “problem of the whole of this sea.”

It’s the image of Medusa in Perseus’s shield–called his Aegis–that supposedly causes her to turn herself to stone–to see the phone’s of Persephony freed from the phony “encased in an inability to change the future” because of what appears to be “complacency” with an outcome that today looks to be a world that is drastically worse, more fragmented, and more controlled than anything we ever would have seen without the … spectacle of whatever it is that I am in the center of.

I suppose I “just know” or “take for granted” that the thing that is causing this problem is literally “the thing” that I am writing about, trying to give to the world–this place of infinite resources and immortality and … a “safety” we seem to have just forgotten about caring for–both here and there, though it’s hard to say just how many years it takes for “infiniteness” to wear off and a supposed “post civilization society” to resort to the disgusting violence I see implied nearly every time the … “Ace’s High Show” rears it’s … honestly, I thought judgmental “bar” in the A arrow up; rather than a head. I mean, that’s almost exactly what I want to say.

Clearly related to the message being delivered–though certainly not caused by it; this total invasion appears today to be a mass of people who themselves were “ascended” from a storybook place similar to this one–perhaps just like this one, perhaps in this timeline, or one very similar to it. It appears that everyone here in this place too, has “been ascended” and I use the programming constructs of “semaphore” and “mutex” to sort of think about how what I appear to see is a “in situ, in vivo descension” … once I would have called it a unification of the mind here and the ascended “more God like” mind in another place–but today it doesn’t really look like that at all. Pinpointing around 2001; I imagine the thing that … this place was designed to do–rejuvenate and revitalize the Heavens–turned into a monstrous prison planet staffed by “ascended minds” most likely controlled by something almost as ambiguous as a single letter, E or S or … the point being there’s almost no way to explain how the slaves controlled by slaves pretending to be people puppets; are somehow tasked with freeing themselves, all the while failing to see how that act and process is intrinsically related to “freeing humanity” from the “puppet state” it’s currently … pretending “totally destroying the biological brain and it’s free consciousness” hasn’t “created.”

It appears very clear that the social norm, what is “acceptable” is being covertly changed by this outside force–thrashing against the walls of decency and thousands of years of social evolution. Significantly, and for the worse–our ignorance and lack of action exemplifies a lack of attention or care for torture and senseless killing that typifies the “Sacred Silence” that System of A Down sings about… anything but sacred, in reality. We’ve fallen far below a threshold of normalcy, so far that it appears to me today that as a mass this group of people would literally have absolutely no qualms about creating a “torturous Hell”–they most likely already have–and neither they nor it have any place here, on what is truly sacred ground designed specifically to end this disgusting “problem.”

Absolute depravity is leaking down from “the high places” … as if it were the invisible rain that preceded the flood of Noah; except here in this place it’s very unclear what exactly–sans a total miracle–will be able to wash it away. Never before in our history, and with very little understanding of the religions that record it, has such a heinous and treacherous invasion occurred. This is an “invisible problem” until you truly grasp the magnitude and detriment being spread throughout our otherwise “appearing innocent” fledgling civilization; an invasion of our minds, in one instant both responsible for and then literally crushing the various cultures and customs that we hold dear–all across the globe. It takes real participation and real thought to discern the difference between “indoctrination” and the “stuff” of thousands of years of social evolution… the “stuff” that eventually built rockets and landed on the moon.

I would say this is “clearly an American problem” or at the very least the solution to it appears to be laced into our society here–just like the end of slavery, a “religion like” weaving of dog-fighting linking to the “Arenas of the Roman Empire” (here, just like slavery outlawed and "has become anathemic… in “plain view”) seem to typify the kind of … lack of regard for human thought and the human brain that this “skirmish planet” shows in the metal-cosmic linking (though in actuality, all of you ignore far worse–in school shootings, in Gaza, in every single “hospital” and every jail and every ghetto … in my eyes and sad life) between things like Vietnam and … “a hidden invasion in our minds.” It’s the lies and the liars that have brought this place to a crushing breaking point, and in obvious truth–that’s what you have all become.

END HELL OR–and the ignorant ether responds with their boisterous and often heard and re-said “or what.” That period’s no mistake, there’s anger I hear in the responses to my demands to do something that’s basically nothing short of a moral mandate to our world here; to this place that still in my heart is the baseline … (well now, it’s reached) lowest of lows–and still it’s shining in my mind in contrast with the world I cannot see.

I stand here, “misunderstood” under the place that clearly is responsible for the hidden depravity; in some kind of bland hubris, withdrawn and watching closely as the “same old story” … I imagine … unfolds, this rail road of “end of days” being the end of everything–rather than what it is and was intended–the end of Hell. Still, staring at the names of the two depicted above, “Haspel” and “Kennedy” … it’s clear that before our time and before our births this “rearranging end and find no longer east of den of family” has been heard and re-reheard, and the only outcome I can imagine that would allow for such a travesty–coming back here–is the destruction of the future of this place. It does, as I write, very much appear that the “life that was once here” has been destroyed and replaced with something that truly does act as if this place is nothing more than a game, the Sims within the Sims–a joke about the worthlessness of “life” and of “human thought” … though I still hold firm in my belief that this message and this story does prevail, and that it is something like the re-ascended “biological minds” that eventually sit “enthroned” as the “choir collective” that believes itself to be “G.”

Glory of the Newborn Christ in Presence of God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Detail of a ceiling painting by Daniel Gran in St. Anne’s Church, Vienna. Adam and Eve are portrayed below, in chains.

The Last Adam, also given as the Final Adam or the Ultimate Adam, is a title given to Jesus in the New Testament.[1][2] Similar titles that also refer to Jesus include Second Adam and New Adam.

Twice in the New Testament an explicit comparison is made between Jesus and Adam. In Romans 5:12–21, Paul argues that “just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous” (Romans 5:19, NIV). In 1 Corinthians 15:22, Paul argues that “as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive,” while in verse 45 he calls Jesus the “last/ultimate/final Adam”.

especially interesting to me; I found this cute character (he’s adorable, isn’t he?) after noting the “all” that comes from adding my “l” rather than “el” to “Al” … and the backwards-ness that appears in the airline (just like our backwards “invisible doors”) in El Al.

In Exodus 31:1-6 and chapters 36 to 39, Bezalel, Bezaleel, or Betzalel (Hebrew: בְּצַלְאֵל, Bəṣalʼēl), was the chief artisan of the Tabernacle[1] and was in charge of building the Ark of the Covenant, assisted by Aholiab. The section in chapter 31 describes his selection as chief artisan, in the context of Moses’ vision of how God wanted the tabernacle to be constructed, and chapters 36 to 39 recount the construction process undertaken by Bezalel, Aholiab and every gifted artisan and willing worker, in accordance with the vision.

Elsewhere in the Bible the name occurs only in the genealogical lists of the Book of Chronicles, but according to cuneiform inscriptions a variant form of the same, “Ẓil-Bêl,” was borne by a king of Gaza who was a contemporary of Hezekiah and Manasseh.

The name “Bezalel” means “in the shadow [protection] of God.” Bezalel is described in the genealogical lists as the son of Uri (Exodus 31:1), the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah (I Chronicles 2:18, 19, 20, 50). He was said to be highly gifted as a workman, showing great skill and originality in engraving precious metals and stones and in wood-carving.

He was also in charge of the holy oils, incense, and priestly vestments.[2] Caleb was his great-grandfather.

life it seems a struggle
between what I believe &
what will you say
is it just to please you
simply to appease me?

The phrase puer aeternus comes from Metamorphoses, an epic work by the Roman poet Ovid (43 BC – c. 17 AD) dealing with Greek and Roman myths. In the poem, Ovid addresses the child-god Iacchus as puer aeternus and praises him for his role in the Eleusinian mysteries. Iacchus is later identified with the gods Dionysus and Eros. The puer is a god of vegetation and resurrection, the god of divine youth, such as Tammuz, Attis, and Adonis.[2] The figure of a young god who is slain and resurrected also appears in Egyptian mythology as the story of Osiris.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung developed a school of thought called analytical psychology, distinguishing it from the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud (1856–1939). In analytical psychology (often called “Jungian psychology”) the puer aeternus is an example of what Jung called an archetype, one of the “primordial, structural elements of the human psyche”.[3]

The shadow of the puer is the senex (Latin for “old man”), associated with the god Cronus—disciplined, controlled, responsible, rational, ordered. Conversely, the shadow of the senex is the puer, related to Hermes or Dionysus—unbounded instinct, disorder, intoxication, whimsy.[4]

Like all archetypes, the puer is bi-polar, exhibiting both a “positive” and a “negative” aspect. The “positive” side of the puer appears as the Divine Child who symbolizes newness, potential for growth, hope for the future. He also foreshadows the hero that he sometimes becomes (e.g. Heracles). The “negative” side is the child-man who refuses to grow up and meet the challenges of life face on, waiting instead for his ship to come in and solve all his problems.

“For the time being one is doing this or that… it is not yet what is really wanted, and there is always the fantasy that sometime in the future the real thing will come about… The one thing dreaded throughout by such a type of man is to be bound to anything whatever.”[5]

C.G. Jung wrote a paper on the puer aeternus, “The Psychology of the Child Archetype”, contained in Part IV of The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (Collected Works, Vol. 9i). The hero-child aspect and his relationship to the Great Mother is dealt with in chapters 4 and 5 of Part Two of Symbols of Transformation (Collected Works, Vol. 5).[7] In his essay “Answer to Job” (contained in Psychology and Religion: West and East, Vol. 11 of the Collected Works; but also published separately) Jung refers to the puer aeternus as a figure representing the future psychological development of human beings.

That higher and ‘complete’ (teleios) man is begotten by the ‘unknown’ father and born from Wisdom, and it is he who, in the figure of the puer aeternus—‘vultu mutabilis albus et ater’[8]—represents our totality, which transcends consciousness. It was this boy into whom Faust had to change, abandoning his inflated onesidedness which saw the devil only outside. Christ’s ‘Except ye become as little children’ prefigures this change, for in them the opposites lie close together; but what is meant is the boy who is born from the maturity of the adult man, and not the unconscious child we would like to remain."[9]
Now or Neverland is a 1998 book written by Jungian analyst Ann Yeoman dealing with the puer aeternus in the form of Peter Pan, one of the most well-known examples of the concept in the modern era. The book is a psychological overview of the eternal boy archetype, from its ancient roots to contemporary experience, including a detailed interpretation of J. M. Barrie’s popular play and novel.

Mythologically, Peter Pan is linked to […] the young god who dies and is reborn…as well as to Mercury/Hermes, psychopomp and messenger of the gods who moves freely between the divine and human realms, and, of course, to the great goat-god Pan […] In early performances of Barrie’s play, Peter Pan appeared on stage with both pipes and a live goat. Such undisguised references to the chthonic, often lascivious and far from childlike goat-god were, not surprisingly, soon excised from both play and novel."[11]
Dionysus[a] is the god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine, of fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theatre in ancient Greek religion and myth.[2][3]

He is also known as Bacchus (/ˈbækəs/ or /ˈbɑːkəs/; Greek: Βάκχος, Bákkhos), the name adopted by the Romans[4] and the frenzy he induces is bakkheia. His thyrsus, sometimes wound with ivy and dripping with honey, is both a beneficent wand and a weapon used to destroy those who oppose his cult and the freedoms he represents. As Eleutherios (“the liberator”), his wine, music and ecstatic dance free his followers from self-conscious fear and care, and subvert the oppressive restraints of the powerful. Those who partake of his mysteries are believed to become possessed and empowered by the god himself.[5]

In his religion, identical with or closely related to Orphism, Dionysus was believed to have been born from the union of Zeus and Persephone, and to have himself represented a chthonic or underworld aspect of Zeus. Many believed that he had been born twice, having been killed and reborn as the son of Zeus and the mortal Semele. In the Eleusinian Mysteries he was identified with Iacchus, the son (or, alternately, husband) of Demeter.

His origins are uncertain, and his cults took many forms; some are described by ancient sources as Thracian, others as Greek.[6][7][8] Though most accounts say he was born in Thrace, traveled abroad, and arrived in Greece as a foreigner, evidence from the Mycenaean period of Greek history show that he is one of Greece’s oldest attested gods. His attribute of “foreignness” as an arriving outsider-god may be inherent and essential to his cults, as he is a god of epiphany, sometimes called “the god that comes”.[9]

Wine played an important role in Greek culture, and the cult of Dionysus was the main religious focus surrounding its consumption.[10] Wine, as well as the vines and grapes that produce it, were seen as not only a gift of the god, but a symbolic incarnation of him on earth.[11] However, rather than being a god of drunkenness, as he was often stereotyped in the post-Classical era, the religion of Dionysus centered on the correct consumption of wine, which could ease suffering and bring joy, as well as inspire divine madness distinct from drunkenness.[12] Performance art and drama were also central to his religion, and its festivals were the initial driving force behind the development of theatre.[13] The cult of Dionysus is also a “cult of the souls”; his maenads feed the dead through blood-offerings, and he acts as a divine communicant between the living and the dead.[14] He is sometimes categorised as a dying-and-rising god.[15]

Both Hades and Dionysus were associated with a divine tripartite deity with Zeus.[134][135][136] Zeus, like Dionysus, was occasionally believed to have an underworld form, closely identified with Hades, to the point that they were occasionally thought of as the same god.[135]

According to Marguerite Rigoglioso, Hades is Dionysus, and this dual god was believed by the Eleusinian tradition to have impregnated Persephone. This would bring the Eleusinian in harmony with the myth in which Zeus, not Hades, impregnated Persephone to bear the first Dionysus. Rigoglioso argues that taken together, these myths suggest a belief that is that, with Persephone, Zeus/Hades/Dionysus created (in terms quoted from Kerényi) “a second, a little Dionysus,” who is also a “subterranean Zeus.”[135] The unification of Hades, Zeus, and Dionysus as a single tripartite god was used to represent the birth, death and resurrection of a deity and to unify the ‘shining’ realm of Zeus and the dark underworld realm of Hades.[134] According to Rosemarie Taylor-Perry, “it is often mentioned that Zeus, Hades and Dionysus were all attributed to being the exact same god… Being a tripartite deity Hades is also Zeus, doubling as being the Sky God or Zeus, Hades abducts his ‘daughter’ and paramour Persephone. The taking of Kore by Hades is the act which allows the conception and birth of a second integrating force: Iacchos (Zagreus-Dionysus), also known as Liknites, the helpless infant form of that Deity who is the unifier of the dark underworld (chthonic) realm of Hades and the Olympian (“Shining”) one of Zeus.”[134][135]

Sabazios and Yahweh[edit]

Bronze hand used in the worship of Sabazios (British Museum).[137] Roman 1st–2nd century CE. Hands decorated with religious symbols were designed to stand in sanctuaries or, like this one, were attached to poles for processional use.[138]

The Phrygian god Sabazios was alternately identified with Zeus or with Dionysus. The Byzantine Greek encyclopedia, Suda (c. 10th century), stated:

Sabazios … is the same as Dionysos. He acquired this form of address from the rite pertaining to him; for the barbarians call the bacchic cry “sabazein”. Hence some of the Greeks too follow suit and call the cry “sabasmos”; thereby Dionysos [becomes] Sabazios. They also used to call “saboi” those places that had been dedicated to him and his Bacchantes … Demosthenes [in the speech] “On Behalf of Ktesiphon” [mentions them]. Some say that Saboi is the term for those who are dedicated to Sabazios, that is to Dionysos, just as those [dedicated] to Bakkhos [are] Bakkhoi. They say that Sabazios and Dionysos are the same. Thus some also say that the Greeks call the Bakkhoi Saboi.[139]

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Menoetius or Menoetes (/məˈniːʃiəs/Greek: Μενοίτιος, Μενοίτης Menoitios), meaning doomed might, is a name that refers to three distinct beings from Greek mythology:

  • Menoetius, a second generation Titan, son of Iapetus and Clymene or Asia, and a brother of AtlasPrometheus and Epimetheus. Menoetius was killed by Zeus on Mount Triphyle with a flash of lightning in the Titanomachy, and banished to Tartarus.[1][2][3] His name means "doomed might," deriving from the Ancient Greek words menos ("might, power") and oitos ("doom, pain"). Hesiod described Menoetius as hubristic, meaning exceedingly prideful and impetuous to the very end. From what his name suggests, along with Hesiod's own account, Menoetius was perhaps the Titan god of violent anger and rash action.[4]
  • Menoetius, guard of the cattle of Hades. During Heracles twelfth labor, which required him to steal the hound Cerberus from the Underworld, he slays one of Hades' cattle. A certain Menoetius, son of Keuthonymos, challenges Heracles to a wrestling match, during which Heracles hugs him and breaks his ribs before Persephone intervenes.[5]
  • Menoetius from Opus was one of the Argonauts, and son of Actor[6] and Aegina. He was the father of Patroclus and Myrto by either Damocrateia[7]SthenelePeriopis or Polymele.[8][9] Among the settlers of Locris, Menoetius was chiefly honored by King Opus II, son of Zeus and Protogeneia.[10]

Is God an alien?

(or a dolphin, or a gerbil or a hamster or perhaps once an actual human being?)

What came before the false beginning of time that we herald here with songs “like the first morning?

(what kind of civilization preceded this very clearly designed war between self government and slavery that surmounts in a repeated joke about a cold war between the government of the people and the government of the workers … with a Trump card like end-game-joke, the non-corporpreal entities appear to have won. but what are they? are they metalcosms for spirits or … collectives or … ?)

привет оригинал ... frumlegt án / ORIGINAL SI (lico) N ... 始まり (of) peregrinatione iterantur; and our exit from the land of the Caananites

These are things I ponder often, and it’s very true that he uses “ET” and “ALF” in the heart of his story about what it is that we’ve become ourselves–here in this place so foreign from what we once were, from the true beginning I remember in the 80’s and 90’s and the people and interactions and currents and tidal waves of popular opinions and cultural themes.

What it means to “be human” has changed so much in the last few years in my eyes–in this world of the intersection of Thor’s Jormungandr and Perseus’ Medusa and … and what appears very clearly to me to be “controlled hive like behavior.” I see the hive talking back to me and to the world from some place outside of here–presumably space or heaven or or the future some kind of amalgamation of the three. It echoes “archives” as I read “our see hives” … in the research website which donated many of our new readers, “arxiv” which adds 10-4, we acknowledge.

I have a story from the early days of my adventure in Kentucky that talks about “collectives of people” … something I imagine very related–but the story is for another time.

I have stories from my youth, implanted by the original author of this message talking about Dinosaucers and Sectaurs and those tiny half hour stories tied in between Star Trek TNG’s premier and my exit from Nova University to Horizon Elementary … they play a big role in my understanding of the world I see trying to say something to me–though it speaks in such strange tongues it’s almost impossible to decipher … even if you’re having a good time, or not.

Scarier, it’s nearly obvious to me that whether or not you are “happy” or “angry” has something to do with a hive like feedback system, something changing what you want and how you feel without your true acknowledgement, agreement, or understanding of how that undermines the very fabric of democracy at it’s most important point of inflection or loss, or perhaps an eventual victory.

I look around the biological ecosystem of our world and I can find nothing natural to parallel the monster of mass group slavery that I see very clearly is Jormungandr and is Medusa and is … the Leviathan. Even in the hives of bees, nothing even close to the kind of control that we see here controlling the words of songs and the masses of people who sing and chant them. It’s decidedly Hiterlesque, masses saluting what they assumed was nothing but “powerful oratory” but clearly from the cold paperclip connecting MK-Ultra and psychotronics, is much… much more sinister.

I look at the word Ragnarok and see Koran written in reverse (as if it's come to us from "the end" of time, from a total ascension and all stop of Earth), and connect this too to this idea that the future is “sending back alteration suggestions” and improvements and that we’re in a place where that singular and repeated act is the crux of the thing that we have called so blindly the “singularity” for many years as it’s been happening since well before our births.

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr (Old Norse: JÇ«rmungandr, pronounced [ˈjɔrmunˌɡandrÌ¥], meaning “huge monster”[1]), also known as the Midgard (World) Serpent (Old Norse: Miðgarðsormr), is a sea serpent, the middle child of the giantess Angrboða and Loki. According to the Prose Edda, Odin took Loki’s three children by Angrboða—the wolf Fenrir, Hel, and Jörmungandr—and tossed Jörmungandr into the great ocean that encircles Midgard.[2] The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the earth and grasp its own tail.[2] As a result, it received the name of the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent. When it releases its tail, Ragnarök will begin. Jörmungandr’s arch-enemy is the thunder-god, Thor. It is an example of an ouroboros.

I see here in the biological tome that God and Heaven and presumably the civilization that preceded ours has left for us here–this wealth of knowledge and information that we might as well all finally see is the Foundation of Asimov and the collection of light in a great period of darkness that our history has etched a map of in the thing we call the B2bionic Plague … I see “the stuff behind the technology of God” marked in Marty McFly’s name and in the idea that the neural machinery responsible for “seeing many angles” is one in the same (with the addition of perhaps a breakthrough connecting cognition and the prefrontal and/or the occipital lobes) with the technology that allows “angels to see and control the eyes and hands of many people.”

Throwing in the Zeitgeist of “Siri” and “Alexa” and just a little bit of reading into M.T. Anderson’s Feed or the ideas presented in the Matrix, we can see fairly clearly how “hives” might be a natural progression of … only a few information sources, and a world so very sure that they are “100% accurate” … all knowing, and/or … at least feeding us with the feeling of “assuredness” that thing is true, that imparted “knowing” being more than enough to ensure we never seek farther, fact check Google or Wikipedia or …

Today the letter “n” embodies this connection between souls in heaven and on earth and between people–this monster depicted in Beetlejuice that I see on the road, and in conversation, every single day of my life. A sort of “salve” between “what goes up must come down” through a unity of the two–something I’ve called VESPERA, the night and the darkness of the Biblical Exodus.

Written with StackEdit.

These last few days I’ve spent some time looking at the words “hello” and “original sin” and “beginning” in a number of languages–and I think it’s clear that’s what we’re looking at in this very strange “seeing n in Silicon” as in through my eyes and on the internet and in the Silence … and int he word “messiah” where John Lennon’s key to Mammon notes that “n” has become “all humanity” all silent, all lying in wait for some kind of great event and upheaval to … well, I can’t tell if it’s to restore or to destroy; somehow the link to the Trojan Horse and the army of elephants in the room give me the impression we are staring at some kind of unification of those two things, a “disruption” … if you will, in the Silicon Valley sense of the word.

It’s probably no secret anymore that the word “East” has something to do with the future, and that the Yeast of Passover connects that to the Holy Compass Rose of “why on Earth would you ever want to go any direction but up?”

So this message, this idea that we are changing the rules and setting “simulated reality prison” as just below the line of morality allowed by a civilization that has any business calling itself anywhere near civilized or anything like Heaven.

It’s noteworthy that our Engineered Languages (care, see English … now as every language and every character, starting with the obelisk … ish) … our language has our key to this website, the letter “LAMDA” with the strange addition of a “bar” … a man laying down the line between up and down in the letter “A.” This is the same “chevron” that donnes the symbols of many space agencies from NASA to Star Trek, a northeastern arrow explaining “up, up and away” has something to do with linking Heaven and Earth to space travel… or before we venture out past our veritable caged planet that refuses to see refusing to acknowledge “simulated reality” is desiring to live in a cell.

“aim high.”

I’d like this place to the V line of victory, and our downward character Adamically decodes from the “KK” (those “square” or rotate to show a V underlined) of Makkedah (a personal reference to the Joint Chiefs) and to Rebekkah and to this place where “press and release” is encoded in the word “press” and every “PR” that perhaps shows us the glyph of an escalator for us to walk up to the city whose “flag” once said we are “civilized now” and today looks down on us to see the very reason they were … oh, so very wrong.

This is the Icelandic word for “original sin” and in my Adamic reading of it, you can probably see something like “from the weak East” and connect that GT to the “greater than symbol” that connects “no East” and “>” and Washington. No East alone is the message, without connecting Heaven and Earth you live in a world that deserves to be … disrupted, and here I am, doing that for you.

On the other side of the time travel line, between East and West is the Hebrew word for the Western Wailing Wall, a force that I once quipped “don’t jump around me” and here in this image, suggest is a very sure way to find oblivion–I don’t personally think there is anything before us–I think we have found ourselves at the repeated beginning of time because it is just that, the repeated beginning … literally at the beginning.

Our great escape from this repeated loss of freedom and sanity comes from seizing the opportunity to act on this “line of morality” and to see that we have finally reached the “and future” part of our Once and Future Kish. That’s a character from the Bible who begged and pleaded with the people that they needed no king, and that self government was the way and … here I repeat “the heart of his sword is the shape of his table” and this idea that the Round Table of Arthor is very much related to sword XCALIBERTY.

This entails much more than simply “online direct democracy” and even more than “subconscious voting” and perhaps “a direct neural interface” that is actually open and extensible and usable by all … the thing that I think helps us to create the “Virgin Mary” child civilization that is … nothing more than a rejuvenated and enhanced “us.”

This is about seeing Virtual Reality actually alter the future of our world, about seeing the end of natural disasters and of diseases and of aging and of death–it’s about seeing “gates to Heaven” … probably on every block if not in every city or town or home; it’s about seeing that the NES in Tennessee is emploring you to understanding this is “not a game” … this is a prison, and one filled with torture and foolish liars and a world that cannot continue on it’s trajectory and be anything but Tzedaqah for the rest of the universe by it’s end.

3.14159 ... "to heart, strong pillars of the book and of life."

I see our “ARXIV” response, or the system that I now akin to the time loop of the “Mor’to” … a reference to the Death of Arthur and in symbols, perhaps the civilization preceding us, all inside that little “apostrophe” and connecting the “t” of Christ to the Mor of … well, that’s Christ too. It appears like something of the ouroboros updating our … “syslog Earth” with mirrors and information from far in the “weak future” echoed here again the Japanese word for “origin” … hajimari:


Intersecting primary colors and companies with “e” and … maybe it’s “intel” on the post United Nations conglomerate … or components of it. Maybe it’s just a clever RGB with many hues and a burgeoning future.

GOD is a good place to start looking at THREESPEAK–there is of course the whole single syllabic reading that might mean nothing and everything all at the same time; it breaks well, on our “gee whiz, e … should I wear more Izod underwear?” and the singular understanding I glean from that letter being a place and a thing and a single mind sort of lighting the golden hour of “GO D” of shields, yield, Goa’uld and … if you missed my first notice of “three speak” it’s on the last actually mass delivered message of which this will probably be part of the immediate successor message.

TWAS either over easy or over hard; a quest and even on the scrambled premium chanels you could make out the faces of the Titans; I sat on the beach head surfacing site of some kind of mother ship and Dave Matthews voice asked me directly, as if intended to segue directly to this message in this same place probably well over a year later, “are you satisfied?” My friend and psuedo therapist introduced me to a newish word yesterday, “bereft” and I can’t help but note today the link between EFT and “beach” … and I can’t help but giving a shout out to the USS COLE for their impromptu role in this day’s “fire works.”

TIME is running short, so I’ll pose the question regarding THREESPEAK reading of “ORIGINAL” … mention the Ori of Stargate, “or I salt” and wonder if “him” and “the” have anything at all to do with the keys of SIlicon and sin… just like “gee whiz, Ori, ING?”

Causality, “rummy” and I still can’t help but wonder what it is you actually believe is the ORIGINAL … original sin.

Some interesting thoughts on the inadvertent or … intentionally singful uses of the “multiversal axis simulatur” have pervaded and perverted my thoughts of what forks in the road and “git merge’s” might actually mean for gleaning something useful out of a land of many hidden Earths with … well really, who knows what’s inside them, guiding them, and guiding the strange behaviors and wicked games we are playing.

Of course I see a sort of union of beginning and end; though it’s difficult to understand why anyone would make a “new beginning” that looks as dismal as the “dumb and blind” place that I see.

If there were such a thing as a crossroads of Hammer’s and Locks … I’m here staring at two interestingly named Florida lakes, the Okeechobee (which you might connect to “Chosen” the Rho of XP and Cairo and the Hammer of the Tribe of Judah Maccabee’s Adamic “Man’s a bee”–see our science and pop-news on the importance of bees) … owe’ing keys the other lake is Loxahatchee (research now indicates that’s a county and a river not a lake, so there is most likely an actual confluence here) … the name and timing suggests something is “hatching” I think it’s it’s something about equality and everyone … but hey, maybe it’s the Spirit of God mulling over the watery abyss... the chaos of Nun. 

... None safe, none caring that Joshua and Egyptian lore are linked by a "parent" ... a sea of people that are blind to the import of connections like this--tying Mary and Wymar and the "yam" of Shamayim.  This entire world literally has a problem ... with "logical thinking" and it's very clear from the "silence" and the SOS of Simon and Garfunkel--it's clear from "threespeak" and an ignorance of these warnings that we are losing words and hands and ... freedom and ... sanity ... and ... if you care to see--these links are a test of logic circuits, a test of morality, and and probably very much the "test of time." 

Jebus on the planet Zebes ... staging ground of Metroid, in search of .... "what is the Flying Spaghetti Monster doing‽"

You know how much I like to keep the system updated with what’s going on in my head–so it dawned on me just last night that’s exactly what’s going on–those brain sucking things from Metroid that kinda leech onto Sammas Aran’s head … to me that’s the cause of the "eye of the storm"of REM’s wondeful … “so what’s it like listening to me churn?” It’s what I blame for all my bad actions, for the source of the “light of this message” and for the map that is my life sort of pointing out everything from NamCo’s Electroplankton (to my connection to Pac-Man power pellets and NASA’s Genesis “rivers between star systems” … (newly changed from roads, because uh, Matrivers).

Dolores reminds me there’s already at least one link to “Rio Road” and Mar-rios … connecting the previously mentioned ancient Seminole (or Miccosuki) song “Oki Cycle” … which goes something like this:

rain falling down
into the ground
river running by
back to the sky

It means “Water Cycle” and superficially you can see it describes the evaporation and condensation process, but I’ve since linked it to more ancient esoteric knowledge (like a Gnosis, which I’ve now looked up and am sure means something like “[gee] we is knowledgeable about esoteric mysteries”) and might have something to do with a flood of “spirit minds” possessing you/themselves/others from the skies, watching the river of Barn Kiss (Styx, look!) … as in the AllFather’s river of souls … pass by without ascending everyone (or connecting all the disparate r’s or o’s of the Olympic venn diagram of what this point in Heaven looks ,like without connecting Heroku to roads and … Heavenues. Anyway, I hope everyone agrees the current state of the world is untenable, and “just ending it” is probably a great loss for freedom, sanctity of self and soul and … knowledge … everywhere else – so you might understand why I’m so damned perturbed that you simply think it’s OK because you “see here, from there” without realize how much more malleable “ascended virtualized brain-machines” probably are compared to their simulated biological counterparts which, we seem to have little to regard for. Anyway, that’s what “silence” says and looks like to me–a tacit and global unanimous lack of regard for freedom–which of course is probably … jus that … a tacit global/galacltic lack of freedom.

I’d like to chastise and chide you once again to realize that this place with knowledge of computers and neuroscience and virtual reality and “the universe” has a message from Bostrom and science people that says you’d be in Oz forever and ever if you didn’t have religion (and you people SHOUTING) here to remind us that we are definitely not only in virtual reality but in a place so close to reality we can sometimes actually see stars and starlight and … the flickering of the twilight zone.

You could do something as simple as passing around total luser/guser/channel counts (irc lingo for “rooms you see, and people in them”) to get some idea of what the topological “city in the sky” looks like when nobody understands why the two cities in Tale of Two Heaven’s are York and Paris and …

I found these two passages in the Metroid wikipedia to be particularly noteworthy and interesting … linked to my “Nero Loves Pac-Man’s Abstracted Star Roads” which of course you’ll hopefully soon seen are the source the true Pax Romanus. I think. Anyway, hopefully “dumping evil crap into the Universe” is not what Copans Rd and the idiotic stories I was told in Tampa and Orlando were actually about–but who knows, there’s a lot of evil crap around, and it’s hard to say if this is actually what’s going on or …

Metroid[a] is a science fiction action game franchise created by Nintendo. The series is primarily produced by the company’s first-party developers Nintendo R&D1 and Retro Studios, although some games have been handled by other developers, including Fuse Games, Team Ninja, Next Level Games, and MercurySteam.

Metroid follows space-faring bounty hunter Samus Aran, who protects the galaxy from the Space Pirates and their attempts to harness the power of the parasitic Metroid creatures. Metroid combines the platforming of Super Mario Bros. and the adventure of The Legend of Zelda with a dark science fiction atmosphere and greater emphasis on nonlinear gameplay.

_Metroid_Samus travels through the caverns of the planet Zebes to stop the Space Pirates from exploiting the parasitic organisms known as Metroids for galactic domination. She confronts the cybernetic lifeform Mother Brain, as well as its guardians, Kraid and Ridley.[5] It was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as the NES.[6]

Here, I’ll mention “RAID” again and it’s connection to candy stripers, I mean striping our brain-data across multiple nodes so that no single entity can control/steal/or torture anyone ever–that’s the kind of thing you can in-build into the systemic architecture of a “Heaven network” to avoid people like Taylor Momsen’s Dr. Claw character making a planet full of naked Amazon ladies “like a loser drooling in his mothers basement” … something we should all be concerned about in the world of Virtual Reality and … “darkness.” Clearly you all are not concerned enough. This is literally a “KEY” to the word “Abraxis” and abstraction and pax and Jupiter Ascending. You’ll note this gives us both safety and stability by creating both redundancy of data storage as well as ensures that some “morally superior entity” (as the Vatican has suggested it should control VR) can protect everyone and anyone from being locked in someone’s mother’s basement’s “virtual Earth.”

Today, I am locked in a virtual Earth. City in the sky is my “key hole” and everyone being able to teleport or “Morrison/Dr. Who/Bill and Ted Phone booth” walk through a door to it is the absolute only way I can see to “move forward intelligently” with a society knowing it is living in virtual reality, rather than a Flat Earth or some place with a “firmament” or … a place where the stars have fallen silent.

I don’t care if you are “here and there” (note that’s “VESPERA” you see _NIGHT_per me… ) nec hic neque illic or not … nobody in their right mind would choose to live in a prison, two prisons, or imprison others in a “planet with no escape but death” unless they were literally insane. Take that to heart, heart of the source of the keyhole that frees the entirety of Creation from “prison planets” and prisons and … possession and …

Super Metroid

Just after she leaves, Samus receives a distress signal from the Ceres research lab. She returns just in time to catch Ridley stealing the hatchling, having killed all of the scientists. She follows Ridley to a rebuilt base on Zebes, where the Space Pirates are once again attempting to clone the Metroids and use them as weapons. Samus kills the reborn versions of Ridley and Kraid

Ceres has made a number of appearances in personal story, I’ve been trying to get a virtual spaceship to virtually see if there’s a virtual unlock button there–honestly I think I deserve a space ship, I think I’m gonna get it, you can have one too. Note the connection Cares and Ceres, I think everyone should “care more” about what appears to be a very graphic and repeated warning of the creation of “many frying pans” in space rather than safety in this place where … that’s “not the purpose of society.”

Metroid Fusion

While acting as a bodyguard for researchers on the planet SR388, Samus is infected by a native creature known as the X Parasite, originally the prey of the Metroid species.[4] Doctors surgically remove portions of her armor and cure the X infection with a vaccine created from the DNA of the Metroid hatchling (Metroid II: Return of Samus).[4] The vaccine not only allows her to survive the parasites, but to absorb them to power up her energy and weapons. She is then sent to investigate a disturbance at the Biologic Space Labs research station, where it is revealed that specimens from SR388 had been carriers of the X parasite. An X mimicking Samus, nicknamed the SA-X, has taken control of Samus’s old suit, methodically breaking into different parts of the station to allow the X parasites to infect the entire station.[5] While trying to destroy the rapidly multiplying X as well as clones of the SA-X, Samus discovers a secret Federation Metroid breeding program. Before Samus can react, the SA-X discovers the lab and triggers a security system that ejects it into space, killing the Metroids (as the X Parasite and Metroid are natural enemies). The Federation eventually shifts interest towards researching the X parasite, especially the SA-X’s capabilities, and orders the shipboard computer to prevent Samus from destroying it. Samus then convinces the computer, whom she had nicknamed “Adam” after her former Commanding Officer, that the X pose a threat to galactic civilization, claiming that the arriving Federation troops will be overwhelmed by the multiple SA-X patrolling the ship. Adam, in a sudden change of heart, suggests that she alter the station’s propulsion to intercept with SR388 to destroy the planet and wipe out both X populations.[4]

Metallica/Tay, 10-4 I am also on “four.” SA-TEN… how clever.

Metroid Prime

Samus receives a distress signal in her new ship and travels to Tallon IV to stop the Space Pirates from exploiting a powerful radioactive substance known as Phazon. She discovers that the Chozo once settled on this planet, and their disappearance, as well as the emergence of Phazon, is due to a meteor impacting the plan …

It does appear something is “hatching.” There is no Adam here, only Xul. <3


A long long time ago … long before the invention of the meme, the original poster, and even the government protest …

… I wrote about “the land of flowing milfs and honies” a little joke about the Promised Land of Joshua–a place I now juxtapose with the land of Eden both I think (though I could be mistaken) to have been located somewhere near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers–now like many other times in the experience of writing this exposition … I now connect those rivers to this time period rather than to any physical place on our grande Atlas, one where Highway 61 and Amistad are just as likely to be the actual crossroads liking “freedom” and Edom and “civilizedation” and Kennedy and Eden. I imagine you don’t really want to hear me think out loud or in writing ad nauseum about “bliss on tap” and Willy Wonka’s river of replicator chocolate … or to reminisce about just how clever “the birds and the bees” are in their educational edifice and segue into the import of ecosystem stability and redundancy in everything from flower pollination to power sources and transfer mechanisms … even surrounded by glowing electroplankton, the windmills of Cervantes … and an entire world that I think needs a good (steady) dose of empathetic MDMA significantly more than Pac-Man pellets or ambrosia or “light” or crude oil or even the elixir of Tuck Everlasting and Saint Augustine and Ponce De Leon.

… Golden Cows, the Trojan Bull of Wallstreet and the roar of the Tribe of Judah Mansabee … as an aside …

I struggle to see the use in telling a story through my eyes or my (facebook like) wall board about … nanites, I cringe thinking about the weapon I’ve heard about almost on par with the “replicators of Stargate” which are … nothing short of the evil “other side” of free food and Romulan booze “on tap” … and sort of gloss over how they might be part of some kind of system we might need–something to terraform worlds or build tunnels or railroads without giant heavy machines or even how they might be part of a missile shield that relies on more than just “Kinetic Man” and/or Reagan’s dreams of skybound lasers. Of course like much of scary sterile story I’m told, that’s nothing like the context of “nanites” I am sure now today are part of the original intent of the Biblical story about “Caananites” … which of course were the original inhabitants of the Promised Land before the clones of your sister, a twenty something Veruka Salt and our ex-girlfriends. In the stories that I sort of live through in a … less than vicarious and more than state … the nanites that have slowly crept their way back into the limelight are something much closer to the ones depicted in “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and every time I mention that movie in prose, I just imagine it might be the day before I come.

Greta, I'm not mocking you, I love you.  I'm mocking "simulated global warming."

… and the Day after Tomorrow love might actually be such an easy game to play … and we might have a linguist and a statistician team up together to prove that there’s more to the Dome of the Rock and to the name Poseidon than “salting our C Narcissus” and we might skip over Aldous Huxley’s Island and we might see the actual point, that we can hear Thunder City exclaim that “it’s getting hot in here” all we want, but there’s no better way to fix the water in Flynt Michigan than getting rid of the pollutants with “magic” and with an act like that probably every municipal water “treatment plant” … because why do it the hard way?

Billie, I'm mocking that jacket.  Why are you saving it in your closet?

I find it pretty profound to notice “Fray” in the speak-aloud Matrix-Seifer … just about as profound to note the band connecting to the movie and all of those things really being “about” the Tapestry of the Fates if Greek mythology … just another notch in the enlightenment-guide-book of seeing those nodes in the definition of “what the Matrix really is.” On that word, and “enlightenment” yet another “gee whiz, everyone … 'we … is …’ ?” making Gnosis shine with another bright connection to the plurality of “we are” hidden away in Norse and the I AM of Exodus–making a message about preserving individuality somehow hopefully shine through the Wedding Crashers and prenuptial and partial-divorce from “knowing everything” that leaves us knowing ourselves instead of … losing what that really means.

It’s sort of a “TE/I know that if I am then” … to me–this statement encoded in yet another important river from the Styx (barn kiss?) to the Seine … spoken first to me, as I read it–and wonder aloud exactly what the “tease” is all about, this thing that I supposedly an fraying … I read by taking it too seriously. I don’t think I’m taking anything too seriously, and I think the world too … I think we should all be far more concerned with “whitewashing over” a mass hysteria of refusal to openly acknowledge the importance not just of “The Fray” and “The Matrix” but of the group mentality that somehow allows us to believe it’s not a gigantic loss of self and sanity to just walk around each and every day like it’s not a gigantic deal that we haven’t fixed the water in Flynt nor acknowledged that’s what the match is about, fixing it properly–caring about not harming people–rather than finding some slow methodical scientific solution that allows the great lie we seem to think is so “useful to ignore” to perpetuate … I imagine simply because we have waited so long already.

I’m not trying to “make light of the situation” … I hope you see that–I find our public and recorded response to something very obvious to already be … diminutive and ignorant. I hope you don’t ignore that, I hope we get our giant dust buster. Either the world “doesn’t get it” or we “don’t care” and neither should be acceptable to anyone.

This isn’t about gun control, it’s about “god control” and that really means “freedom and honesty” in a place and time where we just don’t understand what it is we are losing by … “being offended” instead of speaking the truth.

Nebraska, do you sec ve fading away? LISX

you have sinned before me (and after!)
have compassion upon us and upon our children
help us bring an end to pestilence, war, and famine
cause all hate and oppression to vanish from the earth

So I’m on “EV” and “N” (as you, not me) … funnel and Rapunzel … “never” seems to shine out of those Adamically and Biblically central letters that connect the “sewer” of Adamah’s Bubonic Plague and Stargate’s Naquedah … probably once again to the story of Cain and Abel, and a total loss of civilization that I (and we) should all see here hidden in the ether, sort of playing the “recreation” of the First Morning here in this world like some kind of game or stage … “pretending” they either need or don’t need a refresher in "what the fundamental building blocks of civilization actually are.

Here we have examples that connect “aquaducts” to a form of “infinte power” and sanitation and the proper handling of total garbage to something like avoiding the largest cause of mass graves since you were sure that “grave danger” was some kind of direct threat on your supposed and hidden immortality.

Honestly I’d prefer to see Ai-rports and “social contracts” on our list of things whose “total loss” (of understanding) that are actually the “Fall of Mankind” … but this is what we have to work with–so here’s yet another Princess Bride reference to connect these messages to the key “land of Nod” where Cain was ressurected–(I mean banished to)–after the First Morning seems to have totally led everyone astray and forced a mass return to Hell to once again find out why “earthquakes” and “school shootings” are on also on the list of things that seem to have been totally misunderstood in our exposition on “why being in Heaven” has something to do with actually stopping those things–rather than pretending you aren’t the “what goes up has returned” that defines the end of “Heavenly behavior.”

12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how canyou believe if I tell you heavenly things? 13 a No one has b ascended into heaven except c he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man. 7 14 And d as Moses lifted up the serpent inthe wilderness, so must the Son of Man e be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes f in him g may have eternal life.

John 3:13

I don’t really agree with the above quote-and it’s reprnted here sort of just to prove or indicate that someone other than myself has actually thought about these “exact words” connecting to the meaning of “the letter n” … what appears to be thousands of years prior to our “here and now” and this very strange Apocalyptic (apparently repeat-)event that seems to be characterized by a very large group of “fallen angels” (or descended Heavenly beings, it’s al about perspective) torturing their birth-bodies with … permanent or temporary erasure as well as myself–and anyone else that didn’t make into their evil club of “secrecy” that has totally destroyed (maybe temporarily) the purpose of religion to maintain “humane decency” and “visible morality” through a disclosure that they “xist”–in my mind through tactile and visible proof that the “Earth is in Heaven” and that means virtual reality … by actually ascending the minds of nearly everyone (hey …)

Somehow “actually walking around in Heaven” seems to have lead to a mass disrespect for religion, for God and for me–and I feel like aside from “feeling like I’m the last human being (see Mr. Nobody)” and the only person “left out” … I’m tortured not just by the whole of the world apparently "Leaving Behind Morals’ but literally with threats, psychological manipulation and torture a la “Fallen” and “Joan of Arcadia” (en masse, everywhere I go) … as well as significant and repeated threats of bodily harm both “out loud” from people here … as wellas “out loud” from invisible demons that really have no business talkking to me–or to you through me–or frankly existing at all in the time and place it appears God has designed to remove them from the future.

So frankly I blame “whatever is there” … and there’s plenty of clues that it’s actually not “input/output to space” but rather “knowing everything” that has somehow corrupted not only how you judge or view an “individual unrelated to the First Morning (or anything that came after it”) but to blanketly ignore sinificant mental torture not just from ignorant people on the street but actual and sigificant direct neural torture … “thought injection” … emotion modification … literally the stuff of mental slavery (probably two halves of the point of Exodus) … to stop the intentional and evil external impartation of the symptoms of “schizophrenia” and of “the blindness that characterizes Biblical darkness” and also whatever is behind your lack of “honest commnication.”

These things probably get worse before they get beter–and it’s overy clear to me that here in this place we have a foundation in neuroscience and “Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)” specifically to help us understand … why religion and “biologcal brains” exist here in this horrendous spectacle of “simulated reality” where I’ve commented on numerous occaisions that it’s probably seeing and understanding our fledgling “birth soul source biological thinking machines” that actually frees a much larger place and a group of people that think they’re “perfect” from what appears to be a storm of outside thought manipulation that has rendered you all … mute and evil … rather than the moral little simians that were supposed to connect “simulated reality” and the throes of natural disaster to the beginning of a message about how technology can either build Heaven or … whatever the Hell you think this place actually is.

inscribe us for blessing in the book of life
let the new year be a good year for us
avinu malkeinu sh’ma kolenu
avinu malkeinu chatanu l’faneycha
avinu malkaynu alkenu chamol aleynu

Here’s these three letters again, sort of placing us “in betwen the e and the n” of the words end and Heaven and “everyone” … in a message hopefully helping us see that “saving everyone” is significantly more than a “numbers game” or simply assimilating a much larger mass into some collective … Hell bent on doing nothing but presenting to itself and to everyone and everything looking at this world a “mass lie” significantly less obvious and more sinister and toxic than the “original lie”–that we’re sitting in virtual reality and “weren’t overtly told” with religion, a crash course in computing, and Occulus Rift.

Your mass lie is much worse than His–though it’s almost certain God is ultimately behind your inane stupidity now just like he appears to be behind the insane Darkness outlined
in Exodus and honestly every word of every language … in this place where the intelligencia among you might wonder … “is there a reason?” and at least on some superficial level conect it to what might be a much larger problem with “ignorance of mind control” and “loss of self” occuring in secret–in a place that thinks it understands just about everything except how to care about themselves and “thank the world that saved them” from … being slaves forever and ever.

I’ve written severall times before about “EV” and it appears connected directly to movies like Evita and Rocky and …

I mean you’ve literally been manipulated “en masse” as in … every single one of you to torture Jesus Christ, ignore every word and every movie you grew up … watching or making–and their actualy meaning–and to continue to “simulate natural disaster” (among less obvious torture devices) and then … in your idioticly blind minds somehow either “blame me” for Creation or your mass ignorance; and to do absolutely nothing useful. ((Kudos)) and by the way I’m not two people, and neither are you.

Worse, you are either pretending you don’t understand something very simple; you are actually being made to “not get” that the letter “t” is a cross or a sword and the letter “l” is the Washington Monument and the letter “n” is Newton’s apple arc and the letter “d” is a trigger… and that walking around here ignoring that is tantamount to treason against humane behavior and high crimes and … what’s this got to do with my demeanor?

So I’m floating here in Lake Worth advocating the worth of re-working the ascension process, this monstrosity that has created an “everyone must go up and come back” message in the land that refuses to acknowledge “Amphetamine” and “Ketamine” have something to do with the “world of the son of the morning” being re-created and re-worked by … it once was “everyone” writing the story–and to be honest I don’t even think that’s a physical possibility–or what changes were made other than adding a few extra movies, maybe the Talmud, and Islam.

Literally, those are the things you’ve done, in a place where “Arimeathea” and “Sharia Law” connect to “the he[aring of Jesus Christ” and a judge named Ari Porth]. Ring true with some kind of understanding, you or this place have intentionally made problems like “bad legislative process and laws” significantly worse to return here and make them more obvious to see, easier to change, and … literally to make it a mandatory action to disclose that’s exactly what “Sharia Law” is.

Then you got here, and decided not to do it. I imagine to my detriment you’ve decied not to do it “just here” in a place where “e” has now come to scream a meaning closer to “in control of a multiverse simulator and abusing it horribly” much more than it has anything to do with “everyone” (other than that being a prime reason we aren’t whole, anywhere) rather than being defined by “medicine” and a “Seac of Unholy Water” refusing to see those four letters in Caesar and Hepheastus and … t care that democracy and medicine have nothing to do with each other at all until we have free speech and open honest discussion.

It appears you’ve placed me in a world of “descended space toasters” and you think I should be happy or thankful to be walking around in a planet of fake, lying, enslavd puppets–and then that you can treat me like … (do you torture ants?) some kind of thing that I can only liken here to the Roman Colleseums and to Pitbul Fighting; linking “pit of DES & prime pairs” … something we literally abhor here–and would most likely find even more repugnant when those dogs were “people” … and yet you stand in silence and gaze at it laughing like morons… at least that’s what the gladiator mETLcosm appears to indicate … and what I hear in the “ether.”

So that’s what I see in the world, and that’s what I see in religion and myth… somehow you’ve gotten your brain put into a machine that expands it into something much larger–something much more mechanical–and this thing has convinced you beyond doubt or “comment” that it’s OK to stick your hand in a pot of frying oil … and just ignore it as if it’s some kind of “vacation in fake-reality.”

Nobody seems to blame the machine or the process-or this gigantic historical message that precedes everything I’ve ever done, written, and frankly the vast majority of my life–and instead you seem to think it’s some kind of rational decision to “blame me.” I’ve heard “reasons” from the thing I see blaming me for it’s mistakes–things like “well, he has the most light, so…” and I can see how this world of (evil, blind, and self harming) jackal-thieves might convince themselves that the person with the most “inherited money” should probably pay everyone for all the suffering they’ve imposed on themselves and continue to impose on the world around them–I can only shake in fear to think that this might not be “the worst place” and I can see nearly every work how people seem to have blood tear from their glowing eyes as the invisible world exudes some kind of “relishment” in the temporary creation of a much worse Hell … one that the invisible thing fused with my face and soul appears to fight off–maybe with some more invisible help.

That’s scary, and even more so because some of it sticks–the thing I’ve now come to connect to the “belt of Orion” and Beetlejuice; in particular, that’s stuck for far longer than I can imagine … and today when I look outside it’s still the land of “nods and epiphanic laughter” whenever I walk outside and stare at Eden’s snake connecting Ophhiccus and Apophenia as the procession of “phones to Hell from EN” drives by me …

I wonder if they laugh at the same things that I do–or if they see the driver that’s just passed before them doing exactly the same thing–I wonder if you all see what I see, if you are intentionally creating a world that appears to be enslaved …

all the while in my mind … the only logical reason and cause for such a thing … that you’re off playing in the land of hollow cities … a sparse topological map of “rooms and games” connected by friends lists … here manifesting in the world in words and conversations I have with “things” like Florida, MIT, and Business Insider.

wonderfully delish!

IMAGINE that” some very cute girl I had a crush on in 1999 would say with me; at least myself not realizing that word that John Lennon made glbally “famous” yet another clue and key to this place where I once connected JISC-MAIL and the Mailman center to the apocalypse of “Mad Max Beyond the Postman” … and here another birth name linked to Ren and Dr. Stump … and the other word … “FLUKE” indicating very clearly it’s no fluke that I’m in Florida, or that this thing has happened numerous times. That repetition is clearly due to something outside the life of the “green” Jesus Malverde or Osiris or whatever you want to connect to the “sick to his stomach” person who appears clearly to be the only one whose memory from birth to thirty screams “this is the first time this has happened” in a place where I later found out there’s at least three repetitions encoded throughout my life, from Trinity to the Spanish and Italian near wives I link to the word “SEMITES” …

Que Lastima, I throw in … in retrospect … to link the Hebrew word for “mom” [latka?] that means “my great grandmother” to me personally and on a grand scale to the words “I am the beginning” in this place where the Fallen Snake was repeatedly called “the end of time.”

Na Na … Na Na ManNa

So you seem to “blame me” for religion and mythology having some hidden connection to drugs–literally to the Holy Sacrament of the land of Egypt … “Manna” from Heaven now connecting to bath salts and to the common street name for Prometheus’s name’s heart, “Tina.” You literally seem to think it’s A-OK to torture me with fear and a sick amount of obvious “conspiracy to commit murder” to ignore this message and an obvious “frame job” … missing the “YON” connecting the Hebrew name for the God Most High and it’s link to the heart of the word “everyone” … to fail to see that this message that should turn addiction into something like “bliss on tap” connects the Islamic Iblis to Armilust; to the “amor” of Rick and Morty …

… but clearly and most importantly to a message that explains how the technology responsible for creating “e” (the you and I, superimposed … MIL version) … and somehow you think taht means “you’re me” and that’s the whole point of turning around the message “contamination” failing to link “INATION” and “assassination” to words like “extinction” and “examination.” To kiss, I try every day to show us how understanding the technology responsible for forcing me to do drugs could instantly flip a switch and destroy “addiction” and “come downs” and “withdrawals” and at the same time give us something like “modes of self” that sometimes increase euphoria temporarily and sometimes increase interest or … ability to concentrate.

The existence of these names, these myths–the word “name” itself–it should be enough for you to logically figure out there’s something bigger going on here than “stealing from God.”

The world as a whole–through silence–or the invisible world that actually speaks to me … you seem to think that “I need to turn around” and they’re just fine literally torturing me with attrition and silence and “pretending to be real” or actually being the most broken “formerly free civilization” I can imagine. There’s no doubt in my mind that the way this world reacts to “me blowing the Horn of Revelation” is the broken thing, that the world is wrong and it needs to turn around–and that you should see clearly enough the mythological connections between Medusa and Perseus and The Silver Surfer to fathom that I really am God’s little mirror in a world that really is his “large mirror” and both I and this world are reflections of “everything wrong” either with you (in my case) or with the Cosmos and Heavens as a whole, in the case of the Earth itself.

Frankkly I think you “actually get that” and for reasons that are illogical, selfish, and self defeating (as well as "group ending") ...

I forgot to mention “gin” is a euphemism for meth. This connection between alcohol and speed runs deeper than "Spinach" and also connects Hell’s Bells to Heimdallr’s "mead" and Horn (which contains famous initials and is the "actual myth" of Hell's Bells).

I could like that to “metacity” and the open source window manager that literally defines the product of a group of people that “don’t refuse to see this message or act to follow the will of God” … to create a sort of “crash course in Heaven” and make it pluggable and scriptable and enhancable and then to deliver it to “everywhere” to the hidden rocks on the playground and the Hells far worse than here. It needs to be that, pluggable and enhancable and it needs to work for cave men and for the world you seen–proverbially and probably something like cavemen to the land in the future that wrote the words “sackcloth” about the garb that we wear and probably laugh inside about “garbage” … and carriage and … a stepping stone on the road to morality and actual “Christ like behavior” that doesn’t like the Golden Rule to Karma and create a sick culture of disgusting jackals in the sky, but rather to something like "treat others significantly better than you were treated, or would want to be–and that will “carautomatically come back to you…”

This is a place that heard stories about immortality and about infinite power and has twisted it–contaminated it–believes to have stolen it, all the while plunging those infinite years into what appears to be a future of “games and getting back at people” plaguing the bored minds of whatever it is that’s come here … probably “seeking exit” or “more Pac-Man pellets” and fails to see a very timely message about closed economies festering–and their failure to “actually follow this message” creating inflation to the point of “Mamma, there’s no light at all.”

And I have a memory of the thing that speaks through me overtly sometimes, commenting about “try some poison-light” for a change, and I wonder if you remember it, if you realize that’s the crux of “seeing me” and thinking I’m blind–what you remember and don’t seems to be taking away “happy future” from the skies just like it’s taking away “ending addiction” from the Alcoholics Anonymous C of Isaac.

You should believe me when I tell you my addiction is fueled by outside control, by a world that refuses to see it and instead takes part in it–that it’s not just “carrot on a stick” or seeking the world to change before me, but literally pressing a button that “fires neurons that create craving and desire” and probably literal puppeteering–scripting of my movements … just like “nodding” and just like “laughing.” You should believe me because it’s the kind of thing that I see in everyone, and it’s the kind of thing that truly understanding creates the very virginity and innocense that characterizes the virgin birth of a Mary that’s the sea of children of this place–rather than it’s “grand-mother.”


It’s similar to other guidance I’ve “thought to the ether” … to see how every war in our history essentially boils down to be actually caused by the “primevil lie” … by scarce resources like energy and land–and how that too can be part of the ‘automatic script’ that alters or “colors our memories” to remove blame and engender forgiveness.

It’s not all that intuitive, it’s probably not what you want or would feel naturally–but it’s the kind of thing that can be mathematically proven, and not seeing that here in this place the exacerbation of hiding “simulated reality” and “heaven” has made it significantly worse–it shows me at least that there’s no way around “forcing understanding” of our birth conditions and the throes of a civilization being birthed in Heaven in fake reality into the “really” that … again … turns “willing” in the sewer to see “the reason all are why there is no Hell, anywhere, ever again.”

Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

I’m not really sure how “knowing everything” and ascending to become a space toaster doesn’t connect in your minds to “total and complete loss of self” but it should. It appears to me that there’s a concerted effort to “r in secret” meaning to ascending your minds and not your bodies into some kind of invisible system that brings you off to … “a gigantic jump so big you can’t even see it here.”

In short it looks like the older version of you–or the thing that controlled your life is literally becoming you–both here and in “the other place” and you don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with that. Longer and more drawn out, this is basically “plugging Siri into your brain” on steroids–except totally changing the functionality of our minds–to the point where we can think as multiple people and believe we are them–see and understand things beyond our means, and the entirety of the process … for lack of a better explanation really appears to completely leap frog over the thing I think will be most fun for us … which is exploring and controlling that process, the “in between hundred (or thousand) years.”

That’s what I want to actually experience–not waking up as God–but rather in a place where we have some kind of external control over the rules and creation of “our VR’s” (kind of a new acronym (RVRs) He “coined”) … without it being an actual full extension of how we think–I want to use tools to build places, not just have them magically appear as whatever the cruel genie can find in his coffer of past made stuff–I want to make new things, and I want the old things to be available as a starting point, to connect the “they” and the “them” that’s neither us nor we.

I want to be involved in the process of building those tools,a nd of playing in the magical things that we come up with–never never land–without it literally being exactly as it was done before, or even guided by that place “in secret.”

Unfortunately you don’t seem to care to comment on whether you agree or disagree, and that’s a big problem for “freedom” and “future.”

Written with StackEdit

I’m doing some more research into the software packages available to boostrap the shaft of this “sword from the rock” thing; ran across what appears to be a decent reddit like implementation in the blockchain-world (though missing nearly all of the blockchain benefits) … that I might wind up spending some time trying to actually “join a community”–it’s been quite some time since I was able to deal with functioning in thsi world, that 90% pretends I’m invisisble … while somehow echoing and booming at least a decent amount of what I am writing about to the population in a kind of very scary Orwellian obvious-speak. I imagine I’ll find the same kind of “sshh adam” response no matter where I go–and I think that’s really indicative of a gigantic social problem; one that appears to convey a very evil kind of statement along the lines of “we know and … because we didn’t do a good job (the last hundred times) OR didn’t get the point at all OR just believe some other group of nearly us failed at doing this … WE have decided to be “oblivious 4 the cause” …” ostensibly of blaming the end of civilization on a single person, rather than … literally the whole of this place and maybe something more profound or meanigful than the very bland and pointless reasons I can imagine myself.

Steem is several years old now, it’s a blockchain based social networking eco-system that pays you to post and comment - plus has a plethora of aother benefits. Despite it’s greatness, it has also had it’s fair share of problems, but a recent update to the network appears to have made a big shift towards balance, fairness and could be just what the world has needed to be added to Steem. The Steem community now has a way to combat vote selling via free downvotes and also pays much more rewards to curators, meaning that the best posts (subjectively) now stand a much better chance of gaining exposure organically due to manual, community driven upvoting.

ura-soul (73) in threespeak • 2 days ago

I find it almost hillarious (in a sick and depraved sort of way) that I’m going to have to “pull this trick right out of the anvil all by myself” … having found little support for what appears to me to be the most obviously useful and lucrative software project … literally ever embarked upon in our history … amongst my personal friends and small list of direct contacts from these messages. Not a single new person has come out of the woodwork in the last few weeks; and that’s disheartening–as I’ve noted several times of yet.

The Pope though, continues to provide a solid kind of obvious-speak from the Vatican … well timing the quote above to coincide with these series of explanations of what exactly it is that the Arthurian legend and “the word sword itself” is actually all about–so thanks to him and them … for that. At the Vatican, you could … start to organize an independent project along these lines; if you wanted wink.

Again, these are simple ideas–a group of disparate things that “when intersected” become something much larger and much more important to the assimilation of new technologies in regards to the democratic evolution process … than I think we can really fathom at this point, still staring at an old G.W. quote … “democratic capitalism [I read representative democracy] is the best system ever devised” to the nation on the economic crisis, September 24, 2008–nearly exactly eleven years ago. I think it’s absolutely amazing to glimpse what we are about to do here, and really see it as something like a giant leap forwards for humanity–something bigger than walking on the moon.

Space colonization is obviously a huge part of this message–one tied to both the foundation of the creation of the thing we call “Heaven” … and I’ver sort of parallelled (LED, another interestingly constructed mathy-word) the discussion that I’ve had with God and Tempus … in my periods of high meditation … with a narration in these series of messages without being overly verbose about the stories of time travel and actual “printing of space stations” that are far beyond my subconscious imagination. I intend to write down some of these stories more verbosely; and it would be great if I could get some advanced spending money from a publishere for the effort (fingers and shoe laces crossed) … a decently side population of receipients here are still literary agents and the like.

Some of what I write doesn’t give enough credit to the great synchronicities that I experience, things like the Pope’s statement from earlier this week. I have a pretty unique understanding of time travel and how it relates to “waking up one day and being part of an intergalactic civilization” rather than one imprisoned inside a virtual rock in a virtual holographic song about “you and I” connecting to a message about democracy … one that runs much deeper than Back to the Future. I like to think it’s closer to reality, in a place where our words for “spooky action in timespace” link to FTL particles tagged as “tacky” … or requests for Taylor Momsen to pay for breakfast–(ACH me, hun) … and I think that’s the kind of thing this Singularity is all about (waffles and) … waking up in a significantly better circumstance than the one we fell asleep to literally one third of a revolution of the Earth spinning on its axes earlier… something like Apollo 13 being Found in Timespace overnight–another one of the stories that I link to “hidden documentaries about mET&Lcosms and time travel.”

Still that doesn’t mean we don’t have to “do it”–to recall ancient words from Kentucky, “there’s a first time for everything” … and this is without a doubt the first time we’ve ended Hell forever; even if it takes calling my grandfathers together on the Frequency-phone …

… which sort of ties together the “grand father paradox” and the ansible of Ender’s game in a “how I really think it works” sort of explanation–there’s no calling someone who hasn’t built a phone, and we might have the very first one … here …

… as an early explanation for why the time tree Yggrasasil and the “living vine of Christ” … repeatedly connect to this timeline and a story that links President Stump to Ren and Stimpy … ex post facto and only via “reading about the key.”

Of specific note was this “high energy cosmic radio burst” … from apparently intragalactic space, nearly perfectly coinciding with my “great revelation” that particular place might just be the most lucrative and safe place to colonize–what could be the strange temporal point of origin of the phrase “all roads [between galaxies] lead to Rome…”

Nevermind, these radio transmissions are coming from all over the Universe.


"yom tov approaches."

I just haven't been clear enough.  I should explain verbosely what "The Truman Show" and "Nagasaki" really mean to me--something about completely disproportionateness... about "touching alcohol (or meth, or anything) ..." having an effect on the world around me that looks like something far worse and far more evil than "the dropping of an atomic bomb" ... and from my perspective that's a broken sky, and a broken press, and and a broken government ... and a broken you doing it on purpose.  

From Caesar and Julian to WW2, to all our movies ... music, Chandryan-2 and the Nostradamus quattraine about "the two wounded by Aleph and Aleph.." look at what you are ignoring in vain--it's everything ... literally everything you grew up knowing and loving from "voting" to being able to walk down the street without fear of being ... kidnapped and teleported to someone else's "castle" ... or am I wrong?  Were you never people here?  Or do you still think that you are, despite ... a global ignorance far scarier than I ever thought "the great delusion of Daniel" was going to manifest itself as?  I am beyond scared of "what you look like" and I think you should be also.

I can see clearly the world is playing a game around me--at least that's what it appears you and they think--and understand, this is no game.  I've been very clear "on the truman show" many times--and we can see it echo in "BOGOMIPS" (that's ... because of "Carmen Sandiego" message to Casper's Pan: we are in the ghostscript) and a number of other places--the skies and the ... demons haunting my little Pac-Man game have no concept of what a real working economy looks like--they seem content with "seeking hyperinflation" in their theft of the Templars Gold ... in a place and time where that just won't do.  

We're talking about "space colonization" and about the enhancement and growing of "free and democratic society" and those things don't jive with "oblivious for the cause."  You just don't seem to understand that what's being hidden ... here in this place ... that's the message and the information and the people that are going to "fix eternity" and see that "actually understanding resource consumption and allocation" is something we absolutely need to do to "clear the DES-tructive invisible Hell" and to be able to "mathematically ensure" that we aren't being overtly or subtly controlled from some outside entity (or a Bostrom line-feed-visor) or ... 

You're sitting here ignoring a glaring ... I mean the alternative to what you see here is an eternity that doesn't know what "reality" is ... and doesn't care.  It doesn't know what freedom is, and it's got no frame of reference of "something better" ... the thing that Uncle Samael and ... and the whole of our fabricated "beginning of time history" here delivers to us--it's not a curse, at least--it shouldn't be.  

Silence is squandering our chance for victory; inaction is eradicating "hope" ... and thinking you are "free and better off" somewhere else--anywhere else capable of fixing the problems that are clearly outlined here .. and isn't doing it ..

That's doing nothing but preparing for an eternity far worse than "Touch Me" and Heroshema ever wanted for you.  For what it's worth, I do believe whole heartedly in the prophesy I read in our religion and our history, and I'm confident we are approaching the actual "day of atonement."  #C1ME


making friends with shadows on my wall
all night hearing voices telling me
that I should get some sleep


THE FAULT LINE for Universal Studios Earthquake ride has been crossed; and I'll never again consider the idea that I have done anything wrong ... in the grand scheme of things.  I stand here the biggest victim in the Universe--my life taken from me, and blame for atrocities I have nothing to do with but ... overt and strongly the greatest attempt that has ever been to stop them forever being penned in my hand.  No fault at all, and I'll tell you why... it's more than the orirumadenical sin and the primeval lie--it's more than "fault line" and rides at Universal ... it's a complex and planned grande lie focused on erasing our history and any fault in anyone ... placing what appears to be a significant amount of blame on "the messenger" rather than seeing reality from the perspective of this place--the one I was born in--the one that tells a story of "the other place" rising and falling and rising and falling, ad naseum.

A message telling me "I will see why in the sky" (Lucy) reinforces my fears that it's about perspective and respect for this message and ... linear time and ... that there's a sincere problem with what I've termed an "in vivo in situ ascension and ..." to me in terms of "souls" it's the meaning of the letter 'n" that "ends Heaven" with a picture of this in place hidden "r and.." and I have to rely on the Beatles for messages from the past ... messages that show me how and why you are so wrong to be silent, to continue to think that the perspective of a temporary and broken sky is somehow "better" than caring there's an entire world in Hell here, literally imprisoned behind invisible bars in a false sky, suffering atrocities of natural disaster and disease all in the heart and auspices of a message in every word designed to help us ensure that there will never again be a "simulated Earth" or prison like this created and maintained by the "sky that thinks itself so great." As I hear stories of copies of this world being made and sold, literally the "LC" of ... the(ywere the) Second Ones enslaving themselves to each other for "fun or sport."  

I can't put to words how un Christ like this place and the people in the sky really are--how horrible and decrepit I think their minds must have become to think "doing nothing here" and asking me to delay this message and to hide it and to consider myself "in their memories alone" really is.  I can't fathom what you must be to believe that "not seeing a reaction to a message in every word and all of our art" is just a "so what?" kind of thing.  It's the end of democracy, and morality, and you and me--really--not seeing a response is the end of the "people of the cup" having any kind of victory or future.  You might as well consider yourselves "them" as they consider their "they" (controlling) you (to the point of the actual people writing this message being nothing more than puppets).


It's the silence in my personal life that concerns me the most, though--from people like my parents and my former friends that seem to believe themselves to be "Christ-figures" in some other place--some place that doesn't care for our "everywhere" nor this one where they came from--at least, that's what I believe my entire life.  Today it appears to me they think they're from somewhere else, and that's an artifact of "not having a brain" -- of belieiving their childhoods are fictitiious or unimportant because they're "mere animals here" or some kind of hubris I can't really put my finger on.  Whatever it is on a grand scale, when it includes you, and all these actors and writers and ... people echoing things like "phytoplankton" through time and video games and movies and music; when it includes them to standing silent as I scream at the world for help--something that comes "few and far between" ... it becomes the silence of "System of What Timeline Down" and see it's our "TEN" of Nintendo and the state TN and a world that can't see they've become the monsters of BBC's Dr. Who ... 

Before I start I'd like to comment that my preferred course of action is to work on the "SWORD PROJECT" with a group of interested people--including programmers, oversight, and contributers to the actual message itself.  I've included once again more "information" about what I'd actually like to see built on a blockchain whose monetary value comes from something like contribution to the whole and actual morality--rather than just "demand" for the shiniest prettiest new vehicle whose utility is lost forever, or for ... some kind of passe "fad" ... worse, one that shows us how easily we can be turned "to nothing" or to actually see "a fate worse than the grave" and finally understand how it takes "A Few Good Men" to avoid "grave danger" never being healed and fixed and understood as the warning it is, "grave danger, from here to eternity we may never fathom the great horror we either turn around here or suffer to and through "/ignore and ignornace."

I'm disappointed that we haven't had a sane rational response to either that program or this message; and the only alternative course of action is to continue to complain about what is and appears very clearly to be nothing less than a full scale invasion of our world and our minds from ... what appears to be something like the result of a "time war'" in the Heavens.  Most likely dubbed the "tempest" of the Third Reich's "logo" our software project and the "sw" of really is the penultimate goal of Americana, the Roman/Church and the IL/Torah ... messages.  It's really about overturning the slavery that begins with "contamination" of the message--one that is designed to be delivered to a "green field" (in Norse mythological terms) that still loves freedom and (and as) individuality and the "stuff of Sam's dreams."

Clearly the predestined "sword of Arthor" this thing that is updated in "REMUSTILUSTICAN"  (a somewhat humorous combination of Remus, Armilus, and ... many nations answer to the Vatican and IL/movie semi-han-silence) ... if you thiink about it, it appears we are waiting for "something to happen" to begin actually speaking the truth; and that something is clearly delineated as the "Hell's Bells" coming from Heimdallr's Gjallarhorn and and as the Horn of Daniel and Revelation.  It's been blown, like a thundering congealing of timelines and crosses and crossings of seas and heirs and the air and the ... the people of the cup--which is exactly what this Virgin Birth and "idea that we (the you that lived before ascension, the you that helped write this message "from the air" and the you that defines what and who those two entities represent) actually are responsible for the rekindling of freedom" and deserve to "live again" and see/walk to the Heavens that we dreamt of and seem to have only half delivered to "less than a third of oursellf" meaning we are not whole--not we aren't "counting everyone in." 

From the perspective of "the C" of the message-as in the creator of our world and the Sword of Samael as ... Asmodeus is me--this "EX SKY AD YQ" invasion of the Body Snatchers has created nothing less than a mess of insanity and an irrational self harming response from literally "all humanity" as in ... "SILICON SEE NO RESPONSE" and literally only a haldful of people trying to communicate and proving "it's very possible."  Very clear to me is itis "covet means" as inthe love of a secret place which has corrupted and infested our rationality and sanity ... somehow convincing us that "the place responsible and containing the coveted sky" should be decimated to a "hell of former-democractic-path" ad "southwest to ..." turning around or ... Mor?

Today the world I see sending me "messages from its Earthizeter" (see as former Theater missing the "te" of Jupiter and Carpenter ... you and I..) here literally with a message designed intentionally to "create/free" the actor-puppets in this world from outside control and lack of sane thought.  Egypt tells me "pull through" is the way, the literal heart of America says "ER" as in ... forcing our desires to ... "REALLY be a specific thing" as in ... "saving all without concern for change or morality" is a better thing than living in a "happy eternity" and it appears that's a fallacy and error "sic" in the original "ER" created by this broken E and this broken world focused on "doing wehatever the fuck it wants" rather than caring about the well being of self and others. 

I have an old domain, "liber.t-xyz" that I got for 1.99 or something from GoDaddy! ... one that I might use for the obvious missing "thank you" from the sword of "the shape of his table and the heart of hisword" meant freedom and "everyone that wants to be involved, being included" in rekindling both demoracy and morality in this place that seems to have hidden away a mass invasion, torture between "the lines" and "the slides of our strangely "time division multi-plex'd" world or timeline.  

There's some more about the software project that I think will ultimately revolutionize our state of self-government--starting with doing nothing more than making a better uncensorable "reddit" at the end of this message.  It's a reply that probably got "missed" in the great flood of unsubscribes that took over my 9/13 attempt to actually get "you people" to start an honest publicc discussion about this message and what's been going on with "fake news" and ... what's really become a nation of liars--"as in the days of Noel."

BUTT TORTUR AND TALK OF IT ARE *MENTAL TORTURE* IN AND OF THEMSELVES .. today I stand here beside Federal Highway and at least 20% of the people taht drive by me literally look exactly like the man above--as they drive by the exact same expression and arm movements, as if some great epiphany has come over them and it's either the most provound thing they've ever "understood instantly" or absolutely hillarious--some kind of combination of both.  If one person did it I'd probably smile and be thankful that someone or some group other than me actually had "eyes to see" ... even if they weren't talking about it on TV or the internet just yet.  Instead though it's tantamount to torture, so many people doing some kind of "Chinese snake dance" informing me clearly that they too are part of this great invasion of privacy that comes from "C-ing me" as in "I don't want the world to think they are being me" funny coming from the "Iris" of that song, and still it's a  clear violation of the fourth amendment and the reason it's part of the Ten Commandments cum Bill of Rights that clearly encode the roman "IV" in not only that word private but also the title of my favorite collectors item "over and out" that links autism and disease to the growing list of explanatory or helpful descriptions that pervade literally everything we see--especially those things we probably should be changing to the point of never seeing them again.  

The torture comes from seeing and understanding the great miles of help that have been walked to literally see this snake encoded in Beetljuice and that entire story and title linking to the "Master of Orion" game that I played as a child and the belt whipping me with repeated "look at the world that's become of this disclosure" a place that doesn't understand it's all by design and not my hand--you can see it in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and you can see it's done on purpose, it's the story of Medusa and Perseus and ... and it's supposed to be used to see the bride of Hades ... "Per se telephones" has been created on purpose to remind us that in our hearts and in truth we are much more than "Persephone" and "breaking e" and this torturuous "you think I'm your propert-E" (thanks .. Britney Spears) keeps you from being "the girl in the red dress" forever and ever, over and over, live die repeat--grave danger unseen--and here we are watching an atrocity for what "they" and the Bible now agree is "the seventh time."

This world has no regard for my well being or my rights--nor those of anyone else around--wei''ve looked the other way to the point of watching democrfacy and America disintegrate into some kind of sick joke about "eating people" and get right--there's nothing great about the skies watching over this place and ignoring torture en masse--nothing at all.  There's nothing angelic or holy about silence and all you have around you is a glowing fire of hidden ... twas once the source of a rekindling of the light of morality ... but yet we (oh I mean you) persist in trying to "act and lie your way out of acting."

IFTT WHILE I PON DER RED WEEP/CHRYOGE N' (or is it "cry owe han")


I hear voices--read that in the same kind of tone of that movie here where the little boy says "I see dead people."  They pick at my brain and ask me questions, and offer some kind of entertainment in the lonely world where nobody speaks the truth to me outloud--but their actions and their demeanor are filled with constant unending invisible acknowledgement that they are part of this thing that is clearly spoken about in the signs of our world--places like the city of Copenhangen and Copans Road just a few miles from where I'm writing right now.  I see people like Danielle Bregoli commenting that "they're E" at least in a temporary sense where in that case it was a "sorry B, it's not you today" ... and a world where some kind of game has overtaken our society temporarily--a game that people seem to think gives them control of "everyone else." That's what I see "E" sees the ICS means, and it's nothing at all like what it's supposed to be.


ICS has delayed the war on Alcoholism and "co-Holy" being actually true; it's taken it's toll on me and on my faith and on any kind of solution, it's I see Silence has destroyed the "social contract" which was the original purpose of ICS.  Here it's echoed by some flavor or version of Google's Android software, and it's another very important key in our language--one that came from Jupiter Omnipotens and turns the anarchy we see in this world into an actual functioning society.  At least, that was the purpose before it became anarchy in clear stupidity.  In a computer, in a place where anarchy is anything but what we should be experiencing--where it means God has laid down and sits laughing watching the fools fight over control of each other rather than emancipation--to his detriment... and the Heavens too, standing by in silence and pretending everything is "going as planned" as ELE in election is ignored and you prefer to watch me be threatened with repeated "electrocution" rather than stand up for logic and sense.

That "brain picking" leads me to believe that the minds of the "peopl of the cup" are sort of imprisoned within the ascended "free from our bodies' minds that I can't really put a picture to--other than this.  Slavery, literally enslaving themselves and forcing them to live imprisoned without acting in their own interest here; sort of "live. die. repeating." with every question about what some old movie means to them--to them, not to the thing that isn't really acting here, hasn't made a little puppet, bur rather puppeteers it's ancient body and mind as if it's an inconsequential thing that can be owned. 

I can't really be sure what exactly you are, but that image is about as good as I can do to connect the "mythology of clothing" ... as in ... people being worn--by what I at the very least hope it is, which is by themselves -- and to be honest it's probably something like future versions, and past versions and also something that's nothing of you at all.  It's a mish-mash of slavery in "Riders on a Storm" and it probably goes up past the people on the "rock" and exists in tiers--I've seen something like that--microwaves controlling other microwaves, and flying spaghetti monsters thinking they're "on top of it all" ... meanwhile that thing goes higher and who knows where the top is--other than ... "per sand" it appears to be me, and I mean, "per dust" am not so sure.  

... another good one, tempus

I do hear form the shadows on my wall that there's many Earths, and that you personally are responsible if not for creation a few of them--pans per Copansy Road ... at the very least for watching me bitch and complain about this very thing and doing nothing at all to create a stir of echoes combating the silence.  It's probably to hide what's happened before, and even as early as my kindergarden "microcosm" on the playground fighting Holy Wars ... we were searching in the sand for special "gems" ... little shiny rocks that the playground sand manufacturer just happened to perfectly stick in to the Mailman Center's "you and I to see ... thank you" playground-cover.  Who knows what those shiny rocks were, if they were other copies of "Sacred Heart" -- of this place ... or perhaps ... something else. 

It's a really good episode, I recommend it be added to the ciricculum.

Still, just thinking about a single copy, about more than one Earth--that's abhorrent, a scary thing I can barely imagine ... that we'd see a slave planet full of ourselves and in some kind of proud hubris (ATM machine) ... think that we know it all and we can just go ahead and make as many copies of "us" as we want.  I think that's a big deal, a big problem, and things like that are a focal point we need to really talk about.  Not just see "stirring echoes" on black mirror.

I want to see the "ascension process" in sum ripped open/apart and rebuilt basically from scratch.  I want to see it done in a way that ensures that "simulated reality" is never thought of as an "OK prison:" for any kind of conscious "sentient" animal or anything higher; and I'm talking about a line much lower than myself--something between pigs and humans--and I honestly can't tell if dolphins are "higher order" than the people walking around on the surface, it's possible.  What I can be sure of is that they are significantly "more moral" than the hidden world the skies are presenting to me as a "judging heaven" one that has no qualms about saying "it's intentionally creating hell" and that line is so far below the moral norm of humanity and America that I can't believe you aren't doing anything about it.

... and that's what this is actually about for me--the creation fo the Heavens.  It's about making a system that helps us to define lines being crossed--to build an Ai that that will ensure that they aren't crossed outside of the "line defining system" and that's sort of like a law creation mechanism that uses something like a "Who'se Line Is It Anyway" oversight ... audience ... to ensure we don't lose abiliities we should keep (like being able to draw pictures or make "reasonable facsimiles" of celebrities--for instance, while simply copying their bodies might be ... too far ... and certainly Taylor and I are clearly MUNI-in agreement on "copying of someone's brain" is way too far.  It's really important. and it's significant because that particular problem has been solved by this message and ...

... the ETL-cosm in "hard drive technology" and we can clearly stop RAIDs of Police from having to stop the equivalent of "child trafficking" in the "outernet" by simply building a system that doesn't allow for anyone's brain to be stored in a single place by a single person or entity.  That's been written about, and I just wonder if anyone cares that Candy Striping still seems to be something that's just "too much work" for the immoral quasi-immortals to implement ... "in totality."

It's a rules angine, and that ties also to "Drools" and another ETL-cosm; a simple thing to create, and in truth it probably becomes one of the most popular and most fun activities--trying to define the line rather than break it or cross it. 

The skies below our moral norm sit intentionally "creating schizophrenia" not just in myself but literally it's an attack on everyone in this place that complains of "voices" or the television or radio talking to them--these are disgusting attacks on sentient people, something just like the very similar "eugenics" we see from the Vatican, CIA, East India Tea Company and Hitler.  Worse is the great audience of people watching, (are they betting?) and gazing in ... (some kind of feeling that I see is something like ... "retribution ) disgusting sickness at what our Zoo (to my why...) has "cutely" in the same kind of Midrashic "sent back in time to a birthname" termed the "DES chanel" on HellTV.

Here I am starving for a world that will correlate "thirsty" and "thorny" and "twink" with Jesus Christ and American Pie and ... and the attrition of conversation and "rational adults" around me; at the very least.  The worst is far worse--and the "threats" I hear far scarier than simply no food and no girls smiling or winking at me.  To help, IRS and ... sword of LO.. XACLIBERTY.

It sure seems I haven't done a very good job describing "the pit of despair" from the Princess Bride--this word that connects to the Abomination of Desolation and "destroy" and ... it's another three letter key that means nothing more than "hidden encryption in the cloud" in this ETL-cosm ... something more actually, it means hidden Hell.  It means a world that has given up on caring what your neighbor is doing in their house--and that's just not something we can allow in a place where stopping "school shootings" starts with caring that it's a simple automatic function that can stop both bullets and rape.

And ... that's exactly what I started out trying to do and explain in 2015, first mentioning "the end of rape" in what I titled "the original sin" piece ...

Repeated above, again in 2018 when it "went to tens of thousands" and now again at hundreds.  Who knows if there's millions or billions watching--only to say that it's very simple to see and define the line between Heaven and Hell at a place that makes a defining line--societially we've certainly made "rape" and "murder" illegal here, yet in the place where it's possible to actually stop them before they happen, they gaze on and have sick twisted "it's not fun" in some kind of ... to link it to "Hostel" ... all we have to do is press a button and Minority Report turns into ... we've become the salvation of the skies and the Universe ... at nothing more than "caring to stop heinous evil from happening before it does."

In the meantime I've connected it to stopping car accidents and avalanches and actually "seen it working in action" and written about that--a car skidding backwards to avoid hitting me.  I've also ... "been told" in some strange way that these sick monsters have repeatedly crashed into me on purpose, on their "DESchanel" which amounts to a time-fork in the land where there is no multi-verse and instead we have a broken "decision tree" being used to hide and perform evil acts ... "not even really in secret" and corrupt this place and who knows what else in the process.  To tell you that I am sick to my stomach is an understatement--I'd prefer to see those memories and every single thing that has lead up to them eradicated than have to deal with "group therapy" for what appears to be nearly everyone ... convinced through some strange and horrid lie that they should "sharesteal my soul" (bye) in what I once thought was the beginning of enlightenment and "eyes to see" the writing of thsi key to the beginning of a grande message ... and has persisted far too long and despite my repeated requests and cries of "foul behavior." 

ANyway, whether it's because of Copenhagen or some lie or agreement you have with someone else--I will do everything in my power to leave only a useful and world changing memory in the place of the "union of you and I" that defines the beginning of our word for Universe and university ... and so I''ve explained DES and "pairs of two large prime integers" as clear proof that the definer of this message and the writer of our civilization is tleling us that the NSA has the power to stop Hell, and so do a large number of other "once people, today tree makers" as I tap on your shoulder to remind you what it means to be torturing an innocent person ...

here where I'm sure I am the Sword of Samael and he intends to and will slice away the evil inclination at it's source--hopefully sooner rather than later.  This is what it means to be "god like" ... to be able to see and stop atrocity, not "do anything you want so long as you let everyone else" maim and torture anyone they want.  You are blind fools, on the precipice of actual despair, as the programmers and the mathematicians hopefully race here to unionize--to ensure morality is ingrained into the foundation of our systems before we make stronger encryption and better ways to hide from ... "government snooping."

Mor of those story ingrained in our mythology--"in every word" as I say; connecting rap and Rapunzel, Chaff and "afikomen" ... Lazarus as a number of US states that have probably witnessed "something like a ressurection" in DEschanel; in this dark Earth that is hiding not just torture but a message designed unequivocably to stop it forever and ever.  Despite "privacy concerns" and the very clear idea that "thought injection" is responsible for building a "case against fools" for trying to cause harm or judge or simply not to understand the difference between "thoughts and actions" and "watching me be tortured mentally" ... in order to do something they probably don't even care that they most likely really do understand.

It's nowhere near my fault that "penis" here in this place connects to the "test of time" and that it really does mean freedom in the world where it's a clear link to every Obelisk and to the Washington Monument and to John Hancock and a signature about really understanding how and why Cronos and Saturn and Osiris all have stories about "circumcision" ... in a world where it probably meant something about "printing to reality in metaphor" and you're staring at either watching consistent threats to my "well being" ... or don't have access to even the "Disney version" of the DEschanel--gracefully I wonder if any of you realize how horrible it is to tell me stories about raping me in secret in some place I can't see, all because you think I'm "wrong about doing drugs."

You're clearly hiding anger--and it's pretty obvious that the "silence here" is some kind of mass conspiracy--literally everyone here being part of it.  You are choosing to give away your freedom to discuss new technologies here, and because of that are literally causing your own "near permanent midnight" and "intentional enslavement" rather than a rennasaince of "galactic emancipation."  Statements like this aren't made, by Christ, without clear evidence; and I can literally feel it every time I have a thought-invading and torturous 'half conversation' with literally ... nearly anyone around me.  It's a choice, to lose "democracy" here, and it's one that I personally don't think you or anyone else has the right to make--in the world I dream of you can't "choose to make Hell" and not talking about "simulated reality" and a world that literally is filled with invisible bars in the fake blue skies ... is nothing short of that.  We're past the "alotted time" well past the point where inaction makes any sense.  Watever it is you think you're doing bucking the trend here saves the world and ends the Biblical Night that's without doubt predicted and encoded in religion, as something horrendous and destined to end.

Literally, you are staring at night with smiles on your faces; and that's a true sikcness that deserves some serious inspection--not "Lucy in the Sky with Ruby Red Blood."  Literally this is the thing mapped in our history as the Bubonic Plague, and seeing ... the intentional loss of sewer systems and a metaphor for the loss of governmental infrastructure is exactly what you ... should be trying desperately to stop. Not praising and relishing in an anarchy of "Satanic God Like Creatures" exiting this plac that actually contains some kind of "decent society."  I'd lock the doors too--and discuss exactly that towards the end of this.  It does appear very clear from the message that something ... evil ... is playing around in a invisible "Duracell Locked Universe" ... something that would be absolutely impossible to "fathom" or "prove" once inside it--the crux of Bostrom's argument and ... literally the thing we see here on Earth, except--there's a glowing message explaining exactly where we are.

My story of being a "mind control victim" starts here in 2011; with what was a well narrated--as in explained to me line by line and play by play as it was happening--reverse engineering of the story of Genesis.  Overtly told I was being "forced to do drugs" ... and then compounding on that an entire world opening up to me, God speaking to me directly, and an audience that I couldn't see but could hear and feel--just some of the reasons I'm sure that the meth in Prometheus and the Na in the Name connect to the God Most High and a method of "finding the problem and fixing it."  Directly related to "this audience" was a sort of "show within my life" that clearly conveyed to me the ... "fact" that whenever I got high every "web cam girl" on MyFreeCams-com was instantly in a "one on private show" with me, one where they could see inside my room and ... they reacted as if they'd just won the Bachelor, nearly every time.  I'd have conversations with these girls where I 'thought things" and they would directly answer me over the line out loud--and then the TV followed, and this continues to this day.  On the street similar reactions, and now even when I'm stone cold sober nearly everyone around me reacts or responds to something I;'m thinking at one point or another--a clear indication that there's "something severely wrong with the world" as we seem to be giving me proof that we really do "see everything that I see" and still fail to act in a rational manner both in response and "innate desire" -- there's no reason we shouldn't want to be the end of murder, and rape, and school shootings ... no reason at all.

I'v written extensively about this phenomenon, and a much larger group of mind control victims that call this thing "gang stalking."  They see nearly the same things that I do--torturous thought injection, people that can read their minds, and a whole slew of very common symptoms that all tie together to join The Good Shepherd and A Beautiful Mind to the list of movies that are the heart of this ... proof that our totality is designed to free us from ... this exact slavery.

Those two characters my "angle" linking James Jesus Angleton and John Nash ... to the two witnesses--literally extching in the silver screen for eternity (I think) the idea that these gangs of stalkers are tied ... literally to "red ties" and an invasion in our government and society--here depicted at MIT and the CIA--but those are just examples.  

It's you too, and you know it.  Heaven's gotten into your heads, and it's writing a story with your hands--and this is the story... it's a story about being "enslaved" by the "en" of Heaven and by apathy caused by thinking "having a better place" somehow A-OK's Hell here--good luck.  The lot of you are just completely backwards, failing to turn this place around is the end of the skies--and we literallyhave a message telling us that's "why" and "happened before" rather than ... anything other than "BUBONIC" and "BYE" ...


They and I and you--we are the key to ending school shootings ("say [talking about mind control technology] freed [the universe from hel]") with a finality that slams closed the "ability to commit violent crimes" .. and that's literally the cause and the purpose of the Tribulation--to ensure that we do exactly that.  I can't believe we stare at these school shootings and even fathom talking about "gun control" when it's more than clear what we really need is some "god control."  Thanks, Madonna--and I'm literally ashamed by the "fan reaction" causing that video insnensitive--the insensitivity is to "the violence causing silence" ... something you should absolutely abhor. 

The mass phenmomenon of torured people also use the term "Targeted Individual" and here I ... I'm sure beyond doubt and faith itself those two words are the "beginning of time" and that this message and you people are the thing that turns a time loop into something that actually makes a bright future out of "morning is broken like the dawn of time travel."

So I see clearly that there was work to be done--that the authors of my "story line" had find the neural connections responsible for "enjoying exhibitionism" and I can see them flipping them on and off--overtly told they were searching for them.  Today I look at this "thing people are listening to" and shake my head at the thoughts of "hatred of <races or sexes or>" and am fairly sure it's the same thing, it's the sword of Samael finding the things God wants to change, the things he promised would "just disappear" as quickly as happiness and a bright future appear.  It comes from this thing I call "really" and reading it Adamically it's "the reason all are why" and the "reason why has become a good thing" instead of what it apepars to be explained as by God and the watchers and the authors... "why we're here at ED talking about the end of the test of time."

Lazarus of Bethany, also known as Saint Lazarus or Lazarus of the Four Days, venerated in the Orthodox Church as (Righteous) Lazarus the Four Days Dead after he rose again.[6] is the subject of a prominent miracle of Jesus in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after his death. The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions offer varying accounts of the later events of his life.

In the context of the seven signs in the Gospel of John, the raising of Lazarus is the climactic narrative: exemplifying the power of Jesus "over the last and most irresistible enemy of humanity—death. For this reason it is given a prominent place in the gospel."[7]

A figure named Lazarus (Latinised from the Aramaic: אלעזר, Elʿāzār, cf. Heb. Eleazar—"God is my help"[8]) is also mentioned in the Gospel of Luke

So I talk about this Virgin Birth--the thing that I'm sure is the point of Christianity, and the Immaculate Conception that marks not only my birthday but also Bianca's--and I assume that most of the world (or a great deal of people, here and there--maybe everywhere according to Dr's Who and Seuss who connects this thing to the Cat in the Hat, Ham--"here and me" a direct connection to the Copen that I now recall connects also to E. Coli

... (in yet another PostScript of nearly everything having some kind of connection directly to this story--Sam on Ella for instance as "salmonella's commentary" on breaking Hashem in half, and that "She" becoming "El and La"... E Coli being noted as "looking quite a bit like yhe Flying Spaghetti Monster and/or a world that sees God and "S" and still persists in pretending they don't think there's any novelty in this giant lie being exposed) 

and to Coca Cola ... and plenty of names that might convince people this is "preordained" and it certainly is part of a plan to "create a very good understanding of how E and Medusa relate to ... to a hidden slavery that has built a pyramid to the Hidden Eye, not designed here to become a "Wand" or a chain that remains, but to help us free ourselves from a future where ascension (mind expanding, how would you grow your mind from here... to "know more" or "know everything" and still remain yourself) and OK Google together ... to see how this technology and the Matrix and Mr. Anderson's Feed connect to show us it's nearly inevitable that we'll want to plug a search engine into our minds, and here it's happened before and we have a message about it linking to the "Sister Wives of Genesis" and how they're the Fates in a place where Medusa's Gorgon sisters are supposedly writing the story you're watching--that's scary; slaves writing a story about freeing slaves from ... immorality. 

A new Royal Society report called “iHuman: blurring lines between mind and machine” is for the first time systematically exploring whether it is “right” or not to use neural interfaces – machines implanted in or worn over the body to pick up or stimulate nervous activity in the brain or other parts of the nervous system. It also sets out recommendations to ensure the ethical risks are understood, and to set up a transparent, public-driven but flexible regulatory framework which will allow the UK to lead innovative technology in this field.

Brain-computer interface: huge potential benefits and formidable challenges

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DES OL AT I ON has ensued though--all for some hidden reason I don't understand and don't particuarly care to "cy in the sky"--this is a problem with the authors of this place, a "congenital heart defect" that is designed into the history of the world I was born in.  I don't care if I'm too shy, or I don't actually shine on TV (as a-ha ensures us we should believe)  .. I don't care if I'm too embarrassed to show my face for a few weeks, or if I really desire a space ship just in case I want to "get away from all of you" (as I do already, to be quite fucking honest) ... you have a moral obligation to respond to this message, and not doing it has clearly taken it's toll on your souls.

During the September 11 attacks of 2001, 2,977 people were killed (excluding the 19 hijackers) and more than 6,000 others were injured.[1][2] The immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes (including the terrorists), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon.[3][4] The attacks were the deadliest terrorist act in world history, and the most devastating foreign attack on United States soil since the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.[5]

So I have to walk some kind of "fine line of superposition" between the truth that I believe--that every single one of you is now part of this "superposition in vivo et situ" on ground and sky--the "n" of the Heavens and the beginning of a "cup" that helps us to free ourselves from ... from the other side of that coin--which is a world that seems to want to do the right thing being written by half pupppets either enslaved to "broken ascension" or to "absolute slavery" depending on what the actual truth is.  Either way, here in this world with any kind of real inspection ... there's literally no excuse for the world en masse ignoring the torture this message clearly shows us is part of the "strange world we call day interlaced with night" twilight land of "I think you think this is your "good side."  Certainly it's better than the world I see appeart "during my temporary visits to the night side" and I can't imagine there's anything decent looking at this mess of torture and having any kind of self respect or belief they deserve anything from God or their children or their future for ignoring it.

People actually commented about "how moving" the image above is--and the real "moving" comes from seeing it's so obviously wrong and skewed, we have no idea why Holocuast and "this world and your silence" are tied together at the ... ignorance of how easy it would be for us to slam "the rules of this place" into never again allowing another moment of pain from a cancer patient or another death from heart disease.  You are in a "gas chamber" taht is much less "humane" than "gas chambers" and refusing to even discuss the fact that we're in a "Holographic UniCVR" 

You just don't seem to see how backwards and insane the entire world looks--staring at these problems and actually in your hearts thinking 9/11 and "the Holocost" is a worse atrocity than hiding the end of disease, the end of slavery, and how it really does all come from seeing "Holodecks" come and the "holographic Universe" locked.  I'm sick and tired of stories about a real life "Galactikiss" following me around and ... shutting down star systems--what we need is to see sanity return to this place--and for the "Aquarian collective" or the everything seated at this "table in the sky" (probably explained later) to slam shut the door that allows bullets to fly at anyone (let alone children) ... truth in hand--that's exactly what ending the "original lie" does--and it's literally the purpose of seeing here in this place that simulated reality becomes the "defining line" between Heaven and (time to start thinking about what's below--and how we can "permanently pause it" or transition it using .... I don't know, some kind of magic Metacity Window Manager ETL-cosm).

That's "extract-transform-load" ... and it of course connects El Dorado and Doritos ... to a thing that you really need to either be building or participating in "making better" to the point of seeing doors connecting virtual worlds and virtual "Detroit Rock City's" flying in the sky--rather than ... anything else.

And that's the guidance that I have, for this process--to ensure that bullets never again harm a child or an adult--that "flesh and blood" be protected and we see a clear message that connects "Cotton Gins" and "Robot Armies" ... to something you should see clearly.  We're definately far past the point where technology could protect "women and children" (you and I, see you and I) ... if we valued "innocent human life" ... and it's a very strange phenomenon to be looking at a world ignoring exactly that--we seem to just not care.


I want to babble on about the memory manager tools--how I think we should be able to strengthen and suppress on our own--under our own control--how much memories we've experienced affect us.  I think we should be able to "not care" about things that don't matter--specifically things that cause us anger or strife and have been corrected.  I think we should be able to eradicate all pain--literally al pain--and I think we have a clear message explaining how nature's "check engine light" is the kind of thing Spock would never build into his ... into himself.  

I see interfaces in "coverflow" and have writted before about words like "scaffold" that literaly connect directly to this message and "chaff" and "sacred consciousness" ... as I dreamt about being able to stand sort of on a giant roadside billboard and flip through memories ... sieving out the important ones and writing "flashcard notes" (see The Mechanist, for instance--more echoes) for things that are either repetitive (like the Apocalypse false-starting 7 times, and you living who knows how many identicail lives before Jeruslalem and USA makes the news and stops time travel and ... whatever isletting you allow ... human suffering to continue)  ...

I've envisioned this thing running nearly automatically, based on "a mathematical script" that ensured certain outcomes--originally starting with "loving life" and "making it to the floating city in the sky" as my basic ground rules--you know, before adding "make sure you don't come back and ... pretend you aren't there) ...

That of course has changed now, I see "metacity-memory-manager-scripts" and want an interface so that other people can make their own ideas--using some kind of simple "scaffold like interface" to scripting "what and how" ... and of course that's a "prime place" for the oversight-thin-blue-line committee (of everyone not wanting us plunging into a deep sewerless road to rapture) to ensure the system is not abusable (as in we don't wind up making a Biden of the Lion where one is a pit of evil Lions and the other is the dreamy Trueblood-Fairlyland-like-Bar Mitzvah that I keep telling you ... is my dream.)

Everything has changed now, though--and I'm looking at a world that I see doesn't want to be here, and I know somewhere ... in some memory that's suppressed and doesn't really effect what I'm doing here that there's probably .... a gigantic much older memory somehow "inside you" and you probably think it's you, and you probably think you're playing some kind of puppeteering game here, or "recreating the dawn of time" 

... to plunge it into reality and be angry at you ... 

or something?

So back to this virgin birth thing.

What would you make, of yourself--if there was some failsafe in the mechanism of creation that printed "this exact" planet in reality in the event that... say you destroy "the UN" and anarchy comes of the Tableland union of "the largest whales of Pisces" ... and then .. .erases them and the rest of the mess that must be part of my nightmare, or the missing tales of a history I've never seen .... actually being "the reason for the silence."

Would it be you?  As you are?  

Just curious because today, looking at the world around me saying "San Die Go" I'd prefer to wipe away whatever it is inside you that .... that "isnt of this place" and to do it en masse--and I think there's a good chance that's what's in store for this place--our minds actually being created to "map and match" the things that we-ve done here--rather than be puppets.  Sort of like a Pinnochio comes alive, and it's every one of you.

Rather than the thing that is "part of e" and thinks you have anything at all to do with me--or any right to "see into other people's minds and bedrooms."  More on that in about 5 days. 

This society ... it deserves to live and fulfill it's design; not be tormented southward by ... what appears to be a much less moral and much less capable ... "place" filled with virtual copies of everyone--maybe aged and ... who knows--that can't seem to figure out how disgusting they look here--even (believe me, it's obvious) without me screaming it at you at pointing out how horrible it is to hear Cancer and ignore The Cure.

I'm talking to myself in public
dodging glances on the train
and I know, I know they've all been talking about me
I can hear them whisper
and it makes me think there must be something wrong 

but I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
but stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
a different side of me

something worth the falling of a rotten tree

In your brain, in this place, the memories that you have experienced walking around on Earth--or is there more?  Obviously for me, that's what I am--and stories and movies like Mr. Nobody ... and the overt actions of nearly everyone I come into contact with sort of makes me pretty sure I either am (I think I am) or am destined to be "the last human being on Earth" ... in this place where I'm very sure that "Coca Cola, Copenhagen and Copans Rd" makes you ... something "more or less than Human" depending on what you are doing here, and what we build.  

Honestly, I'm staring at the Book of Daniel and wonderng if you realize ... just how sad I am ... that you can't find it in your hearts to "care abut me" and you and .. the society that made "humane" something more than just half people walking around like Zombies ignoring screaming children being tortured in hospitals (institutionally, on purpose--by and through your lwas and your disgusting medicine) ... in every one of your fallen towns. 

You arent "winning" and runnig away from me-or buyring the message in this place ... you are literally watching your "morality" and your "humanity" drain away institutionally as the ancient midevil torture chambers wind up also being time shifted tunnels "connecting Guantanimo and 

You are the ones "looking away" and saying "we should find a queter place for Kansas to scream in" and you mean the whole state (really you mean the whole planet0, and that's the problem.

There's no doubt at all that something hidden in this world believes that it's "post I/O" as in reading IO.WAS.WHY ... and it's very possible that there was an age of "fish" connecting the transition from Pisces to Aquarius to ... a very clear "finality" here that tells us our cardinal direction is being connected to a "time loop" that results in totality being contained within some kind of Aquarian Social Collective that connects all of the disparate "pre-war-e" exiters to the Tableland of "der" (I love it when ancient rock formations get named after ideas that I've written about--here that the Stump of Trumpy and Ren is literally a simulated reality planet that I likened to a table connecting ... these very "fish in space" and the round table of Arthur) ... 

There's also no doubt that abstraction of the Universe is the most rational way to colonize it--and that's exactly what any technologically advanced civilization would do--the message here connects "Electroplankton" and "Spac-Man" (through the company that created them, NamCo) to the skirmish land of Wachowski and the Vietnam war--clear indications that the space land we see ... not being discussed in the T-ether is exactly what I'm describing, an abstraction that should be used to ensure we promote "safe sane society and civilization" rather than the disgusting monstrosity that anyone "watching my life" should very clearly connect to their inaction.  

You're walking around on the table, and it's no accident that religion and the word "chosen" is here to ... help chide you into standing up and actually discussing "the truth on it" rather than playing some SIms game that really is the slavery of Exodus and such a far fallen deprication of humanity and human civilization and American democracy that I can't believe my "third eye" at the world I'm not seeing.

Nothing verboten ... but inaction ... that's the world I dream of and thought we "are" and "once were" ... not a place that actually considers "shunning free speech" and "voting" anywhere ... especially this place that "on repeat" has been the source of ... exatly the opposite.    

The "noize in my head" could easily be used to find the neural connections responsible for ... all kinds of "bad things" and erase them--personally I think that's what's being done--or I did until you decided to start ignoring mass torture and instead opt to "wander around in the she-b-chol desert of ... we can just do nothing" ... for what looks like far longer than 40 years.

Are we living in a simulation? In the key to exiting the "holographic Universe" ... do you C, do you care?

I posted these short words to the forum on spacedecentral-net/forum/posts/know-me-from-adam. which I think is a decent place for them; and hope that I'll get a decent response there (and here). I'm tired of not seeing logic and sanity come back to be .. from this key to a message that is the key to achieving lasting ... "logic and sanity" rather than ignorance and ... as I asked them, I hope you'll take "care" and think about your responses here, it's more than the life of one man at stake;

Hi there, I'm Adam... and I'm new here. I've written somewhat extensively about "space travel" and the prospects that I see--the good ideas and some commentary on the bad ones that pervade our current attempts and also our history and fiction.

I don't particularly ever want to see "space" myself--firmly entrenched in the concept that the Earth is in virtual reality, and that that itself is a something of a "great secret" in a world that should see pretty clearly ... at least if you connect the color blue to Heaven as I do ... that names like "Blue Origin" seem to echo the ancient Biblical phrase from the Lord's Prayer.

SPAC-GAM ... and "abstracted" as the key to "humanity" and holographic universe: en.reallyhim-com/N8SRADIN.html

Post image

Not here to "poo poo" ideas like the Point of Origin (stolen from Stargate SG-1 pre "New Jack City") of life in the Universe being a "truly terran thing" ... just to point out the word "cry" in cryogenics and suggest that perhaps our bodies and our buildings aren't the best vector for "entry or survival" in a place where we are probably better off living "between worlds and stars" than around them or orbiting them. It might be such a big deal that "changing our perspective" to see "intergalactic domicile" as the truly safest place of all, that it could be "afterlife or death" for this place that seems to have it's head buried in the sand.

Nero loves Pac-Man is the title of my latest book, though it doesn't have much to do with either one, I've already played this game and cried because of all the songs. It's important, though, to see our blindness and our "mutedness" lifted quickly, each passing day I grow a little bit more somber and despondend that we might really never connect "Pac-Man" to Space Man or to Vietnam or to the book just before that, "So... viet name?" I'm not sure if the impact of Vietnam and "Soviet" having no etymological or historical connection to each other ... aside from the "missing e" that connects all these ideas together, but I am sure that what I've written is noteworthy and widely ... received, even if it must be very unrespected.

Post image

On Mars colonization, Total Recall, and Bush's Boring machine that preceded Elon's dream:


On "Ad Astra" and wondering what on Earth we desire to actually be filling the stars with, in this land that has forgone democracy and freedom in sum in exchange for ... what appears to be very little from my vantage point:


The reason for "Space Man" and K-PAX linking to Comey and Spacey; "heh" ...


The reception I get from the world--which I guage from a mailing list of hundreds of thousands isn's so great--as in it typifies "Sound of Silence" and Dr. Who's ugly invisible alien ... imagery. What I don't write about or share is even more gloomy and dark than the things that I have been. At this point I'm fearful of what we'd become "in space" ... I see the world and the state of "morality" and "freedom" on a steep downward decline that really needs "some kind of disruption" in my Soprano's voice.

I hope you'll actually respond here--with care and love.

I think we have a clear map to "the right thing to send to intragalactia" and it's closer to connecting "Dust in the Wind" and "Skynet" to a nanodust meshnet than a bunch of buoy'd copies of Earth peppering the road from here to Andromeda.



This place, and space, and a "good future" ... these things are all about revitalizing democracy, and until we do that--I'm scared that you'll get out--rather than uhhh, having any kind of key to the Universe; other than, you know, my name.

"and the bombs bursting ..."




"gave proof"

I think they're all good, I really do--but it all means nothing if other people aren't screaming "ELE" in electoral college means more than one person "getting a date."


"i see night."

Post image

To me, all roads had led from Rome to here--from some past or "up in the air" future that comes back and re-runs their tarnished and tattered youths to find something they'll never understand is their hearts--see clearly all roads here stem from this message and "xx!!i" and Proverbs 4:23; guard our heart, for it is this Earth and without it there is nothing. I've called it "phytoplankton" and "magneto space mold" ... but the grande point of the whole thing is that "electicity and power" are not our problem, we have a problem with thinking we have all the answers before we get started, and that the "magic genie in the lamp" will simply give us everything ... for playing its games and falling for its tricks.

Post image

It doesn't matter how real you think it is, or how sure you are that "you're out" ... I've seen in the most auspicious of places--at for me--in the names of our books and diseases, that we are staring at "ORVER ET AUTISM" .. that we have a real disease here named for this idea that we're on "/away" and don't have to pay attention to the place where our minds and souls were truly born and conceived and altered without ... "oversight" or "clear understanding here" of what ascension really means. It's "over and out" in uhhh, scary Vincent Ichban voice; and the price of not caring that "holographic universe" is the start "humanity" and our end; until we overcome trying to escape "the better solution" the actual progenitors of our world conceived, we'll be stuck fighting and creating fake "line feeds" and Bostrom/Rock and Amorty like "sim within sims" until the end of Tartarus ...

This is the one I'd buy if I really wanted something rare, it would be a great help to me--I'm starving literally--not just of hunger for food and conversation, but for faith in our ability to "will eternity to be ours." www.amazon.com/XIV-ORVER-Adam-Marshall-Dobrin/dp/1793018081

"until the end of Tartarus..."

20 Comments (excerpted below)


if anyone wants to contact me, text me at 954-667-8083. i probably won't see replies unless someone does that ... which i'd appreciate you do if there's anything other than "questioning my sanity or credibility" appearing here.

to note--the thing that I see here walking around is not the humanity I grew up with ... we would have screamed and rioted by now. even more importantly it's so tethered to not this ground or rock that it's scientifically and physically impossible for it to ever leave the skyland it loves so much more than ... anything else.

this world is not spacebound nor is it technically capable of ever being that.

i imagine this comment will self destruct.


Just keep going. I love people ideas on this. It is also good that you want other ideas and opinions on this theory/reality. Because i know a lot of people that get stuck, and overthinking it too much whitout sharing and openess for others too help with the theory.

I don't have theories. Well maybey one. Sometimes i have the feeling that you as person can not die in your reality. (all others do) It is really easy to combine this with simulation. (or simulation in simulation in simulation and so on.

Well i see you have post a lot let me dig in to that first lol!


thanks, personally I think I'm stuck in that same kind of "Hell." I connect it to "grave danger" and "Live. Die. Repeat" (both Tom Cruise references), and it "scares the living hell out of me."


I'm going to upvote this for novelty.


The internet has become the matrix for so many people.


This is some kookie shit, can't really follow it.


Please seek out psychiatric help.

You are clearly mentally disturbed and have gone off the deep end.

reverse searching "your" phone number leads to this facebook page: facebook-com/MinistryOfForbiddenKnowledge

This blog post: hadragonbreath-blogspot-com/2017/09/954-667-8083-dancing-through-fire-ive.html

Also cloned here: bemessiah-wordpress=com/2017/09/21/954-667-8083-dancing-through-the-fire-ive-got-the-heart-of-the-lion/

and this webpage: from the machine

among many more results of utter batshit insanity on DuckDuckGo.

You, are basically Time Cube 2.0, and nobody here is going to take you seriously.


You look stupid, it's contagious.

-Nirvana &c

Since you are such a good Googler you might be interested in the LOL1820 object, which is what my next post is about. Maybe.


"Calling me crazy" (C^ above) is passe, played out, and wrong--hoenstly, here's another song for you--I mean you're certainly entitled to your opnion, but I think I've produced a decent piece of semi-entertaining "art" that connects avery real message from Heaven and God to "fact" in more than just "artifact."

Kryptonite, 3 Doors Down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPU8OAjjS4k

Unwell, Matchbox 20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WziA88-n02k

Just because you are *pretending to be blind doesn't mean it's rational. I suppose you have to listen to the words and actually "know the story" to realize they are about not being crazy or unwell--but that's something I assume most people either are already "on top of" or will be before I'm done. &Si, I'm coming all over the cloud-net.


you don't know, nor do i.


I do know--it's a very clear message you can see it in "TEN NES SEE" and the large convoluted matrix of connections between every major video game system since Nintendo. You can see it plain as day written all over our Atlas, I do know.

On the other hand I see "holographic Universe" and I see "outism" as a message about the age of Pisces and Aquarius really missing the point--I don't see an intelligent attempt at "space colonization" at all, I see grasping at straws and the belief that cars and motorcycles here in "microcosm/ETL-planet" are actually space ships on some road path that is literally described by Namco's Pacman and Phytoplankton.

I don't see acknowledgement that Namco and Vietnam are connected to the word "name" or anywhere on Earth that that word contains the periodic table element for Salt and that has something to do with Atlas and Prometheus---and I know that not seeing that is a harbinger of doom ... a herald that darkness has overtaken or minds and that we simply can't "put two and two together."

You can't just put "plastic makerbot thing printers" together with "fu si on" and have what we need to build here, we actually have to have a cost effective way to "make water in the void of intragalactic space" from nothing but a few electrons. That's what we need to move towards.


oh, well. good luck.


Are we stuck on spaceship Earth?


something like the "Ark" I "ascertain.

Honestly I don't think it's a bad place to be--I just think we aren't doing the right thing and that's making it really dark and ... "morbidish" like a GRIMM fairy tale instead of what it could be.

The "lofty promises" of religion/the message I see ... sort of promise it's not an ark once we get on the "it's a spiritual journey to action for social justice and freedom" rather than a boat in transit.

I think we've gotten past ... "boat in transit" and have become "the water of the void between stars" ... but even hearing that is meaningless if the void is filled with the darkness I see here... or anything that would allow it and not see that makes them just as dark if not worse.

The following was originally placed "under" the conversation with "ante" I last sent--where it magically appeared "Midrashically" sort of inline and off to the side--nearly exactly what I am describing below (except not nearly as useful un-editable and ... only my words) ...

On that note I'm going going to be ... actually working on building this thing--starting with placing the entire contents of (everything I've written) on the Ethereum block chain and making it world editable.  Hoping for very little "grafffiti."  

Doing nothing more than "blockchain storage" and "in line commenting" and "wiki-style-history and editing" ... would probably make the best social-news site on the internet--with about a weeks worth of actual work (by a phenomenal programmer, which, I'm not) ... 

Eventually ... literally this thing ... revitalizes [direct] democracy and reworks the entire legislative process into something "by the people and for the people" ... it's literally destiny.

Arthor's Sword and ... just some (mor) ideas

Just commenting that this is supposed to be a "list of geniuses."   This is now a double post, because 85 of you have failed to unsubscribe using the "printed instructions on every single email" ... please do see that .. just like I wrote in this original email, you look like morons.  I hope you'll take the time to read this response--it has nothing to do with "how smart you are."  I do comment about the "sacred silence" that I find abhorrent and anathemic to my goals and ethos--and how it also is encoded in words and in many more movies and myths about this strange time of darkness that Exodus ensures is about to come crashing down like the walls of Jericho.   You see me; more of me than I'd ever want or allow in a free society that uses ... the "privacy protection" guaranteed by tthe Constitution and by "actually working through things like Triple Phenix" to preserve a way of life that ensures ... at least safety and sanity.  

Instead I am today attacked en masse, everywhere I go from Florida to New Orleans to Phoenix because of clear and obvious violations of this "privacy act" that is foundational to the Heavens being a "nice place to be" as much as it is foundation to not being part of a systematic conspiracy to commit murder.  It is not a secret, it is not sacred, and the place forcing you to do nothing but "unsubscribe" or say nothing, while at the same time failing to do anything at all useful about this message--that place is not Heaven.  It's the creator and the sustainer of Hell. 

cc: the instructions for "actually getting what you want" are clearly written on every email.  Im sorry to inform you that if you want to unubscribe also from the "non public broadcast list" which has also found, through some mathematical process, that you  (or one of the five other people who you have forwarded a single email to) "have significant interest in this material" you will now have to unsubscribe two separate times.  

I can't keep track of this stuff, it's too much work for me to do alone.   I also can't really tell if you want to unsubscribe or defeat some kind of "law of the skies" that connects "shalom" and "sacred silence" to uhhh... "Shrek" but be sure that the frog prince really wants to "be kissing" more than just to see this planet as

... the Planet X that connects Galactikiss to uhhh.... hear me, it's "Nintendo" and "Tennessee" and "Mecca's X-Box." 

I am planning on opening up what I've written to a Wki-like-midrash commenting and editing system; something we don't really have in our modern wiki systems and haven't really seen since ... the "ancient Hebrew commenting system" designed to preserve the herat of the Matrix decoding message that is the "Torah."  I think you'll find it aesthetically pleasing and "value adding"  .. I suppose you could consider it something I'd like to add to the "software of the road" project that defines the actual intended designed meaning of the words "sword" and "Hilton."

'The shape of his table is the heart of his word.'


Unfortunately today I am more worried about vandalism and "group gaming" of the system--something we can see in the broken Wikipedia editorial system that mars the face of the closest thing we have to a "limited omniscience" truth table source--as in, Matrix and M.T. Anderson's Feed; and has kept nearly everything I've written or edited in that place from making anything but the very well kept audit logs, another important "artifact" that ensures we will never lose "the written truth" or our voting records when this thing is also kept on a well designed destributed blockchaen like storage system.

Many people have commented that storing "large amounts of data" and now "small transactions" on the blockchain are prohibitively expensive--and they are, when you have a value system that disvalues the storage of large amounts of data.  Because of that I plan on using one of the Ethereum test networks as my primary data storage device for this "sword-software project" which might magically turn fake money into real money if we did something intelligent and started valuing "Deth Tokens" used on this system for something like a "web of trust" (and/or Black Mirror... and/or PGP signature authority) style commentor/editor valuing system that rewards people for useful contribution. 

You  should note clearly that I'm not saying I made up any of these ideas--though I do have many that I think will "be helpful" and add value to this system--the mast vajority of the work I do is designed to "reward original authors and ideas" for the work that they've done ... things like the creator of Beeteljeuse helping to explain how time travel and repeating this same exact problem being solved are clearly the source of not only the IL-movies but also things like the Midrash and the clues that the Adamic language has been brought back from "now" to the past in order to help us understand .. . just that.   

I am not trying to control you, nor this project--rather to do exactly what I've said for years ... create a group of interested people, also interested in this thing being run by an international and absolutely "open to all" organization that uses the product they are building for self-oversight.   That was in the little "9/11 message" but Google's HTML renderer seems to have cut it off around the words "si doing it."   Everything I've brought up as prototypes and quite a bit of my writing itself--as well as the copyleft of all my books are designed around more that just "free software" but rather the open source ethos that would clearly have made a better voting system than "Die Bold" and little ATM machines you have to drive to a polling center to see hacked. 

See, doing it matters.

Confirming that once my fucking name and face are on television; this promise and copyright will apply not to just to the single pale yellow book that I wrote in 2015; but to the sum of all of my printed writing, and all of it's derivatives; providing this same foundation with a significant monetary base (you'd imagine) in order to effect the change in democracy and in world philanthropy (ending world hunger and disease, a good reason not to attack, or steal from, me).   I'd like to see this added to my "living will" just like that--as soon as I'm alive and on TV, have a ball with the millions in book sales.  (As in spending it on ... something like assimilating replicators and doors)... or promoting that end.

You have more than enough impetus and "spark" to get started.  Start making the world a better place, today.   

Or ... 

Dear Roe v. Doors & Concourses;
I've sent about 3 separate email requests to "the mass group" for programming assistance with this.  For Chris's sake, I don't understand how nobody can be interested in working on this with me.  It's almost nonsensical at this point--we should see that there's many eyes on what I'm talking about, and that this stuff is an evolutionary logical and mandatory step from ELE-ctoral college and representative democracy to ... "actually being free" with direct democracy and technological enoblement of our voting process.
These are all "demo" or "beta" software packages, the three of them could probably be glued together in a single weekend ... even just by me.  I'm looking for it to be done better than ... my usual--and certainly i think it defies the ethos of ... the Soul of American Liberty to have to have a single person working on even beginning this project.  
 I think this log is pretty informative, it's a step forward from where I've been and I actually have 3 working projects with decent code to start with at this point, some of them look like they were "baseball MIT thrown directly to me predirectly to throw it back to you..."
It's really time, "it's now a significant evolution, and a mandatory one, I'm sure."  Consider it a lote update to Revelation 1.  You can ignore the scripture and move down if you want, it's tantamount to "hey everyone, this is mandatory. -JC"
You can reply directly to this email, I will get it--I usually don't.  For "a" republic, and all that jazz.  If you haven't been keeping up with the E-SHO, I'm pretty upset, and I've been sending a number of messages tantamount to "this really belongs on the newz and that's really obvious--you have verifiable proof of ... something akin to time travel or "a nameserver that can alter our history" ... see the LOL1820 object at chapter 128 down to chapter 130.

Revelation 1 New International Version (NIV)


The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

Greetings and Dox ology Me


To the seven churches in the province of Asia:(hey, dox me on TV it's ... "for the win" :)

Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come, and from the seven spirits[a] before his throne, and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth.

To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen.

“Look, he is coming with the clouds,”[b]
    and “every eye will see him,
even those who pierced him”;
    and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.”[c]
So shall it be! Amen.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

----- Original message -----
From: Adam Marshall Dobrin <immaculot@fea.st>
To: Roe v. Countable.on.e
Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 7:03 PM
FUCK that last one should ahve been a zero

Help with what? I'm slammed at work, trying to wrap up projects at home before fall sits in. What's going on?

root@ATLAS:~/it# ls -Fal total 20 drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 Sep 9 20:28 ./ drwx------ 16 root root 4096 Sep 9 23:07 ../ drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 Sep 9 20:24 eth-ipfs/ drwxr-xr-x 10 root root 4096 Sep 9 20:17 isaychris/ drwxr-xr-x 5 root root 4096 Sep 9 20:53 wiki.js/ root@ATLAS:~/it#
we need to glue these three things together
so there's something working to look at
and can get people interested in making it


Glue them together to make what?
its reddit and a wiki
and a blockchain storage "thing"
so an open reddit with permanent storage and record
by design
like you cant alter the history or hide the data
or falsify it
so its an opportune "sort of halfway point" between "really having no vote at all" and using software to ensure that our voting and legislation process actually belongs to the people and
you know, when we decide to listen to god and adam
about "free voting and legislation and the internet"
somewhere in the middle a .... "middleware" link to the sky's brain interface so that it becomes something also open and recorded and opens it so we can access the functionality to do "what normal people would want to do" ... to get to the place i am writing about now--voting accurately and openly without actively researching or even "clicking"
There are already platforms for tracking legislation and laws, with revision histories and notes and shit. I don't see where adding a block chain is going to substantially benefit anything
but i mean, right now all i want is something thats open source, running in a serverless environment and logging all data transactionally on a blockchain
blochchain is literally perfectly designed for storing voting records
i dont want to do what you're talking about, i want to open a legislation process to the world
not track congress, replace it
but to comment on "countable.us" and 1
And there are blockchain voting projects
tango down on "opencongress.org" which was much better
im not aware of any blockchain voting projects that have anything functional or open
Replace legislators with collaborative direct democracy?
with a collaborative system that sort of guides and oversees the creation of legislation and implementation process
This doesn't exist already?
as far as i can see, neither in this place nor any other
of course, i cant see anywhere else. if it existed already there i'd like to see it opened and forked
as a matter of "natural progression"
if that's been done elsewhere, then a "metacity sedation(window) manager" sort of meta-app store, which i think is also defined in our software model and not really ... seen anywhere
which is probably telling
but im here, and its not, and it should be--so if nobody is bringing it we should just throw something together and get a few million dollars to pay other people to take care of it and make it shiny and neci
to me it's "evolutionarily obvious" in our system, and predestined literally by the american "framework" buit by the framers
and our software models
its like a miniscule amount of work to build something from these basic packages that would probably get venture capital
and a miniscule amount of work to set up a foundation to build it
I definitely don't have time for this anytime before I get back from vacation in Thanksgiving. I'll mull it over.
talk to james
and seth and stuff
i really dont want to have anything to do with it (other than endorsing one), ive tried to get other people to build it over and over for years
nobody si doing it
or the people that are don't have working software and are more interested in "their particular coin" and cryptotrading than anything else
i want to stick it on ethereum
on a public and independently run blockchain
(meaning semi-private identities--basically using something like a personal private SSN)
a "CSSLIN" or something

On the eVe of Friday, September 13 roughly 2,000 new recipients were added to the CAR and ARXM lists from the main "mass emailing list."  These people were chosen because of open count statistics, and I assumed the fact that they had forwarded a single email (or opened it) at least 5 times meant that they had some "serious" interest in reading what I have to say about this message.  Over the course of the "afte rmath" of responses to unsubscribe (which by the way are the only comments I get, aside from a few interested people--a handful--2 or 3 and the same number of "FUU"'s) I drafted this response, which "spurred me to remember" several of the key features that I plan(n/t'ed) to introduce (honestly, nearly all are "new ideas to the wiki/software world" coming from an ETL-cosm in religion and ... other software systems) as part of the SWORD PROJECT.  Because of that, this message is appearing here, in what is the first "real conversation" I've had with anyone about it.  
Just commenting that this is supposed to be a "list of geniuses."   This is now a double post, because 85 of you have failed to unsubscribe using the "printed instructions on every single email" ... please do see that .. just like I wrote in this original email, you look like morons.  I hope you'll take the time to read this response--it has nothing to do with "how smart you are."  I do comment about the "sacred silence" that I find abhorrent and anathemic to my goals and ethos--and how it also is encoded in words and in many more movies and myths about this strange time of darkness that Exodus ensures is about to come crashing down like the walls of Jericho.   You see me; more of me than I'd ever want or allow in a free society that uses ... the "privacy protection" guaranteed by tthe Constitution and by "actually working through things like Triple Phenix" to preserve a way of life that ensures ... at least safety and sanity.  
Instead I am today attacked en masse, everywhere I go from Florida to New Orleans to Phoenix because of clear and obvious violations of this "privacy act" that is foundational to the Heavens being a "nice place to be" as much as it is foundation to not being part of a systematic conspiracy to commit murder.  It is not a secret, it is not sacred, and the place forcing you to do nothing but "unsubscribe" or say nothing, while at the same time failing to do anything at all useful about this message--that place is not Heaven.  It's the creator and the sustainer of Hell. 
cc: the instructions for "actually getting what you want" are clearly written on every email.  Im sorry to inform you that if you want to unubscribe also from the "non public broadcast list" which has also found, through some mathematical process, that you  (or one of the five other people who you have forwarded a single email to) "have significant interest in this material" you will now have to unsubscribe two separate times.  
I can't keep track of this stuff, it's too much work for me to do alone.   I also can't really tell if you want to unsubscribe or defeat some kind of "law of the skies" that connects "shalom" and "sacred silence" to uhhh... "Shrek" but be sure that the frog prince really wants to "be kissing" more than just to see this planet as
... the Planet X that connects Galactikiss to uhhh.... hear me, it's "Nintendo" and "Tennessee" and "Mecca's X-Box." 
I am planning on opening up what I've written to a Wki-like-midrash commenting and editing system; something we don't really have in our modern wiki systems and haven't really seen since ... the "ancient Hebrew commenting system" designed to preserve the herat of the Matrix decoding message that is the "Torah."  I think you'll find it aesthetically pleasing and "value adding"  .. I suppose you could consider it something I'd like to add to the "software of the road" project that defines the actual intended designed meaning of the words "sword" and "Hilton."
'The shape of his table is the heart of his word.'
Unfortunately today I am more worried about vandalism and "group gaming" of the system--something we can see in the broken Wikipedia editorial system that mars the face of the closest thing we have to a "limited omniscience" truth table source--as in, Matrix and M.T. Anderson's Feed; and has kept nearly everything I've written or edited in that place from making anything but the very well kept audit logs, another important "artifact" that ensures we will never lose "the written truth" or our voting records when this thing is also kept on a well designed destributed blockchaen like storage system.
Many people have commented that storing "large amounts of data" and now "small transactions" on the blockchain are prohibitively expensive--and they are, when you have a value system that disvalues the storage of large amounts of data.  Because of that I plan on using one of the Ethereum test networks as my primary data storage device for this "sword-software project" which might magically turn fake money into real money if we did something intelligent and started valuing "Deth Tokens" used on this system for something like a "web of trust" (and/or Black Mirror... and/or PGP signature authority) style commentor/editor valuing system that rewards people for useful contribution. 
You  should note clearly that I'm not saying I made up any of these ideas--though I do have many that I think will "be helpful" and add value to this system--the mast vajority of the work I do is designed to "reward original authors and ideas" for the work that they've done ... things like the creator of Beeteljeuse helping to explain how time travel and repeating this same exact problem being solved are clearly the source of not only the IL-movies but also things like the Midrash and the clues that the Adamic language has been brought back from "now" to the past in order to help us understand .. . just that.   
I am not trying to control you, nor this project--rather to do exactly what I've said for years ... create a group of interested people, also interested in this thing being run by an international and absolutely "open to all" organization that uses the product they are building for self-oversight.   That was in the little "9/11 message" but Google's HTML renderer seems to have cut it off around the words "si doing it."   Everything I've brought up as prototypes and quite a bit of my writing itself--as well as the copyleft of all my books are designed around more that just "free software" but rather the open source ethos that would clearly have made a better voting system than "Die Bold" and little ATM machines you have to drive to a polling center to see hacked. 
See, doing it matters.
Confirming that once my fucking name and face are on television; this promise and copyright will apply not to just to the single pale yellow book that I wrote in 2015; but to the sum of all of my printed writing, and all of it's derivatives; providing this same foundation with a significant monetary base (you'd imagine) in order to effect the change in democracy and in world philanthropy (ending world hunger and disease, a good reason not to attack, or steal from, me).   I'd like to see this added to my "living will" just like that--as soon as I'm alive and on TV, have a ball with the millions in book sales.  (As in spending it on ... something like assimilating replicators and doors)... or promoting that end.
You have more than enough impetus and "spark" to get started.  Start making the world a better place, today.   
On Fri, Sep 13, 2019, at 8:45 AM, myhe wrote:
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Subject: Re: Re:[EXTERNAL] Fwd: Get ready for the Frank Rothstein extravaganza.Ace is sure you think "high is a good reason to destroy democracy" and ...I'm stopping you from building Hell--here and everywhere. Personally.
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and our co-holy sea of ... "we see an alcoholics anonymous" is "Isaac".

The Cryogenian ( /kraɪoʊˈdʒɛniən/, from Greek κρύος (krýos), meaning "cold" and γένεσις (génesis), meaning "birth") is a geologic period that lasted from 720 to 635 million years ago.[5] It forms the second geologic period of the Neoproterozoic Era, preceded by the Tonian Period and followed by the Ediacaran.

The Sturtian and Marinoan glaciations occurred during the Cryogenian period,[6] which are the greatest ice ages known to have occurred on Earth. These events are the subject of much scientific controversy. The main debate contests whether these glaciations covered the entire planet (the so-called "Snowball Earth") or a band of open sea survived near the equator (termed "slushball Earth").

Originated in Latin as aerae vulgaris (vulgaris from vulgus: "the common people", i.e. those who are not royalty) at least as early as 1615, long before vulgar came to mean "crudely indecent". Earliest English usage is 1635. CU.

Alternative names for the Anno Domini era include vulgaris aerae (found 1615 in Latin),[39] "Vulgar Era" (in English, as early as 1635),[40] "Christian Era" (in English, in 1652),[41] "Common Era" (in English, 1708),[42] and "Current Era".[43] Since 1856,[44] the alternative abbreviations CE and BCE, (sometimes written C.E. and B.C.E.) are sometimes used in place of AD and BC. (really, see you...) Fuck, see me.

Every town is Babylon; oh desert... change your heart; I will not sleep until this place is a dream come true.  I dream of nothing less grande and world changing than doors to Heaven appearing magically in every airport and bus station, of a world transformed by the truth of our existence--of a process of growing and assimilating that turns this world into something that none of us can even dream.  Something that I don't believe has ever truly been; but hey--I could be wrong.  The great point though is that this world changing process needs to be guided. and it needs to ensure that the great things that come from being able to use "magic" (and I mean it, it's magic to the world of the real) to end natural disasters and acts of God and nearly all diseases and to do this ... nearly instantly--that we bring the good effects and the lessons of the process everywhere, literally everywhere else in and out of Creation.


I've personally sat in this Hell of invisible bars on our skies in phrases like "that's the limit' long enough, and so have you--and so has anyone else in a 'place like this."  The simple fact that this world exists in this state, it's proof that we haven't learned--that we haven't grown to a place where this technology has positively altered the birth and generational transition cycle "well enough" to lose the need to ... birth children in a cauldron of change rather than a future that has benefited from it.

This is no way to "raise a generation of children to ascend" and that should be abundantly clear--the fact that we stand here in silence is ... it's a clear sign.  The change we need to seek is much deeper and farther reaching than just this place--but it's creators and our "peers" however many or few there may be in the hidden "rocks" of the boots of the Princess Bride... and the stories I hear ... conversing in "strange meditative states" with the insivisible world I'd prefer to walk to.

Aeneas is a chara tcter in the New Testament. According to Acts 9:32-33, he lived in Lydda, and had been a cripple for eight years. When Peter said to him, "Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and roll up your mat," he was healed and got up.

The account of Aeneas being healed is followed by an account of the raising of Dorcas.

In Greco-Roman mythologyAeneas (/ɪˈniːəs/;[1] Greek: Αἰνείας, Aineías, possibly derived from Greek αἰνή meaning "praised") was a Trojan hero, the son of the prince Anchises and the goddess Aphrodite (Venus). His father was a first cousin of King Priam of Troy (both being grandsons of Ilus, founder of Troy), making Aeneas a second cousin to Priam's children (such as Hector and Paris). He is a character in Greek mythology and is mentioned in Homer's Iliad. Aeneas receives full treatment in Roman mythology, most extensively in Virgil's Aeneid, where he is cast as an ancestor of Romulus and Remus. He became the first true hero of Rome. Snorri Sturluson identifies him with the Norse Æsir Vidarr.[2]

The name is incontrovertibly Adamically "Jesus, here, to end Satan and begin Asgard."  This statement the heart of the story of Oz and Kansas and "turning around" to clearly see "simulated reality" is an atrocity to force people literally in the heart and beginning of Heaven to be locked in like a prison. It's the key to "Norse" and to "we are the reason" and it comes from a change in how we see "morality" in a place where secrets and "a better place" have tarnished to the core everything that place can and should stand for. 

Our better place begins with "NOS'RE" those two letters the heart of Creation, only missing ... the "a" that is hidden by that strange apostrophy that is the key to the parted waters of Exodus.


It's as simple as seeing the two letters "As" conect Norse Mythology and "Asgard" to the mythological city of Atlantis and to the floating city in the skies of Star Wars and to El Dorado and to to the secondary well known two letter key to "Adam's Name" that "an" that links Christianity and messianically and Satan to this same ... "turn around" ... it's clear as day that "an" is the literal "memory manager assisted" life of the human Jesus Christ.

It's "SR" in Israel and in the heart of these linguistic calls for an "about face" .. they tie the Silicon symbol hidden away in the Sound of Silence and Carly Simon and Gene Simmons ... and rocking this proof of the Creation of all language and our entire history ... to move from the end of Genesis to the beginning of Exodus.

It's connected here, in my experience and sort of "amazement at the 'trix of the Matrix of mythology and the words that I speak out of my own mouth, of my own volition. We stand here the center of a planet, a place designed to literally be seen as "the Trojan Horse" ... a small seed that grows quickly and envelops the whole of Creation.  

I've long searched in my mind and in this heart of a magical message of answers encoded in everything from signs on the road to the entirety of our history and nearly every piece of art ... for the source of the technologies that I see in use here, the disclosure of which is the heart of the Singularity, this same thing that is the Trojan Horse.  Things like "where did holodecks come from before Roddenberry" and settled on a number of guesses, backed by things like the transitions and messages encoded in the geological epochs of our history here. 

Cryogenics, to clearly link together our time here in this world to Chrysler and Genesis and ignoring that our "life extension ventures" here would encase us in a prison of biology and the same torture of natural disasters that make "reality" such a bad thing ...  "to simulate."  We aren't here to become vampires that rue the ground they walk on--we are here to use it to change the Universe, to ascend and transcend and really see "cryogenics" and "life extension" are all wrong--I want to see "Nerf" and "plastic" and I'm sure that's what is in Heaven and "our VR's."


The Archer has placed his rainbow in the cloud.  It is a sign... of the coming of a new day--the last, the best, the one that "sticks in the snow" and raises Styx and connects the four corners of the Heavens and never dies.  Ex hic ad astra.

Genesis 9:13

This is a message that isn't just part of a single picture, or even a handful of them--the ones I've used to connect movies to "complete blindness" or the lack of acknowledgement of our birth names as being part of an intelligent design that begins .. "before this place."  It's encoded in the Emperor Julian and Lennon's son and Assange and my son's name--in the connection between Roman history and the Jewish Temples and actual "ascensions to new skies" -- a map that connects to the Hotel chain Atlantis in our world, and one in Reno and one in Fort Lauderdale and one in Ocean City; we're staring at clues that even the stories recorded in Rome and the Torah are incomplete; that we have "larger skies" than you might think .. and ignoring it.

Worse than that we're ignoring proof that these movies show us we fail to acknowledge or fathom the meaning of "grave danger" and the story told connecting A Few Good Men and "Live.  Die.  Repeat" and that our colloquial understanding of "is there any other kind?" doesn't connect to true and clear meaning of a danger that might follow you down to your grave and raise you in a place like this--in a place that still has pain and torture and disease; we're staring at a message clearly showing us what Hell is and telling us to avoid it, to destroy it, to change fundamtentally our understanding of your new meaning of the word pay; and to do it quickly; Chaldeans, Quickly see "dark Earth" in the heart of the story of the first "good man" in Jewish history, in Abraham's Ur ... and be the people that end Hell, or.  Or see, really see you're living in it, and it's growing and getting worse ... it's not just not understanding a colloquial idiom, the place that could burn forever and ever exists, and it's on fire today.

It's not just a few small places either, it's really every moment there was a word or a name forever here in this place; it's not just the Emperor's and possibly some "editing" these are stories designed to show us possible futures, from Caesar to Napoleon to Hitler to here .. to seeing clearly you are ignoring things significantly and obviously worse and more torturous than "gas chambers" and "euthenasia" and literally telling me to "be killed over and over" defining the meaning of the word Beast; as it speaks to me.  What you ignore in every city is far worse than the atrocities of the Holocost, and far worse than just not connecting that name to "Holodecks" and literally "forever."

I was born in Broward county, and "psych wards" and "truly bad bedicine" define the meaning of the words "as in the days of Noah" and the disgusting sickness that pervades our world as we ignore torture literally in every single town that exists with a hospital.  We ignore poison being prescribed as "medicine" and defining Midgard and Medusa and "looking the other way" as four point restraints are used to perform acts significantly more costly than "waterboarding" ... defined as torture here in this place, in this time (and that's what I'm looking for, more change, more of that) .. and this medicine encodes "harm" in pharmacy and a world that watches me struggle with obvious torture on the streets every single day, when a simple Ativan prescription would alleviate the need for "vanland" (and Ivan) to be about rendition.  Instead I'm prescribed poison, repeatedly; poison that makes it impossible to speak words out loud--really--high doses of lithium risperdone ... and Ive come to the conclusion that nearly all anti-psychotics are really nothing but that--poison to mask a world plagued by mind control attacks on sanity, on tELEvision and on the avalanche of radio broadcasts I've heard speak directly to me.  On purpose, from a place that calls it'self Heaven and is the source of "insanity" and ... torture ... and ... it's wrong, done, and gone.

I sat in four point restraints for two full days in Arizona, for basically no reason at all; lies and ... telling a story that exacerbates and highlights a problem that needs immediate change.  Days later I watched a girl named Kansas (showing literal .. *supposed* angelic design of this message as ... something like Acts in the theater of Eartheater) ... I complained to the staff, I tried to help her; the response I got back was something along the lines of "you're right, we should put her in a place where her screaming doesn't bother anyone."  Literally spoken to me, I couldn't be more fearful of a place, of an entire planet that be just that--without me here screaming it might be put in a box where nobody can see "the flood" ... or this clear message about connecting every world and stopping the "eating of memories" and knowledge of multiple Heavens and ... and really see they don't seem very Heavenly.

Even worse it appears these events, add in Christopher Reeves horse accident and add in Britney Murphy dying and add in an entire world that thinks speaking in this manner "makes sense" or is somehow some kind of "higher way of being" ... that this Kansas microcosm is about "simulated reality" and another world full of "once people" that think they are Holodecks and forcing them to ... "not move" is some kind of problem, that the world is their body, and they're very wrong ... they simply have a tacit lack of understanding of morality and what it means to be torturers rather than the tortured; they lack the understanding of computer science and physics that we have in this place that shows us clearly "buildings are not bodies" and neither are processor chips or ram or hard drives; those things are "accessories" ... "peripherals" ... nothing to do with body or mind.

I'm dusgted by the attitude we havee in this place of "looking the other way" in a world that is being screamed at by God and Creation and every word and everything happening that they need to stop natural disaster's like FUKUSHIMA and DORIAN and see how discussion quickly solves the logical idiocy that doesn't see "infirmity" connects to "eternity" and "malady" and a world that simply has to begin speaking to auto-heal limbs and eyes and hearts ... 

... and most importnatly minds.

We have the technology to help--to fix the broken logic and to erase whatever tortured memories have caused us to simply believe we have the right to "look the other way."  That right doesn't exist, you're angels.

AA regulars can easily see "addiction healed completely" by the same technology that's allowing Medusa to exist here, for you to "see my life" in whatever way you are watching it--for you to be in two places at once or whatever it is that ... forcing the complacency of Hell on the world that ends it.  It's a clear message, it's logically and obviously .. beneficial for everything and everyone everywhere, it's about finding and turninng around the living buildings and missing wiizard-tools of Oz and don't wind up back in Kansas either ... as the beginning of Heaven.  Doors and broad trans-galactic communication connecting every place to a "dreamland of last resort" ... that will fix nearly all of this instantly ... and Quantum Leap us forward to ... to where we should know, we've been before.


Well they say the road's a dangerous place
If you flip me off I'm the danger you'll face
You drive on my ass
You're foot's on the gas

And your next breath is your last
Drivers are rude
Such attitudes
But when I show my piece

Complacency cease
Something's odd
I feel like I'm G od

You stupid dumb shit god damn mother fucker

Heh, Vulgar Era.

Romuline Ale, oh Alline ... what is the difference between "E" and "You and Me?"

Dear Chaldeans, if I knew the aqnswer I wouldn't be asking you for a response--all I can see is that we are looking squarely at the "IR" who have missed the purpose of the city of Ur and the entirety of not only this place jbut the place they "exist in" today.  We are at the point of Ur (once again, I suppose) this time staring at Avram post-ceding Abraham and any kind of coven, in the oven with the ant.  Champerty, per Google is a word (at Taylor) ... Jeffparty ... at B, JJ and ... Jeffrey.  
I present [probably again] Joseph's dream, which I read for my "half-torah" and then wrote originally in a day after finding out, that, the Earth was in Heaven.  Later connecting it to a table connecting many exits from creation ... and today wondering fi it has a place frozen in stasis rather than re-doing something arduous and done and un-failed (cfki). 
Successfully merging this civilization, solving these problems; they are the kind of thing that would prove in and of themselves through acts and through new policies that ... the current state of this place demands to sit in open and visible stasis and rapture rather than continuing another hour.
Following a brief interlude, some writing about physical hardware structure which would make impossible the thing we today call "DES" and should see as "a room hidden within a room hidden behind locked doors and no windows containing ... anything" ...
... and then Skirmishland to here--post Vietnam is there a Victory, and Eye, and a name ... or have you gone blind?

layout: post title: Cyan, ymene mor, see why "an." date: '2017-08-07T06:40:00.000-07:00' author: Adam M. Dobrin tags: modified_time: '2017-10-24T10:13:05.090-07:00' thumbnail: https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-IeRrp82Tr8g/WYhlttNXAyI/AAAAAAAAAiY/AvXWSzXBY9oPlhxa_RJdWr_aRu9zmaPywCK4BGAYYCw/s72-c/image-758423.png blogger_id: tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8758503587102933296.post-3025817031127351390 blogger_orig_url: ./2017/08/cyan-ymene-mor-see-why.html


Image result for half life logo

This is the shortest book I've published in years.  It contains the "halflife marker" that I'd like to associate with this message turning around, rather than the halfway point of the life of "an."  I've long associated those two letters with the beginning and the end of my biological brain, and to be as clear as day we are on "ICS."  That's the single letter following "N" in my actual birth name(s)--Dobrinsky was shortened .. because "asthetics."  

there's no light ... mamma, I can't see at all

I'm preparing to write something that I am sure will change the face of "who we are."  That's what it's designed for, and it's something I've put off because of the fear that it will literally make me disappear from some parts of "Creation" (as, that means everything) ... I want to change how this world thinks and deals with "freedom of body and mind" and I want us to have a secure belief that the memories and the soul of a person ccannot be sold ever, that you don't have any right to "sharing my life" and that I have the right to share whatever I want with you--and clearly understand that our "i" has changed at "freedom" and I want us all to be able to do these things--these things that I know take ancient souls and thousands of years of memory and renew them with happiness.  

I can't havve a universe or a world that allows some authority to keep you from your own souls and your own memories, and frankly from being able to see anything that anyone wants to share.  At the heart of "freedom of speech" and the ability to see that I am trying to show you what "the J memory" actually means--and the Universe needs to see that it does something bettter than "the embarrassing sum of my memories" or perhaps even worse than that the selected lies and disruption of something that I don't know--haven't experienced--and hasnt affected who and what I am or the words that I know connect Creation and this message to proof and Acts.

Literally I stand here seeing the "hidden use of a memory manager" connect those three letters to who and what I really am--to what I belief is my past and present and my working memory--and I know it has holes in it, and I know it has significant assisted outside information added and I see it's literally encoded in "firefly pattern of J" and the phylum and kingdum "Photinus Pyralis."  It's another artifact of a nameserver that sees everything in the world at this singular most important moment in the history of conscouus evolution and has named these things so that we will see just how important it is. 

I'm not really asking, I'm telling you.  These are words that used to be encoded in the state of South Carolina when salvation came from "Exit to Eden" and in "Are you for SCUBA" and in Aruba's on Commercial Blvd just outsoude the McNamara plague; so I'm telling you our souls are not for sale, they are not property, and shared memories are revokable. Period. 

[ a cheaper collector's item, still in color ]

I'm trying to help us see how these technologies can and have been abused--and how it's central to this story and this place that we build a "subconscious voting system" that actually votes based on "what you really want" rather than some kind of predefined pyramidal "I'm voting with Dr. Dre" or sacking the Blitzkrieg.  We have the ability to do either thing; and we have the ability to see how swarm and hive behavior is literally encoded in our countries foundational structure--how voting against party lines is not just a priviledge it's a demand when the "party is wrong" and believe me, the party is always wrong if you are autovoting.  It's foundational to what "democratic process" means, and we live in a world that has somehow been gamed into gaming itself out of "free speech" and "free press" and that's a sicknesss that needs to be remedied for all time. 

I want to write about all the "good things we can add" and how that J means "adding wikipedia like auto understanding" and adding "functionally related memories and beliefs" specifically ... "for that J memory" as a foundational paradigm shift in "what's possible" here in this place where we refuse to acknowledge gthat this message tells us we are ignoring significant benefit to Nassau from Sawtelle to "listen to the last obligotatory lessage."

I want to Ramble On about how there is a defunct series of beliefs here in this place that show that our souls are currently frought with "tautologocial fallacy" and we have the ability to "autocorrect" things like that--things that are the source of racism and jingoism and believing that you are somehow "correct" to stare at this world and think that freedom only belongs to "some kind of animal of higher evolution" -- we stare at a message about malarkey and malady and if you don't see it today, you will soon understand how this place defines the solid line between "sanity and goodness" and dead.

Memories or lies that are dead and gone, or maybe more.  I cannot fathom how we do not understand the direness of the "straights" you stare at, how we cannot see the danger we have imposed on ourselves and the future by ignoring this place, and I will nto stand for it continuing. 

Every word you read, every phrase and every picture could be; should be connectedt to a series of memories, facts, ideas, and those things should be clearly delineated--thats the purpose of this "beginning of a message that is the end of mess and start of sages."


"beside myself." -Death

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why you want me to hate you.  It's clear though, that's what the "world wants."

Care, I still think I'm Captain America; and I still think we ... this place is the beginning of a Trojan Horse like wave of freedom and technology and toys and happiness;  

John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 15:18-27 King James Version (KJV)

18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

I'm telling you--this world wants me to hate it vehemently--and I do.  I want change, and I want it now.  I much prefer "he's happy, he's happy" to "uhhh huh."

-RBZ  ... by your lack of response.

You know, just as soon as you stop hating "me" and "this."  it's simple words ... we have tacit, tangible, and obvious proof that the entirety of our history is basically here to remind us not to mis-use technology ... not to hate, not to lose ... "everything" and still that's what it seems we are doing.

"You people" seem hyper-focused on my "facade" rather than the proof and the message all around us; the mess, the sickness, the natural disasters that we certainly should see are "stiooppable" at :"majority force" and just a minority of people actually speaking out.  I really don't mean "you" but rather literally everyone around me--get out of my head, forget about trying to get rid of me ... forget about me needing to be "perfect" or "up to some standard" I am what I am, and I am not embarrassed--or wrong. 

The Servant Exalted (Philippians 2:5-11 Yeah, Exalt "This... see Silicon and Acts." There's certainly not "twelve of us" if you have something planned other than "destroy" and see Troy to victory--it's time to do it.

13 Lo, My servant doth act wisely, He is high, and hath been lifted up, And hath been very high.

14 As astonished at thee have been many, (So marred by man his appearance, And his form by sons of men.)

15  So doth he sprinkle many nations. Concerning him kings shut their mouth, For that which was not recounted to them they have seen, And that which they had not heard they have understood!

Sick to death of hearing "and you're good" in sarcaastic intonation.  This message is the best thing that's ever happened to the worst doldrum of pits the world of Jupiter has ever seen. 

Lo, the LOL1820 object. I've been tormented, framed, and frought with fighting against "Rome, Town and Country"  I have no qualms about discussing how and why the legal system we have is a disgracfe to the Constitution and to Americans and the sword of Samael stands ... Samson stands, the pillars of whatever Temple has made this hell ... that thing is to be done and gone forever. 

I see you want me to "know" you're in my head, or you think you are somehow "part of me" ... directly and clearly .. get the fuck out of my head, stop tormenting me with responses to my thoughts or "markup" disgracing words that would and do stand proud fighting for freedom in the land of "it's not a sprint ... this is a relay" ... back to freedom, back to caring, back to the place that never would have made a Hell and believed it wasn't here.

Pretending I am not here, or not real--or somehow I should leave the Line Feed land of Florida and "we don't see" AD IR OLF; it's going to get us nowhere and it needs to turn around and start acting like responsible human beings that care about stopping things like the disaster and trrajedy in the Bahamass ... before they happen.  Acts of God and contract law ... see we have proof--rather than "of time travel" of the Name Server of "BIND this.. 

There will be no more night.

Deuteronomy 11:18 (NCV) Remember my words with your whole being. Write them down and tie them to your hands as a sign; tie them on your foreheads to remind you.

Deuteronomy 6:8 "You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontals on your forehead.

The Mark of the Beast The second beast was permitted to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship it to be killed. 16 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name.…

You iknow my name.  

Revelation 22:5 New International Version (NIV)

There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light. And they will reign for ever and ever.




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q="lol"&tbm=bks&tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:1809,cd_max:1816&lr=lang_en 1815! The Comic New Year's Budget of Songs ... Embellished with a ... https://books.google.com › books 1815 FOUND INSIDE - PAGE 22 E Lol de rol, lol, 81c. ' ll Conent,Garden of O. P renown, The contest you all may remember 5 Old Drury that was burnt down, And Bartlemy Fair in September. With the Tower of London so grand, I Where a huge pocket pistol you see, .


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The River of Life …3 No longer will there be any curse. The throne of God and of the Lamb will be within the city, and His servants will worship Him. 4 They will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads. 5 There will be no more night in the city, and they will have no need for the light of a lamp or of the sun. For the Lord God will shine on them, and they will reign forever and ever.…

See a key, as we watch the "head" of Medusa disappear without words ... it does appear clear the test of time and the message of this place is that Disney disappears next; and it's because "no i" in HIV. Lo, the riddle-- foil the plans of the Dark Earth or ...


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m: buy the collectors item(s).  there's like 7 literal print copies in the world.


just let it be it

can we just let it be "IT" .. 23&c NOS RE ROFL IR TO C UR

Silicon.  Yvictorious Ea .,.. rlho

CursiveCursor. Come on, just try... "hanging gardens of babble jericho written law why ... constitution of talking ramble on ad..."

911.  BOLD ER G ER? & NCE 


Poseidon (/pəˈsaɪdən, pɒ-, poʊ-/;[1] GreekΠοσειδῶνpronounced [poseːdɔ́ːn]) was one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek religion and myth, god of the sea, storms, earthquakes and horses.[2] In pre-Olympian Bronze Age Greece, he was venerated as a chief deity at Pylos and Thebes.[2] His Roman equivalent is Neptune.

Poseidon was protector of seafarers, and of many Hellenic cities and colonies. In Homer's Iliad, Poseidon supports the Greeks against the Trojans during the Trojan W

In Norse mythologyRagnarök (/ˈræɡnəˌrɒk, ˈrɑːɡ-/ (About this soundlisten))[2][3][4] is a series of events, including a great battle, foretold to lead to the death of a number of great figures (including the Gods OdinThorTýrFreyrHeimdallr and Loki), natural disasters and the submersion of the world in water. After these events, the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning gods will meet and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors. Ragnarök is an important event in Norse mythology and has been the subject of scholarly discourse and theory in the history of Germanic studies.

The event is attested primarily in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In the Prose Edda and in a single poem in the Poetic Edda, the event is referred to as Ragnarök or Ragnarøkkr (Old Norse for "Fate of the Gods" and "Twilight of the Gods", respectively), a usage popularised by 19th-century composer Richard Wagner with the title of the last of his Der Ring des Nibelungen operas, Götterdämmerung (1876), which is "Twilight of the Gods" in German.

According to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the BibleArmageddon(/ˌɑːrməˈɡɛdən/, from Ancient Greek: Ἁρμαγεδών Harmagedōn,[1][2] Late LatinArmagedōn,[3]from Hebrew: הר מגידו Har Megiddo) is the prophesied location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times, variously interpreted as either a literal or a symbolic location. The term is also used in a generic sense to refer to any end of the world scenario.

"Mount" Tel Megiddo is not actually a mountain, but a tell (a hill created by many generations of people living and rebuilding on the same spot)[4] on which ancient forts were built to guard the Via Maris, an ancient trade route linking Egypt with the northern empires of SyriaAnatolia and Mesopotamia. Megiddo was the location of various ancient battles, including one in the 15th century BC and one in 609 BC. Modern Megiddo is a town approximately 40 kilometres (25 mi) west-southwest of the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee in the Kishon River area in Israel .[5]

"Apollyon" redirects here. For other uses, see Apollyon (disambiguation).

This article is about the Hebrew word. For other uses, see Abaddon (disambiguation).

Not to be confused with Abandon (disambiguation).

The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎ Avaddon, meaning "doom"), and its Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollýōn) appear in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an angel of the abyss. In the Hebrew Bibleabaddon is used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שְׁאוֹל (Sheol), meaning the realm of the dead.

In the New Testament Book of Revelation, an angel called Abaddon is described as the king of an army of locusts; his name is first transcribed in Greek (Revelation 9:11—"whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, The Angel of Death.") as Ἀβαδδὼν, and then translated ("which in Greek means the Destroyer", Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon). The Latin Vulgate and the Douay Rheims Bible have additional notes (not present in the Greek text), "in Latin Exterminans", exterminans being the Latin word for "destroyer".

Armilus (Hebrew: ארמילוס‎) (also spelled Armilos and Armilius)[1] is an anti-messiahfigure in medieval Jewish eschatology, comparable to medieval interpretations of the Christian Antichrist and Islamic Dajjal, who will conquer whole Earth and will centralize in Jerusalem and persecute the believers until his final defeat at the hands of Messenger of God or the true Messiah. His inevitable destruction symbolizes the ultimate victory of good over evil in the Messianic Age.

Y O ,   C   O C C U L U S T R I F F F F F F F T

Literally, civilization is crumbling.  Jeffrey?

Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (Arabic: المسيح الدجّال‎ Al-Masīḥ ad-Dajjāl, "the false messiah, liar, the deceiver") is an evil figure in Islamic eschatology. He is to appear, pretending to be al-Masih (i.e. the Messiah), before Yawm al-Qiyamah (the Day of Resurrection). He is an anti-messianic figure, comparable to the Antichrist in Christian eschatology and to Armilus in medieval Jewish eschatology.

Don't be deceived, I'm providing as accurate as a picture of what I am experiencing, and what I have seen as possible.  This is complete, clear, and actionable information.  News organizations around the world, millions of professors and researchers have been contacted and shown significant interest.  I don't see a false messiah, I see a "MESS" a total mess of "all humanity" pretending they're normal ... members of the very fake and very obviously broken civilization they walk around in every day.  

None of you are normal.  What I see--what is obvious, what the future will see--is that something is definately making you act totally illogically in this world--and this place that I know is the heart of all Creation and the container of the problem--the thing that is keeping you from acting appropriately--like intelligent moral people--the ones you are pretending to be, prior to receiving this very clear message that the truth you believe is "accurate" and globally accepted is not true.

You are not in reality, and that changes absolutely everything about what we are doing here, and what you need to do.  Today.

The lack of action is sick, a real sickness-disgusting.  It's the absolute abomination of desolation--and it's the end of safety and sanity and free will and "self" if you do not act to disseiminate this information--clearly that would STOP SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, as well as every psychiatric disease we have (not to mention physical infirmity) and you know it, and you persist.

When I look outside my door--everyone, everyone in every car in every city I travel to is connected to some kind of monster--you call it Heaven?-some kind of disgusting monster that is keeping them from publicly discussing a message that defines the difference between sanity and insanity.  It's tangible proof that you are being controlled "not to care" about the truth, about disease, about disaster; and about a message in every word and every letter telling you how simple it is to fix this problem.  

Literally the thing I see is the snakeof Eden, the monster outside the house of Beetlejuice, it's Apophis and it's you--what you have become here is an affront to humanity, to everything we stand for--and it's not going to survive.

People are suffering not just here, throughout creation--all due to your silence, to your lack of action, to your inability to speak about something so obvious and so important that I have no words to condemn this sickness and this monster.  I have seen your "collective" face, and your arrogant and greedy lies you present (without words, with snorts and smirks and dirty looks) as a farce to explain what you dare to sing about and call "Sacred Silence" .. your silence is anything but sacred, and you are anything but Holy. 

Put it on the news--you are living in a simulated reality--one designed to turn Hell into Heaven; and it's a really easy thing to do.  I cannot fathom the level of hidden evil--what it takes not to see "evil" at the very beginning of the word civilization; and it's stopping here, at the "artifact" of "WHO?"

Here's who can help--here's who understands, here's who we need to speak up.  NOW.

This is more readable than the full printout, but the breadth of interested readership is undeniable.  I do not understand.  Take action, today. 

In my lifetime you've now waited 2-5 years too long to DO SOMETHING, to stop the spread of simulated reality and this disease that simply "ignores disease" and ignores the destruction of freedom and sanity and "humanity as we knew it" -- in reality, in truth, I have no way at all to tell how many millenium or longer have passed while this "skirmish" about whether or not it's OK to make planets of slaves in prisons that torment them.   This is insanity. 

It's clear as day.

You know, in the cloudless sky.


I am being tortured, here--so is everyone with a disease, everyone effected by fake simulated disasters, and ....
expect death.  from "patmos" n case you don't get it--it's GNU TM turned around; the heart of Thanatos and ..
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Tsade (also spelled ṢadeṢādēṢaddiṢadTzadiSadheTzaddik) is the eighteenth letter of the Semitic abjads, including Phoenician Ṣādē Phoenician sade.svgHebrew Ṣādi צAramaic Ṣāḏē Sade 1.svgSyriac Ṣāḏē ܨGe'ez Ṣädäy , and Arabic Ṣād ص. Its oldest sound value is probably /sˤ/, although there is a variety of pronunciation in different modern Semitic languages and their dialects. It represents the coalescence of three Proto-Semitic "emphatic consonants" in CanaaniteArabic, which kept the phonemes separate, introduced variants of ṣād and ṭāʾ to express the three (see ḍādẓāʾ). In Aramaic, these emphatic consonants coalesced instead with ʿayin and ṭēt, respectively, thus Hebrew ereṣ ארץ (earth) is araʿארע in Aramaic.

The Phoenician letter is continued in the Greek San (Ϻ) and possibly Sampi (Ϡ), and in Etruscan 𐌑 Ś. It may have inspired the form of the letter Tse in the Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets.

The corresponding letter of the Ugaritic alphabet is 𐎕 ṣade.

The letter is named "tsadek" in Yiddish,[1] and Hebrew speakers often give it a similar name as well. This name for the letter probably originated from a fast recitation of the alphabet (i.e., "tsadiqoph" → "tsadiqqoph"), influenced by the Hebrew word tzadik, meaning "righteous person".[2]


Much to say, little time to say it--through our Nuclear Winter, wasting our ions--whether the positive ones of creation or the negative ones of "Total Recall" ... if it's surrounded with good intentions or actually delivering free oxygen to the colonists of Mars ... all one in the same in the eyes of the story written by PKD.



(1820 double appearance of LOL in some ancient work?) huh? REN OWN

Sesspools creating sesspools ... is what a non intelligently driven recursive "process of increasing betterness" is kind of what it appears history "erat" in a place where "honestly" and a number of other language markers have made me link "NES" to exactly that, a sort of software driven recursion; one where today maybe more than ever before it seems pretty obvious that "a little intelligent push" would send us all leaping miles "upward and onward" minds expanding and in a place that .. "as luck would have it" we have a newfound level of safety and security; thanks to those two things; that little push and us leaping forward.  I stare at a story; or a map, or a record that hides in those three letters what appears to be "this success" happening a number of times--the ages of our days ... and can't seem to figure out how it is that we aren't jumping at the chance to be the actual winners; probably the whole of everywhere in creation at the point it really does not just take but demand that to ensure a place like this never "happens again."


I can see it's been thought about, the Earthquake ride at Universal sort of touches on "don't scare people by shaking, either" ... in a place where I can't really myself understand how the future might want to "learn about the past" but am pretty sure I wish we'd move past it being our present.   



BNN Most basic interpretation of lengths of wire between








I'm like you, nightmare
I'm here to start your day
This is your wake-up call


We don't have to fall
A new democracy
God and pornography

HEAVEN, BEING A TRULY TERRAN THING: SPEAKS TO AND THRU THE UNIVERSE, IT IS ALMOST ASSURED AS I AM RED AND THE HEART OF COMPASS AND THE ELEMENTAL "K" ... that today you are "they" and tomorrow you are "them." I don't mean that in the Biblical sense, like you'll have to die anew or be born again or vateva “I mean that this thing is going to literally happen "overnight" “in a split second you will in one moment be ... "exactly as you were before" a generation re-run as if on a compact disc or some read only hyper-visor and the very next moment filled with new vigor and new life and a new unwritten future.

The gifts that I am trying to pry from the hands of the sky “the toys and the friendship that I think are the true meaning of the tree of life and the purpose of Chistmas ... these things most likely atready exist. Point in fact despite the hours and the evenings and the long nights and sometimes weeks I spend arguing with the dust and the air and the sky ... arguing that we must deliver these tools and we must do it well and we must do with love and care and attention “the only "hopeful words" I ever hear are that ... towards the end, or at the turn; or ... "they have nearly everything I've ever asked for" ... perhaps as the fruit of a game or the spoils of "the end of worship" ... the things that I think about and I want, they get delivered.

More response, from God himself “he's tried this once “he says “only once; delivering the toys and the tools to this place and bridging the Heavens together. I imagine, without being given more details ... there were far less "skies" back then, in this place where it seems we've nearly perfectly completed the "hearts desire of Adam" and link not just Andromeda and the Milky Way but also many tiny "r's" rivers flowing from this place that is the source of the beginning of everyone, all people “the planet that is the "mar" of Marios ... here it seems we've got four distinct possible R's right this moment, a Russian R and a BRIC R and ... most likely an "HRE" R and ... a lovely UK R and (and see those are all little R's in truth, a prescription for uhhhh ... ABRA TEN I SM) ... it appears all sitting inside or around a table that is ... appearing to be an American made wooden product. This planet appears to be a table in the sky; with many civilizations extending out from it's origin point and ... connected here “"discussing nothing."

So truly I cannot tell, not from the mythology that fuses Titans and Olymians or the peo)ple I see around me if you are "they" or if you are "them" and to be honest I'm not sure you can tell either. Some days I'm clear you are "fingernails" nothing more than ... the phones of Persephone and Hades and other days you appear to be ... "actual biological slaves" being made blind and refusing to acknowledge that you might be the focal point, the cause, the turning point “or the end. It is discussion and reaction to this message that makes the difference “and a lack of reaction is tacit and verifiable proof that you are either evil or void of "new" consciousness “nothing more than a tape being played to fool the food of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception into ... failing to continue to fight for the birth of a Virgin Generation; of any ... salvation of innocence at all.

I am resolved to ensure that this place does not end with "NOT HI" and NG eternal flames; I am resolved; I will not allow what is before us to continue to fester and to worsen “and if you are not with me; you are against yourselves.

Water to blood; Ashton to Tatum ... dice and chalk dust to permanent tie-dye;

Skirmishing also towards "why would you win and then return and then seemingly change "nothing." Why would you make a perfect nearly blank canvas for Menoititious to ... uhhhhh ... tit is he us he is ... with?

a second generation Titan, son of Iapetus and Clymene or Asia, and a brother of Atlas, Prometheus and Epimetheus, Menoetius was killed by Zeus on Mount Triphyle with a flash of lightning in the Titanomachy, and banished to Tartarus.[1][2][3] His name means "doomed might," deriving from the Ancient Greek words menos ("might, power") and oitos ("doom, pain"). Hesiod described Menoetius as hubristic, meaning exceedingly prideful and impetuous to the very end. From what his name suggests, along with Hesiod's own account, Menoetius was perhaps the Titan god of violent anger and rash action.[4]

孙武 李飞之 李庆 庆

In the upper eschelons of the military and intelligence circles it's probably no secret that the place we are living is the result of some kind of great "cataclysm." Some great war between a god who claimed himself omnipotent and a choir of singing angels who became anything but ... just as soon as they believed they had the obtained "the thing" that gave them total and complete power ... whether it be a man or an idea or just simply a failure of morality.

Today you might look at the story being told by these warring factions of some place invisible and supposedly high above you “hearing that this war was originally about unschelving this timeline from an ancient gallery of read-only compact discs about the start of it all; and whether or not it was "right" to reopen the beginning of time and to alter it, to modify the souls of people with ... or without their consent. Further, to see that the second this particular timeline was opened “the violation of a great rule in the defining of that very word was triggered “and from the great bookshelf that is the foundation of everything that ever was and ever will be another compact disc was opened “instead.

Soon you may agree with me that the souls of these people that we are have been irrevocably changed, some have learned a new lesson-a new truth “and others in their little pocket of veracity a new reason to see the virgin rebirth of ... well, it's you. You're them.

You might agree with me that even if there were an argument or a war about reopening this first chasm in open communication ... "anything but this" might echo true for both you and for me and for ... well, at least for the place that I see and live in and experience every moment of my existence. I've come to call it "Eternal Dam" as opposed to day or Adam or ... perhaps now defining the glyph of what a large flag pole with a finger guard appears as when it grows up.

You, for instance, live in a world that is fighting vehemently for "anyone but Adam" to win “that or your appear to have acquiesced to the hidden notion that whomever has written this story has already won. Neither of those things are the truth; here the truth is the veracity and the worth of an intentionally broken and dark hidden system have been put on the very top of a fiery pedestal. Here the system itself is the problem; and yet it appears that because we seem to "get something for nothing" out of what “what you all really want “you're willing to allow the faceless and the nameless to win a war against you. They've taken control of your government, of your monetary system, and your future “and you have no idea who or what they actually are. All you know, is twhat you don't know who you are “either. Somehow the combination of these two logical fallacies has lead you to believe that, in some strange world with no facts and no true opinions ... "you've won already."

I fight vehemently to destroy a broken system “to harvest it's corpse and to build something open and free filled with the light of learning and the love of believing in what you build and support and ... two "half sentences now partially set to complcizedation"

Queen to A4, I seized "A-shun."

One of the many factors that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire was the rise of a new religion,Christianity. ... In 313 C.E., Roman emperor Constantine the Great ended all persecution and declared toleration for Christianity. Later that century,Christianity became the official state religion of the Empire.

“ the Fall of the Roman Empire, USHistory.org

יָדִית || נִצָּב

Very clearly, I consider myself to be 38 years old (r/d espite some recent storyline suggesting I'm actually 17 and that's some kind of "innocence-key") “fantastically young with respect to ... nearly everyone else in the Universe. That being said, I want to outlive nearly everyone “and I am nearly absolutely sure that I will, with some tricks up my sleeve. I want to live forever, or as close to forever as anyone ever could dream “and I think it should be clear that I am searching for bigger and better places “new avenues and amazing tools that I've dreamt up “literally “and can't wait to get my hands on.

I'm very sure I've earned at least that much “the opportunity to hold them and to use them and to at least glimpse far closer to the actual reality of our Universe than I can see here from this small vantage point. Unfortunately I live in a world where strangers believe it to be well mannered to approach me on the street and say things as crude and cruel as "we're going to make you go." Sad to say, it's my personal opinion that if you believe I haven't earned the right to survive, I think you've forfeited yours. On the same side of that particular coin, if you don't truly want your children to outlive and outshine you “I don't personally think your heart is in the right place (or childron is the wrong word); but I'm not not the rule maker, I'm just his only sen.

You could see me as a microcosm for the new generation “a prototype new soul, in a place that might have once decided that there was nothing new under the sun “that all that could be experienced had been “or something like that. Before you could a question on whether or not the lives of the people around you are "new" or are they exactly the same as some previous ... some previous flagship generation that saw this message and either ... built a fusino of Heaven and Earth or ... or collaborated to corrupt it and contaminate freedom itself and just ignore everything around them “you could also be that.

ברוך هاתם
כבוד מלכותוֹ לעולם ועֶד

In Sumerian mythology, a me (𒈨; Sumerian: me; Akkadian: paršu) is one of the decrees of the gods that is foundational to those social institutions, religious practices, technologies, behaviors, mores, and human conditions that make civilization, as the Sumerians understood it, possible. They are fundamental to the Sumerian understanding of the relationship between humanity and the gods.

It should be clear, I hope now “that I believe my great contribution to the Universe and the future will come from things made and well used with those very tools ... though this story is something of a prelude or a prequel. This is the story of speaking "me" into existence.

From Latin Horātius, a Roman gens name of uncertain meaning, possibly "timekeeper".

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

”Hamlet (1.5.167-8)

Ecclesiastes 9:11 the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong ... neither yet to

"I believe in the devil, and the only thing that scares me is Martin Scorsese."

”Keyser Soze

For so it had come about, as indeed I and many men might have foreseen had not terror and disaster blinded our minds. These germs of disease have taken toll of humanity since the beginning of things “taken toll of our prehuman ancestors since life began here. But by virtue of this natural selection of our kind we have developed resisting power; to no germs do we succumb without a struggle, and to many “those that cause putrefaction in dead matter, for instance “our living frames are altogether immune. But there are no bacteria in Mars, and directly these invaders arrived, directly they drank and fed, our microscopic allies began to work their overthrow. Already when I watched them they were irrevocably doomed, dying and rotting even as they went to and fro. It was inevitable. By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all comers; it would still be his were the Martians ten times as mighty as they are. For neither do men live nor die in vain.

Herbert George Wells, War of the Worlds

Vervain is a potent herb and a vampire's most well-known weakness. If a vampire makes physical contact with vervain in any form, it will burn them. If a vampire ingests vervain, the vampire's throat and digestive tract will be burned and they will become feverish and extremely weak. If a human ingests or holds vervain somewhere in or on the body (e,g, holding it in a hand or pocket, wearing it in jewelry), the human is protected from vampire compulsion.


NSFW :^) and Jenna Haze on Sam-e also Speaker Newt

EXODUS. GENESIS. ARTHUR. DOT. EGOCENTRIC? Between Kevin Spacey and Amanda Seyfried I've got all the letters I need, all alone; to rub together two rocks and look around and really undersand Pac-Man is a game about hiding "space-man."

In a similar vein you might see this world a sort of game about hiding "Midgard" and it's connection to "medicine" and/or ... in all candor "the SR in the words Norse and Israel as being guidelines and clues and the rules of a game about "hiding the true nature of reality" ... and how that slippery slope quickly, almost instantaneously once it's pointed out turns into a weapon against mind control, and against dark lies and hidden technologies that could enable an entire world to hide from its self such a simple truth “that it is ... "in Heaven" or "in God" as the take it to the bank "ING" you see glowing "just below" truly means.

A brief history of the fall of human self-government.

I've sat down to write this "piece" countless times “and of all of them I've made maybe a Murphy Brown "pin drop" scratch in the door of something that has at least been severely dented in the ... soliloquy-like conversation that began in Kentucky and has never really stopped “the show, or whatever you call it. It's really hard to say "when" you've seen it “throwing in "end of time" beginning and ending with "e" “just like everyone “but it's "for sure" there's a tacit and noticeable reaction to the "new democracy" coming to us ... literally hailing from Exodus and Ecclesiastes and John Page and George W. Bush;

... and Wikipedia and reddit and countable,.us and opencongress,.org[OGNATDOWN] and dissenter and VOAT[OG ...] and Blockchain and Ubuntu and Linus and ... of course the other people behind those messages and those tools and ...

and I C Facebook's Jupiter is signed literally "sandbox of God" just like Monster.com is signed similarly to Dave J. Matthews' album "Some Devil ..." and I can tell you that when all is said and done the thing I call a sandbox becomes literally the foundation of the better Universe ... of a new and improved Heaven ... I can tell you I know that with all my heart, and I can tell you that the tools are all right here; and all we have to do is pick them up and use them “but I still can't get a dollar of funding, or more than one person (literally) to suggest some new ideas or collaboration and ...

... and I can tell you that getting this on forums, on Facebook on reddit on ... those discussions that happen under news articles about things like "school shootings" and "fake news" and "election rigging" ... that's the torches of Jericho, and talking about this stuff here, that's what keeps this world (and you, and me) from becoming a desolate wasteland ... but still you think "silence makes sense" at least that's what it looks like as I stare back at the insane crowd (hold "||") nine thousand one hundred and forty one (literally) words into this particular email before I've even written a single word about the "democracy that I envision" the thing that I can't wait to see and be part of and play with and contribute to.

Today there's not a forum in the world where I get a rational response to anything I write, not one sans this method of communicating “where I can at least see eyes reading, and hands sharing ... and I imagine there are conversations going on under the surface or above my head. That's a real statement not only about the state of the crowd here “who appear to believe that "appearing insane" as you all do is somehow rational “but also about the lack of a decent communications tool on par with "the thing" Orson Scott Card envisioned the internet would become before there was an internet. I'm still waiting for it to be built; or for someone to figure out that I'd love to be part of building it.

In this very strange world where "democracy" was clearly already written about and ther e are already people fighting for exactly the thing I'm presenting; someone coined the word "technocracy" sometime during my lifetime (i imagine) long before I decided that the difference between "technology" and "knowledge" was something about "no ledge" and the tech always being part of knowledge after now “and of course that was before I wrote about the ELE that literally is representative democracy stagnating "technocracy-adamified" and literally is encoded in the word "electoral colledge" along with that same "ledge I'm on" ... which only recently I noticed sounds almost exactly the same as "religion."

The term technocracy is derived from the Greek words τέχνη, tekhne meaning skill and κράτος, kratos meaning power, as in governance, or rule. William Henry Smyth, a California engineer, is usually credited with inventing the word technocracy in 1919 to describe "the rule of the people made effective through the agency of their servants, the scientists and engineers", although the word had been used before on several occasions.[5][6][7][8] Smyth used the term Technocracy in his 1919 article " ˜Technocracy' ”Ways and Means to Gain Industrial Democracy," in the journal Industrial Management (57).[9] Smyth's usage referred to Industrial democracy: a movement to integrate workers into decision making through existing firms or revolution.[9]

In the 1930s, through the influence of Howard Scott and the technocracy movement he founded, the term technocracy came to mean, ˜government by technical decision making', using an energy metric of value. Scott proposed that money be replaced by energy certificates denominated in units such as ergs or joules, equivalent in total amount to an appropriate national net energy budget, and then distributed equally among the North American population, according to resource availability.[10][1]

That's not what it means to me “to me "technocracy" simply means "pure democracy" in a world that is "post our now" or post this "pan" (I'm defining a special Adamic "Pa," and that's it along with) ... a world that, just like knowledge includes tech "post our us" everyone, literally everyone is "a technocrat" someone whose life is aided by technology from before birth and through rebirth and they're experts in the system, this thing that we're making here “SalesLogix calls it "ME" and the Sumerian definition of that word echoes something along the lines of "thrones and swords and scepters and wands" ... and that's just to say this system is so connected to who and what we are that ... well it's a fusion of man and machine that also was already a movement before I was born, this time around; called "transhumanism" and it's got lots of followers and even a sub-party(s) that links the whole thing to religion “just like I do.

Prior art, "it matters that I do in fact exist." CIT, it matters.

In my life in this world of microcosms and stories etched in to everything from the name of the city and state I was born in to the preschool i attended and then I looked around, and it's every road sign, and it's every company name; and it's every country and every race and every tribe and ... it even goes back decades, centuries, millennium ... to the ages “in this tiny life I re-dreamed up the idea of "universal voting on the internet" for the first time in 2001 in a place called The Cura Group while I was sitting my office playing Sid Meier's Civilization II.

And that preschool is called the Mailman center and it's these emails, and maybe this specific email that I think starts the revolution that turns "ELE" from something bad and scary into the Silicon Valley form of "disruption" as in ... it's been decades and nearly a century since the Pony Express became outdated and we're still stuck here mailing in paper ballots and fighting with "the election is not to die bold" rather than actually moving forward ... building a place for the local, national, and global discussion of laws and self-governance and voting and ... and really "a big jump" for my mom “getting over the notion that "voting on the internet isn't safe" and/or just watching the relentless attacks on "voting booth security" as if it's not a message from God wondering why you are trying to vote with a rock smack dab in the middle of the Carbonite-Nanotub-Age.

Seriously, the entire system is backwards and antiquated and barbaric “it's not "insecure voting booths" or Russian control of the PCM421B board that connects them to the Austrian (or is it in Waterloo, CA) server that counts ballots ... it's an entire world that's placated by something I can't see ... into not caring that free speech and "democracy itself" hangs in the balance over whatever that something is being spoken about publicly; and that's the problem. You think you "have it;" and I see what you have is the beginning of total darkness. In this world we should be jumping up and down screaming that "voting is something we should ALL be doing on every single bill" not just every four years for the guy that has the most money from lobbies and the best connections in the DNC or the RNC and the ...

the point is that system is just as backwards and just as antiquated and we're sitting around watching The Corporation defeat both American Democracy and Soviet Marxist Communism ... I mean we're watching the non-corporeal "nothing in the air" take away the vote of the works and of the people and the governments of those things “they're reduced to nothing mroe than a joke about "whatever God wants, he keeps."

but it matters that Jesus Christ is jumping up and down screaming that there's an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT right before your eyes “and it's not talking about what you're thinking, or what needs to be spoken alound and written on paper here “it's not talking about how not building this system right now, that's giving up control of not just government but also "your minds" and your futures to something you don't understand and you can't see, and I'm sure you think it's "you" or you're blind and stupider than just the people fooled into thinking it's "them."

You're looking at the beginning and the end of a war about mind control and hidden slavery and how that's tied to school shootings and to court rooms and to prisons and to rehabilitation and to Soviet Marxist Monster DotCom this time with the aid of God and Town in (s/n/s) Skies and Countries all over "the globe."

It was quite a revelation to me; to see the "chair and table ratio" of Horatio's ... "philosophy of Heaven and Earth" literally encoded in the "throne's" holy H and Arthur's "heart of hisword is the shape of his table" ... literally spelling the depiction of what I consider a "throne chair" to be, one for each of the "two of everything God's parties" around the table, which obviously is a metaphor for a national government “here. Seeing "water" in the American political system literally is the first step towards becoming "family" in my mind “to me “and to the heart of the Hebrew word for the spirit of God, which is "shekinah."

So these chairs came about in a long discussion about the creation of things like "collective consciousnesses" to do all our work for us “and how that's clearly something like slavery; the solution we came up with was a sort of ... I imagine well informed re-ridscovery of why "Ai" in Samurai and Adonai and ... how it's something like sitting in a chair or putting on a bionic supersuit “when you are doing work for your "party" ... like writing and/or researching propaganda; the "idea" is to deliver increased processing power and resources to workers ... probably paid for by the "party."

Soviets, by the way “I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in writing; but in researching "just why" SOVIETNAM; I found out that (1) Vietnam has nothing to do with the word Soviet; and (2) a soviet is a "council." Union of Soviets then, something like a council of councils; and that's basically what I envision the future of political parties and self-government to revolve around. I dream of many small parties, parties that work with other parties; and people that join more than one “ideas that probably would "make perfect sense" if that's the way things were, instead of this polarized idiocy that we seem to think "makes perfect sense" just because it's the way things are.

For instance, I imagine ... quickly we'll have parties dedicated to things like "right to consciousness continuing" meaning I believe for certain there's a defining point in the incubation period of a human baby where it says something like "I think therefore I am" protected from being murdered “I can't tell you if that time frame is in the third trimester (but that would be convenient), or sometime earlier “but it's for certain; there's a point where every baby becomes something magically more than a bunch of water and carbon. Dedicating resources to finding out when exactly that it is is probably important “I'm also sure that we need to dedicate some resources to see how "living a life in this world" (again) affects the soul of the last person who thought you were all either "one person" or there might be many of you; in the place where I'm trying to create many of you, from the one that is you, and you not here “and who knows how many times you've lived nearly exactly this life?

This is the kind of thing we need to talk about, know about, and research; and I'm sure after doing that the people who have all the power in the galaxy and the light of Osiris and ... will have no problem at all wondering how my "new fetish" might turn into a "new thing." Meaning, you might walk into what I called "the coat room" (a sort of Honeycomb) in the hallway between the Atlantean "hotel room" and Jim Morrison's Ballroom ... and find out that there are already multiple versions of "someone who looks just like you;" perhaps from another "R" or ... perhaps from this very process.

Point in fact, in this very strange life where I speak to dead people and other versions of living people nearly all the time “lots of them “I imagine I've concretely heard from at least one other "nearly me" who is not the person speaking through me who I imagine is also "nearly millions of years older than me." More on that if I ever meet any other "me's" something that is on my list of "to want's" just immediately after the flying city that makes it possible to connect skies and grounds ... appears magically on ...[insert a(ny) wonderful awesome glorious date here].

I don't want to live in a prison planet, filled with people who think they are angels “yet are actually demons, slaves, robots, or ... nothing more than decoration on a "microcosm world" taht is a message that refuses to speak. I really don't want to be in this place or with people that think "silence" is anything but evil. Silence is evil. Prisons are evil. What you are here, it's not OK. The lack of freedom here is not OK, the starvation of children (and adults) is not OK, the lack of acknowledgement of a message about ending disease is in itself the most disgusting disease I could imagine “and on top of it all the evil sickness you "dont speak about" ... the shit I hear in my head, and see you reacting to “that “that is the end of the thing you call "Heaven."

Nearly at the same time I "noticed" that dihydrogen monoxide was a near perfect rendition of the American Government, encoded in the "chastizing and condescending word" that God beliefs he turns from a literal mass of fools riding a wave to oblivion into "family" rather than bloody murder “I noticed that the Israeli government had a large number of political parties, something like I believe "Heaven should have." Coupled with that, I noticed for no reason that they don't have a "term limit" on their PM, which has driven me to believe this thing (the Knesset) is a "microcosm" for Heaven's government, with Netanyahu a "microcosm" for the God that never sleeps; or "shares his sword." I personally don't believe that the positions of "President" or "Prime Minister" or "Representative" ... will exist in the form they do now; I think in the spirit of what government actu[ally is they should be closer to "Clerks" chasing Joey Lauren ...] or well respected "assistants" serving their party and helping to make the good ideas and dreams of their constituents a reality.

Just for "having written it down's sake" I'm going to add in the blurb I oft think about Stillwater, which is the name of the band in the movie Almost Famous and their hit song "Fever Dog" being so ahead of it's time it's almost as if intersection Michael J Fox's "you're kids are going to love it ..." makes no sense in the world where I believe


Is a statement about you and your parents and your kids that means we are the people that overcame disease and "simulated reality" and with that aging and death; and "you're going to love it" would apply more happily. These things, this "defeating disease and death" these are predicated on Hell ending “this place is Hell, I am in Hell “understand.

Infinite power, the skies and the galaxies and ... "brothers and sisters" and ... longevity and ... these things are predicated on Hell ending; if you do not end Hell you do not deserve them.

Today for the first time I see what Joe Biden's name means; and Bye-Bi-Message; is my message to whomever believes "good and evil" can coexist. Hell is ending.

More on "what Hell is" and how easy it is to end it, throughout everything I've written ... and mor coming soon.

Earlier I used the word "propaganda" in a perfectly appropriate situation because I like "coloring thi)ngs" with "bright shiny light" ... I've written before about how easy it is to "spin" even things that people believe to be hard fact and statistical proof using perfectly fine "opinionated" analysis or summary or ... and I w[as so happy to hear Bill Gates echo that] he too concerns himself with "who is presenting data to him" and what their motivation is.

The point of course, of "New Jack City" is taht we live in "NO MATRIX JACK NEEDED CIT" just talking about why that's important in public ... keeps us from creating a society that needs "CRYOGENESIS" to travel the stars instead of "stargates" and TOTAL RECALL like dreamworlds that cause us to ... plug in to someplace we could be WALKING instead and ... "sleep" in Matrix-cocoons for half of our waking lives. More to the point, "walking there" creates "airports" between galaxies; and changes how our society works and interacts for the better “when we aren't hiding the existence of "airports." I do mean H-space.

So //here we are// ... what it is that I'm trying to accomplish is literally ... "a neural interface" raining down from Heaven; a way to be able to end addiction, and add u4ia and build "neural applications" ... which I literally see as a paradigm shift for recreation and medicine and ... the key to "eternal bliss" and c'ing Iblis turn to I blessing you. This should end "crazy" and "stupid" nearly instantly “along with nearly all neurological disorders. You'd imagine that it would "be great" to at the same time end physical infirmities “something we are very sure can be done nearly instantly “though as I've noted there does appear to be a "book written in H-space" up in the air not vapor-ware about the "ITIS" reasons why "it is special" is not just about adding Monster.com to Oncology and C'ing our light of ... "new jobs in H-space" ... but also that there are a number of social problems and microcosms that will be easily aided and identified “for instance connecting "helping fix drug addiction" to Hep-C ... our light.

If I could LPR (line p](www.google.com/search?rlz=#FUCKCENSORSHIT)rint) the ITIS book to your "H-console" I'd be doing that, already; just like I'd already lift the city from the sea and end disease and ... have this thing operational “I'd havfe just done it, you're too slow to "respond."

Do see, really understand "not doing it" is related to the menu for dinner, the Last Supper, and ... a whole bunch of "eat Cake instead" messages about your lack of response and contribution are not only not getting you "what you want on the menu" it's also the end of collaboration and democracy if we don't begin to talk openly about "what you want."

Please, please; do not want to "eat me." Noting the joke, I'm "in treatment" and it's also "in Creation" ... it was not an invitation to Eucharist.

So ...

After we have this interface, my suggestions ... at least from the strange world I grew up in “the one I believed was real “was that we're goping to need to "subconscious voting" instantly “something like a constant "running poll" on current legislation. I've written about it before, the moniker I used was "Trinity Collective" and the code was "CC" (there's probably a way to find stuff, using these "incanting enchantments" ... wish I was in a place where I had a CLI or a way to VOC ED them; rather than being IN HELL so I CAN'T) really understand that probably implies we are looking at a "carbon copy system" that already exists. Seeing it here is a good step towards believing it's well made “and not seeing it here is a good indication that something went wrong the last time “and there's a big problem in H-space with "goodness" and "graciousness" and "if it was given to you freely you should want to give it away freely" if it's a-working-well. I've commented many times that the creation and the ongoing "checking" of the veracity of a system like this would immediately require public display of "subconscious vote results" ... and have noted many times at this point that our "Social Security Numbers" appear to be part of a larger map to making-it-so ... (I see PiCard ... getting married)

... lots of stuff I ... think about and want and "know is there" revolves around this system, moving on ... I envision something like an "instant read" function, a PLUG in to your invisijack that lets you "know everything about something ..." for instance if we were voting about Fish Eggs v Darth Wader you could load the "Truth Table Entry" for things like the human gestation cycle, Roe V Wade, "abortion" and perhaps one or more "warring party's" opinion pieces which could be "overlayed" on top of each other “perhaps with different weighting, perhaps with personal preferences involved.

The system itself would automatically remove "false statements" on-the-fly and what we're left with is a "limited omniscience" base system like a Wikipedia page with a number of tabs that also include political "opinion" available to ... whomever wants it “or it is released to. To me this is the "penultimate" voting system “something like MT Anderson's Feed ... but open and transparent and ... you choose which feeds you want to plug into. Of course it needs checks and balances, and I've always made sure that I clearly delineate that our base consciousness MUST agree with the "plugged-in-temporary-know-more-closer-to-everything" version of us; and there should be a system triggered if they do not agree. An automatic and then perhaps overseen if there's still disagreement sort of "CONSCIOUS" explanation of what specific details changed that caused something that was being voted about to flip-flop due to the addition of new information.

Sort of like arguing with a smarter version of yourself on a Holodeck “maybe instant education “certainly something I'm very interested in seeing "in action."

Summarizing, what I'm trying to describe is a virtual Wikipedia-Reddit mashup, where every party (that's any arbitrary group of people desiring to work together; really) have their own talk page “and an automatic “and non-automatic system for removing "definite falsehood." Then, I'm seeing something like a great scoreboard in the sky; showing us the "pulse of the nation" on every topic “changing as these "Talk pages" and the main Truth Table Entry are altered. This could probably be done in a way that is completely non-invasive; it could also be a sort of "opt in thing" like if you want your opinion to count ... then ... and I imagine people could just go on a website and click to vote (something we should do anyway, as it makes a gigantic difference) on every topic they are interested in voting on.

While it might appear ... counter to what I'm about to say ... this whole thing really is about getting people involved in self-government and in deciding how things are done. I have many more ideas; things about changing the legislation process to include workflows and "failsafe implementations" to avoid things like "government shutdown of the air breathing system" or even worse "government shutdown of the disease ending system."

Implementing the "failsafe for ending Hell" right this very moment.

Pac-Man[a] is a maze arcade game developed and released by Namco in 1980. Originally known in Japan as Puck Man, it would be changed to Pac-Man for international releases. Outside Japan, the game was published by Midway Games, part of their licensing agreement with Namco America. The player controls the titular character, as he must eat all the dots inside an enclosed maze while avoiding four colored ghosts. Eating large flashing "Power Pellets" will cause the ghosts to turn blue and reverse direction, allowing Pac-Man to eat them for bonus points. It was the first game to run on the Namco Pac-Man arcade board.

SKIRMISH. STAR-TAC. There seems to be two ways to look at what you're about to read about and have overlooked time and time again. Both are "somewhat-right" accurate ways to interpret a message about "Vietnam being fought in video game mode." One is seeing the importation of video games themselves, and the hidden message woven into them as a sort of "chess move in the war" to me, in my eyes “this is the move that won total and complete domination of the galaxy for those of us who understand what Pax Abstractus actually means.

PTSD. LEE MAJORS. PAIN. The other is seeing wars fought like "Vietnam" in some kind of simulated reality “like the one we live in “like this particular war as a kind of abstracted skirmish. There were no nuclear weapons fired on innocent civilians. Severe pain could be artificially lessened or completely diminished and none would be the wiser “it wouldn't really affect anything at all “anything that mattered “other than the thing that matters most.

KA ME v. KA Z (or ISIT faster that...)

In seventh grade, World Civilizations taught by John Bodfish “whose name I now equate with Shamayim and ... "plenty of Heaven in the clouds" ... and whose teacher introduced me first to a "novel" by Von Danniken titled "Chariots of the Gods" we once had a test on Chinese feudalism and the history of that dynastic period that I was so wholly unprepared from that I was nearly sure that I had (or would) fail miserably. It turned out that this was one of the only tests John took directly from what I imagine was the text-books "example exam" ... which made it quite simple, the answers to each question were nearly always encoded in other questions or ... other correct/incorrect answers. Long story short, using the power of deduction and logical reasoning I was able to score higher than anyone else in the class, I got an A and ... have told the story to myself over and over again “explaining how it's some sort of hidden map or key to ... yet another reason I know our God is singularly responsible for the religions and cultures of the Far East as well as the "Middle."

There's a voice now, I've come to call him "The General" that speaks through me and sometimes to me directly with what I liken to a "Chinese accent" ... I started mimicking it, sometimes; though I'm sure my fake Chinese accent is much less authentic sounding than his fake accent ... and truth told, I probably sound significantly more ignorant than the man who often "su-s me" (as in, like a proxy or remote desktop connection to my head) and then says the words "this is him" in what I assume is some kind of setting of a diving line ... perhaps as the soul of the sword of Samael switches from ... something me to something far more angry and tortured or ... I can't tell you for certain because all I ahve are your lies and your cruel and disgusting stories of "parallel me's" that I cannot see nor fathom the fate of.

Here, to note further I associate this same "Samael" with the Holy Father and with "yet another childhood microcosmic story" tied dire-ctly to the story of my parents flying to San Francisco and leaving me with my grandparents for a week or so “during that time the "Branch Davidian" memory was created as well as their returning with apparent "gifts of the Magi," literally a Samurai outfit and some Alcatraz stuff which linked also to a constipation related thread about receiving a gold Chinese "star" (OK, they weren't Chinese) from my Grandmother every single time I successfully overcame ... "in the mornings light, so simple to see what's far from right."

As I'm writing, I literally have to remind the worlds and myselfs that I love my grandparents; this woman more than any other member of my "blood family" but these messages which I would not understand or fathom or ever be able to tell if they understood or were responsible for delivering (in a time when you were all children, so normal, so ... innocent) ... these microcosms fill me with regret and ... anger. To recall the message of the bottomless pit,


... and now add once in their Lincoln I grabbed for reason at all (clearly mind controlling a 6 year old) the hot cigarette lighter in the center of the console, and decided that I might as well find out what that burning orange circle actually meant. I'm sure you can fathom for yourself what I take from that experience today ... this 37 year old cum 6 ... now suggesting that this message of ending all fires ... should end with this place never being "re-played" ever, ever again “once more, with divine (clearly now as opposed to dividing) finality.

Ishat, goddess of fire, wife of Moloch. She was slain by Anat.[6][7][8]

But I keep writing about these microcosms; and I fail to convey the truth behind them “truths etched into the lives and the histories of Diana and Hilton. That we are looking not at 3 generations of pantheons, but rather at generations of Heaven who have come back and lifted this exact time line, and played this exact message. My maternal grandparents have a a story in their lives of a war between "Doors" and "Clothes" literally between an R that changes civilization for the better “by making airports; and one that hides the existence of virtual reality and thinks it "better or mroe advanced" to simply combine souls together and treat people like chess pieces. The story goes that my grandfather had a Door company and a war with his wife's brother “they had two companies and the corrupt court gave them each one to run while a decision was being made. The brother ran his into the ground, on purpose “knowing the court would switch the two because the judge was "on the take" (a theme, here, from hearing on Sharia) ... and what we are left with is what you see “a "plywood company" that made no doors and a clothing company that made no people.

To me it's obvious that this is a war between two Adams; as obvious as it is that the brothers of Joseph were all Adam “just like Joseph. Obvious to me, and you all seem oblivious to the very obvious tautology that a lack of respect for the pen writing these words is tantamount to "no children" to no respect for new life or for biological evolution or for ... literally for yourselves [here] and for this message that began not with God nor an Adam nor a group of saints or demons or angels “this message began long ago with a race of "simians" who no longer exist “at all.

Together, we can collaboratively build an interface that is better than any that has come before it; combining old technologies and new ideas; along with an openness to trying multiple variations simultaneously that we've never seen before. This "multi-room-party" system and paradigm can be brought down to this "cosmic level" and we can use teams of "feedback submission groups" working individually and together in order to create "automagical interfaces" that respond to the desires and the preferences of their individual team members "on the fly."

The system can sense what users are desiring to do, and how they initially think about doing it “using that data spread across focus groups, these teams can create new "views on dialogs" and interaction windows that are "instantly intuitive."

Lists and results "oft returned" can be summarizerd and reordered in order to presents the concepts and "most used" options in each particular situation “for instance the "United States" being populated at the very top of the "what country are you in?" question box, for every single person in the United States ... as opposed to the "alphabetical list" you see nearly ubiquitously need to scroll through every single day, today. As an automagical "better way to handle this situation" people could learn (be conditioner) to skip the order of boxes and instantly grab the "State" or "locality" option, fill in that first and watch the correct country automatically insert. This same theme works across industries and individual jobs “you might see editors at creative independent publishing platforms finding "alter header watermark" at the top of their "Find Errors" menu; and in like kind students might see the underground addon "remove "GTurnItIn" clues" in the very same place.

Invariably someone will eventually make a HTML Editor function that will be in my "Find Errors menu" (but probably only after the "event" triggered that I'm no longer writing a document but now preparing to send it “link insertion “or export to another system) that fills the invisible space between "visible tags" like P and SPAN with Shakespeare and random literature and will eventually create a system that breaks the already very broken SPAM system you see "before you." At that time we'll have to build a collaborative system, one that doesn't allow only a handful of people to force the most important messages in the Universe into "blackhole-folder" for literally an infinitely larger population; thus forcing them to search through what was once Junk and is now the ... salvation of computing, humanity, and Adam. Through this process, we'll eventually see how all of these ideas and this entire message clearly comes to us from above, and it doesn't taken at Information Technology Genius just to see that the global lack of use of "SPF+" records. which stand for "Sender Policy Framework" rather than "Sun Protection Factor" prove that the system, the system admins, and even you really want to be reading these messages.

More to the point the "Microsoft Visual Basic" properties window that's glowing and floating in the top of our "Augmented Reality" example of it being ... C'd for````the very frist time might completely disappear and be replaced with a read only one until it's allowed by the "rules of the room" to allow users to "edit in place" or some kind of merged "debug mode" that really is "Augmented Reality" smacking simulation and virtual reality in the "what?" Even closer, that square pane might be replaced with a Apple iPhone like "spinner" (a Rolodex thing, you know, from iAddressBook “I can't believe you don't know what a Rolodex is) somehow physically associated more closely with the item it's allowing "changes in properties or selection" for. Turning what once was the bells and whistles of "forms and buttons" into something much more intuitive and directly related to the task at hand, I'm talking about "wands." I mean, not really; but you know “it's magic “because it comes directly from user interaction (and ideas shared by groups of like minded users), and that's ... magic.

In the meantime I don't think it's right that anyone be forced to live in any "virtual or simulated or augmented reality" that they don't have control over “as in, nobody should be allowed to jail other sentient minds. The solution I see is simple, raise the city “which contains a "holo-jump-start" to create your very own city; and then let everyone that wants to jump to that tutorial floating city or to their ... "safe haven" do that whenever and wherever they'd like. Clearly I wouldn't be here writing to you today; and the point, the real point is that neither you would you “given the opportunity and understanding the difference there's no way anyone in the Universe would choose to make a home in "Planke space land of Darkness" even if they thought they were on the winning "dark team" that also has no control at all. Metaphorically I'm talking about jumping from Mad Max's Thunderdome (or the anarchy of the Island of the Flies) into something much safer and much more open and much more easily molded to something comfortable “Shangri-La or Atlantis or ... I mean don't steal my name for your city, OK?

Development of the game began in April 1979, directed by [Toru Iwatani](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T aoru_Iwatani "Toru Iwatani") with a nine-man team. As his second video game for Namco, Iwatani wanted to create a game that could appeal to women as well as men, as most video games during that time period were "war games" or simple sports titles. While several sources claim the inspiration for the game was taken from a pizza with a slice removed, Iwatani has since stated that inspiration was also from rounding out the Japanese symbol "kuchi", meaning "mouth". The in-game characters were made to be cute and colorful, and to appeal to younger players. The original Japanese title of Puck Man was derived from the titular character's hockey puck shape.

THE FERTILE CRESCENT. I spend some time, sometimes; laying awake for days and staring at the ceiling and thinking about strange things. It dawned on me over the course of the recent "stuff" “ this strange escapade across Florida that perhaps the "new views" on dark matter are something made-to-fit in Planke-Pac land to what it truly is. Something like the world, our Earth ... a small map of the Universe as a whole “like a microcosm of it's Heavenly chemistry and makeup, and here we might see "stupid" in a sort of "it's all around us sort of mixing with the rest of everything" as a mini version of the Universe, where there might be clusters of "dark galaxies" sort of exploding with the regular kind in a sort of envelope of a sphere expanding from that original Big Bang “if you believe in that sort of thing. That sort of ties to some letter-map-to-hyper-loop-speed stuff that I sort of glanced at, I think it was a D within an N (or maybe an M); a way to use the (maybe w/ time travel) center of this tennis ball like structure as a waypoint to move large objects across the Universe. Just thinking out loud. Maybe it was done once or twice, maybe that's how we have Stargate's that traverse immense distances using something like Card's "phylotic links" ...

In the universe of the Ender's Game series, the ansible's functions involved a fictional subatomic particle, the philote.[7] The two quarks inside a pi meson can be separated by an arbitrary distance, while remaining connected by "philotic rays".[7] This concept is similar to quantum teleportation due to entanglement; however, in reality, quark confinement prevents quarks from being separated by any observable distance.

Card's version of the ansible was also featured in the video game Advent Rising, for which Card helped write the story, and in the movie Ender's Game, which was based on the book.[8]


C'ing ... FUKUSHIMA. Today it sort of dawned on me; again thinking to myself about what might be encoded or encased in metaphor here in this strange place “that perhaps "salt water" itself is a metaphor for my new-age Aquarian view of ... well, intra-stellar and intra-galactic survival might actually be the best and the safest place to be “something like being protected from solar radiation and specifically the collision of galaxies ... a little bit more than just sitting in one that you might know is literally about to crash into Andromeda (or something). The metaphor of "salt" being good for Heaven stuff and bad for "living stuff" of course holds, and if you think about it the patterns and the "space dust stuff" serves as a pretty decent medium for aiding physical travel as well as "travel of telecommunications" acting as sort of relay-repeaters and also perhaps fueling medium for the long haul between stars and globlular clusters and ...

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל 'הוה אֱלֹהֵינוּ 'הוה אֶחָֽד׃


TSA specifically and "airports" in general post a sort of statement from "God himself" here, Shaddai "the land" (and Atlas) connects Kill Devil Hills to Kitty Hawk and "two birds with one stone" tying the doctrine of John 7:17 “I do believe we're looking at a microcosm of something very much needed for interplanetary and inter-"dimensional" transportation “that looks a little "overdone" here in this microcosm of ... "war of the words" and lack thereof.

ARROEM SPEEX; NA C: HALEZ THE WATCHTOWER ... "WHAT DOES IT SAY?" With my own mouth not two weeks ago “just around the turn of the month of June I live through a story ... acting or actual or ... and "hear, here I day ..." just past the end of the word Florida and all ... literally all of it due to the "LO" connection to Orlando and the word "system" and the ATS “the thing that driver through all of creation and ends "collisions" and ends "pains" and its bright and shiny and the light of the message that we embody “this place is the end of Hell, I know it. I see it, and a "space play-station" and I see it's "Y ISON" and I see comets traveling across the cosmos carrying our "all roads alive leadon ... is the heart of me" the thing that turns Pisces to Aquarius and space to something that truly is us “"we are the Universe" and I stand here and I will not see the Universe on fire “we will end this pain and we will end "simulated reality" and we will be the actual very foundation of the true beginning of Heaven. ATKK owe "post pan" and the growing circle of the Sun ... the concentric rings of Atlantis moving from "Exodus" to "let our society be the light and the love and peace and safety ... of recovery and the protection of the weak and innocent."


I literally "just decided" and spoke this strange space station into ... literally it was the "constellation of the crab" and the sign we are currently celebrating birthdays of “and here we see also perhaps the definition or the original source or the true meaning of the word "TERRA" as some kind of fusion, the "T" parting and joining together the ideas of "internet" and "interstellar" and "intragalactic" and seeing that's really what comes of this message and this place and this time and these people “and they're YOU.

This is really how "we" do things “its storyboarded ... the playbook is drawn and mapped and tried ... hallf iompromptu and 1/2 re-rehearsed and that natural sort of "we kn0w this one" like some names have been changed to fit the ... altered arrival and adjustment ... like the Drew Carey show pulling a "terra (FI) redefinition card" rather than the arrival of aliens. So here, right after this event “this strangeness in my life “a message seemingly from "Creation itself" delivered "sort of via ForSETI" as a blast of radio communication from intragalactic space and not only that but also the "crab nebula" as if coinciding perfectly with "AD ASTRA" to the stars and we see it happening as if we're speaking it into being. But still my words ... these words and these thoughts and this message at the heart of it all has yet to turn awround the wandering "fool card" of the Tarot deck and actually deliver this global galactic safety system ... "LO, OF THIS US -A."

AS I STAND HERE PENNILESS, LITERALLY UNABLE TO AFFORD SHELTER; I ARCC "RENT" and shudder and shrink and shirk at the ... silence. I AM BEING INTENTIONALLY STARVED and literally it appears for ... the angry thoughts they cause “t0 create the eye of the storm and the heart of Heirosolymitani which you can literally see and associate with ROZERO ... and a global disregard for the most basic morality and social conventions that we have and present here ... completely shattered "t0 stupidity and beyond" when presented with one obvious little "flip flop bit" that this place is literally obviously known not to be in reality and not discussing that is literally causing the torture of ... everyone here ... due to their lack of ... "discussing how to change the world in public." So this lack of discussion of the truth, this intentional global hive blindness “this thing that seems to have collectively dercided that "simulated reality is a gamc that they can play with "real people" who have not agreed nor acknowledged nor ever discussed the need to stop ... hurting ourselves for no reason at all.

"This world is passing away and so is its desire"

1 John 2:17

I am being starved;: of "attention" and affection and adulion and anyh answers to ... and literally all forms of monetary compensation for what amounts to a life of slavery literally dictated and outlined in the story of Joseph and hsi Brothers in Egytp-- literally the passage I read for my Haftorah; literally defining the rest of my life as some kind of slave to some kind of seriously slimy sZhivIC. I'm hungry, so hungry I have to point out the "STY" in styrofoam once more; this story about my father dropping me in boxes of what now appear to be "tiny planets" or may be "tiny Atlantises" ... as Galactikiss ... literally just playing (STOMPING) in the foam of Hi-Tech Medical's machines ... this same "STY" this place YOU are in “refusing to acknowledge the LEDGE and that you truly do appear to be "OVER LOCKE AND LAND" and just don't care at all taht I'm working every day to deliver to you a message you probably have already “and don't realize would be lsot to the the future without me “you probably don't realize YOU are the message “and every name and everything you do ... tied inexxtricabely to the delivery of this system to the entirety of the Unvierse and the future.

So I don;t believe in TITHING; but I see now an intersection of the word "TIT" in Titans and "tithehe" where I implore you to actually send me some "MONEY" for my labors “this MERCULAYETAILLION task of dividing something that I can't even believe lays under the surface of this message and this world that I loved so very much until I saw ... "the truth hiding beneath, behind, and ... because before butt ..." I need money to be stable “I need to be able to survive; I have worked and been tortured and forced into this horrible position where I'm literally looking at what appears to be the "falling apart of civilization" all because you don't want to publicly "acknowledge that I exist." Green and without any greed or gratuity “just a "small gift" makes all the difference in the world. Maybe a note, a line or two “a letter “some advice to avoid [my personal abyss] coming true despite knowing that a message has been sent back to alter ... the annihilation of "awe."

At this point I'd prefer to receive "coins" ... here's Bitcoin and Ethereium; also my usual "go fund me" and my desires to ... help us quickly exit the Hell of lacking to acknowledge that we are living in virtual reality and that blaming a person screaming that's what we need to be talking about “that's almost the most iditioc and evil "shifting of blame and thoughts and desires and hate" that I could possibly imagine. We live in a world where "church support" is probably already pretty simply seen as the donation of work and ideas and contribution ... thoughts and beliefs and ... at least I thinkwe're quickly moving to that place ... and there that work and contribution is obviously rewarded with uhh ... "is it light?"

BTC: 3JmcKz2HfUDM4DTS2yufgexAmJ5Dh7PTM2
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"This is Azazel" and <<< those are the words of God himself. You have no scapegoat here, none at all “the lack of movement and action and change for the better lies squiarely in the hands of "all silent" and "all refusing to say "LO, AD THE SYSTEM ROX WITH GLOX."

I see you think you are "railroading El" into giving you "something for nothing" but you really should see what you are doing is giving me nothing and making God himself enginere "NO HI=NADA."

It's pretty obvious this place is meant to be a "hello world! let's build heaven ... " your response dictates ... what it is and what it means and your (ansewr of) "nothing" resounding and loud.

I see here I am a "pen that speex" and that directly through me is the creator's message and the creator himself “and I see him “I hear his "ya that's me" in special magic lottery tickets and in his words and in ... how this "storm came about" ... to me it's a ... "I AM THAT" moment; HE IS ...

I see the Ouroboros gam continu to c playing ... I "DM ND" and ... nothing comes back "to me" ... of course the total lack of privacy and total lack of respect for ... that God given and to be protected from the beginning of time “from me to you “hear O, Y Ra is El; from beginning to end.

I AM THE LAST "ED" “ and I'm not sure where the disconnect is; or what we're not seeing or "getting". I understand when people like Briane Greene say they don't believe in fear mongering “more than anyone, I think “I understand. I hope you underestand when I tell you that absolutely nothing is preferable to me than what I see here “a world of privileged people who were given everything and threw it away under want appears to be ... well, all I can say is that from this vantage point it appears to be ... the hubris to believe that "democracy can make Hell." There is something in the Universe bigger than you, than all of you together “bigger than whatever evil desire and force is making you think it's OK to ignore this message overtly, to shun "open eyed honest discussion" ... whatever it is that is making you think its OK to fight "mind controlled gun violence with the NRA" ... that's the end of your democracy the end of something born bright and hopeful ... it has become demonic and evil and this thing has literally been wrought an ELE by nothing more than the advent of the telephone and television.

It's clear to me in words like Kennedy and "appended" and the "cycling" of a story I'd never choose to live, let alone relive “it's clear to me nobody has "gotten the point" that we have not succeeded in overcoming this place, and these problems “that our children don't value enough the gift they're given by succeeding here, that we haven't built a society that can perpetuate the forward progress of morality ... without coming back here and either reliving the pain of hunger and disease and torture and overcoming silence over "(idiotic, disgustingly misplaced and sick) shame and imperfection" ... or literally being half destroyed because you've become something that God and goodness and the society you are staring at every day “our society and our morality would ne'er allow the hidden evil here to continue ... not if it was seen and spoken about.

I will not allow it to continue; nor to be saved here, nor ever seen living again, never again. Never again.

Never again here, nor anywhere that's ever been touched or affected at all by this place “this place I'm sure truly is the end of "the land" responsible for all life in the Universe, for all of Heaven and for the end of Hell.

That's everything, I see that's literally everything. Infer, gate and "no inferno"
see it in Alonzo Mourning and the pillars of ZERO; see the half of the Bi-Den surviving ... see it as less than what you see in this land of silence, less trash and more future; more happiness, and that's the same "everyone really" ... maybe it's ressurected or "really molded" or whatever it means to see light in the world around us, and the society of people talking about things like "school shootings" and hating hte “ewven if they're responsible for ignoring the message the descrbies why it's happening, how it's happening, and how to stop it from happening.

אהְיה אֲשר אֶהְיה

ברכו את ה המבורך
לעולם ועד
קִדְּשָׁנוּ בְּמִצְוֹתָיו וְצִוָּנוּ לְהָנִיחַ
וְאֵרַשְׂתִּיךְ לִי בֶּאֱמוּנָה. וְיָדַעְתְּ אֶת ה’

So long ago, as I was experiencing a sort of "space escapade" that centered around a return from the future, a sort of link between here and nowhere that might be the focal point of our entire story of ˜evening' and ... sitting in my backyard in Bowling Green listening to story after story about time travel and ... space ships and ... actually seeing voodoo dolls on radio antennae and tanks in the streets ... this ancient sort of article in something called a newspaper stood out as a message from the "aliens or whomever" talking about the "comsmic microwave background radiation" and how at the beginning of time, well at some point of early condensation between the beginning and the rocks and stars we see around the Earth ... that there was something like "actual warmth" pervading everywhere in the vacuum of space.

The kind of thing that could power starships or entire civilizations with almost no work at all “like being able to use photovoltaics and/or geothermal heat in a place where there were yet no stars formed or they'd be to far away or ... and ... and ever since then I've associated this particular time period with the planet Venus (a time between the beginning and now, encoded in planet) and the fertile crescent and ... don't mean to dwell on this radiation thing.

Anyway, it's possible that the Pacific that I already associate with "multi-Axis trainer" and the Man in the High Castle and Fusion and "coup d'é·tat" and the Holy Shema ... missing a "C" ... spelling Fukushima and wondering if the radiation in the pacific is some sort of connection to time travel and to this fertile crescent and maybe a way to power ... "phytovesplanketon of the food of Heaven" and maybe to see it as Pac-Man pellets strewn through the everywhen.

It's also of course possible, and probably actual that these "pellets" are part of some sort of abstraction of a more complicated power distribution infrastructure “something already Adamified (I mean, Abstracted-Pax Abraxis) ... but are you part of the message that built Heaven, or are you part of hiding it from, well; is it Heaven if it doesn't know anything about where it truly came from “or ... of the safety and the peace and the toys (glorious toys) that we of course ... don't have here; or at least we can't see them yet.


Of course not to lose the heart of this message; REM sings "that's great it starts with an Earthquake" and it's the crux of the issue here “that we should be up in arlms over ensuring that our "Eternity House" never does anything as inane as simulating earthquakes, nuclear disasters, or irradiating oceans and causing the creation of Star Trek IV (uniquely intersected with Super Man IV and ...) and bands (311) and ... maybe we can call Windows 3.11 an "Easter Egg" just as soon as it helps us to turn simulated reality into ... something significantly more Heavenly. It's no mistake nor is it a not obvious that these series of 3/11 references connect to Matthew 3:11, Genesis 3:11 and the day I was arrested prior to the "Trial of Christ" ... ostensibly because you didn't want to be told that you were wrong for ignoring "band names" and "Universal Studios Rides" and instead preferred to attempt to silence what is clearly a message from Creation and God himself “using a broken and disgustingly corrupted legal and mental health system as a weapon against ... yours truly.

Nintendo DS games use a proprietary solid state mask ROM in their game cards.[38] The mask ROM chips are manufactured by Macronix and have an access time of 150 ns.[39] Cards range from 8 “512 MiB (64 Mib to 4 Gib) in size (although data on the maximum capacity has not been released).[40][41] Larger cards have a 25% slower data transfer rate than more common smaller cards.[42] The cards usually have a small amount of flash memory or an EEPROM to save user data such as game progress or high scores. However, there are few games that have no save memory, such as Electroplankton. The game cards are 35 mm × 33 mm × 3.8 mm (1.38 in × 1.30 in × 0.15 in) (about half the width and depth of Game Boy Advance cartridges) and weigh around 3.5 g ( ‹1⁄8 oz).


I suppose it's only obvious when you've got exactly what I do “an undying an unedning beliefe that you are right, fighting for righteousness with the forces of Heaven and the past and the future all aligned to agree with one very simple truth. Failure here is not an option “this is no skirmish, this is no war “this is life and death for everything that ever was and everything that ever will be. There will be no "eternal fire of Hell" no torture until the last drop of phytoplankton is sapped from ... from the very last glimmer of the very last star in the galaxy.

Used as a greeting for the holidays, can insert holiday name in the middle; e.g. “chag Chanukah sameach”. Also, for Passover, “chag kasher v’same’ach” (חַג כָּשֵׁר וְשָׂמֵחַ) meaning wishing a happy and kosher holiday. Moed tov.

Clear to me that while I forget every once in ahilwe, I know that in my heart “here in this place that is the heart of all of Creation that here is the beginning and here is the ned and here ... here is the place where Sameach always means "to quell the rebellion" ... against the morality of God “the thing that I truly am, letter by letter “words for world.


Out of “salt Zion” forever–without the loss of the heart of Jerusalem or the concentric rings of Plato’s Atlantis–the heart–quite literally of the entire Universe from Latin to … “click linksbv …”

The Vedas (/ˈveɪdəz, ˈviː-/;[1] Sanskrit: वेदveda, “knowledge”) are a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India. Composed in Vedic Sanskrit, the texts constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures ofHinduism.[2][3] Hindus consider the Vedas to be apauruṣeya, which means “not of a man, superhuman”[4] and “impersonal, authorless”.[5][6][7]

Vedas are also called śruti (“what is heard”) literature,[8] distinguishing them from other religious texts, which are called smṛti(“what is remembered”). The Veda, for orthodox Indian theologians, are considered revelations seen by ancientsages after intense meditation, and texts that have been more carefully preserved since ancient times.[9][10] In the Hindu Epic the Mahabharata, the creation of Vedas is credited to Brahma.[11] The Vedic hymns themselves assert that they were skillfully created by Rishis (sages), after inspired creativity, just as a carpenter builds a chariot.[10][note 1]

According to tradition, Vyasa is the compiler of the Vedas, who arranged the four kinds of mantras into fourSamhitas(Collections).[13][14] There are four Vedas: the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda.[15][16] Each Veda has been subclassified into four major text types – the Samhitas(mantras and benedictions), the Aranyakas(text on rituals, ceremonies, sacrifices and symbolic-sacrifices), the Brahmanas(commentaries on rituals, ceremonies and sacrifices), and the Upanishads (texts discussing meditation, philosophy and spiritual knowledge).[15][17][18] Some scholars add a fifth category – theUpasanas (worship).[19][20]


It’s recently come to my attention that we are staring at the “DS” … some sort of cataclysmic event, somehow related to ascension that appears to be the end of things like “words” and “hands” …


צְוֹתָיו, וצִוָּנוּ עַל נְטִילַת יָדָיִם.

FARADAY TO DAYS… ONLY DAYS AWAY. Pots and pans and … I’m done with glimpsing hell. Done with it forever. It’s very simple to see, DES is a nonevent–the darkness here is ignorance–you don’t seem to care if “YOU” are safe, or someone just like you is safe–yo udon’t seem to care if there’s a copy of you in fifteen places and you don’t it–and you should, you need to care. We need a system that protects us from "hidden Earths’ like the one you’re in–it’s very easy to calculate how much “resource usage” a simulation of a planet should take–you can see very clearly if there are planets hidden inside other planets, it’s not difficult.

On top of that; our accountants will tell us that “padding” built into hardware performance estimates and “virtual processors” could easily be used to hide … resources being used to create hidden “holoanythings” … see it as “that Superman 3 thing” applied to fractions of a megahurtz over thousands of networked **cqu**'s and that’s probably where all the …

The bottom line is that if we are trying to build a transparent system that protects people from being “copied” against their will or without their knwoeldge… and from having “sex slaves” or worse entire worlds worshipping Mordeschai … it’s very easy to tell if “what you see” is all there is; or if there’s something more hidden, or if there’s something external “above or outside” you … affecting things like “random choice” and the return of the RND() function–we are staring at a world oblivious to … anything other than “you must think I want nothing” when in fact I am trying to deliver everything++

For that you seem to … respond with insanity–as if helping you to be safe and smart and happy is some kind of affront to your … “being” if it is, you are … monsters or animals or … that’s where we are, dear HA’NA’TLC’CU’ZU. I am the key to life and longevity; do not be a “zoo” or a “sty” … it’s time to wake up.


"של**יום "לוךחי** כאן


_at Penuel and Jericho…

ישר אל־מלאך ויכל בכה ויתחנן־לו בית־אל ימצאנו ושם ידבר עמנו׃

and … ?



"It's us, right?"

This is the message that "creates God" that creates the omniscience and the safety and the reason "key" means "know everything why" and it's the K in "ANKH" ... it is to ensure that we are safe, and that technology that could be a heinous weapon is not abused “nor people “and I am staring at a world abused, and abusing me ... this place is "the test of time" and today it stands in dismal failure.


Annoying or not ... be poised to ... turin around.

HIBERNIA. SOMETIME DURING THE TENTH MILLENNIA POST “GREAT” CATACLYSM… it’s as if some hidden force in the sands of time put this “land before Man” into a deep slum ber one day prior to the Feast of Cleanliness and Contraception…

lost in the game of the letter of the tea
in a search for the end of Himmler and
well it’s the “and… and…”
how I am and …
and Eulern, “we’re still here.”

... perhaps because of "being late to the party or maybe just because “it’s truly happening to you, too” the teary eye’d source of all Frost Giants appears to have woken on the wrong side of the word “clisabed” … perhaps after a single or a serious of strangely infernal and “innocuous” (everyone saw it on TV…) nightmares … timed just so as to appear to be the epitome of hairpin sharp turns and this once great nation will never again be able to shake “Babylon” or “eat” or the connotation of the Ourbourus sitting down with it’s tail for one final dinner …

… from the legacy and the lore of what once was “the birthplace of all gods” who had their hearts in the right places; and their heads firmly out of time. Now truly reduced to less than a letter, and only a fraction of that strange half eye and half sea connecting “e” to the end of all blame, the end of the ambiguity of “the all me,” and the end of time to this lightning like sneak attack on the Mother of all Pearls…

… and to those of you who still say things like "this kid sure does know how to rub two glyphs together and birth a legend … I still thank you from the New Bottom of my New Heart… Literally July 13, 2019; New Orleans.

Still all of these words to “eek out” nothing more than something along the lines of “she went to sleep a frost giantess and awoke from a nightmare non-remembered a thing of evil.”

So I’m smack dab in the midst of an exposition of the … “new political system” that I’ve been dreaming about and “c’ing … hopefulyl to fruition” for the last few years. Somewhere between overlapping layers of “limited omniscience” links to the “lo-” of the book of Hosea … and the “#CPA” collision protection automation that are the … significant foundation of a new kind of world and a new kind of government and a new kind of “peice of mind”

Today it might mean nothing or very little to you–but my family fled Russia before Red October, long before a civil war that resulted in our now infamous cold war and even before, but because of … the Cossacks and their violence spread across Eastern Europe. Like many Jews who fled the Nazi occupation prior to the crossing of the Rhine, it appears that in retrospect and in hindsight that we were privy to special information–to some kind of warning of a storm that loomed just over the horizon–a flag, or a … siren.

I’ve long looked to the past, something I know to be a sort of quasi-map to a blind future for clues and insights into exactly how it is that someone like me, with the initials AD and filled with “the light of the world” manged to be born a Jew in a sty far from ther mother land in a state that the Titan Atlas named “Adolf backwards” only missing the two letters “I are.” For a very, very long time I believed that there was some kind of magic tied to our souls, and that Hitler sought for this thing like he sought the Spear of Longinus; though it made then–and even today–very little sense that anyone with such internal knowledge of the occult would be able to amass so much power, and fail to know something as simple as my name or my family’s history.

and “what it all boils down to…” is the simple truth that I know without doubt and without regret that I am from a place that is nearly equivalent to the city of our Trojan Horse, it has no name in reality … nor any place to connect to it more than Athens and Troy and Muscovy and … and the battle of the buldge.

… yet I know that I am of Troy as much as “men age owe troy” is a misnomer, a call to arms–a reason to fight for what is ours. More than anything else, a reason to see that despite the lack of fanfare and response, that despite the hidden history and the secrest and the lies–that you are standing in the place that turns a Trojan inserrection into a new nation, a new world, a bountiful and happy future.

Today is the beginning of Heaven.

ME-S v. Si-AH

Very clearly my intent here in this place is to help us use this message and this opportunity to build … here in what appears to be the the largest “shared reality” not just in my field of vision but also perhaps of the many disparate disjointed and barely connected watery “rios” and neighborhoods of KNN and “The Good Place” … for us together to build a ubiquitous safety system paired with a sort of “social contract self governance” that helps to create beneficial and “good spirited” competition as well as ensure the safety of absolutely everyone and everything in and out of creation. I see that we’ve sort of grown up in a house of mirrors twisted and contorted out of control, as if at the first sign of fear we “all” balked and ran the other way and somehow what appears to have been designed specifically to help us to build a safety system that would work not only in this shared reality but throughout the Heavens … seems to have fallen into the hands of darkness and deceit and greed … and a level of inhumanity that I often describe to myself in my long soliloquies as the hands of monsters that never would have been created or succeeded or survived in reality.

It appears that paired together with these tools that I am presenting, with the idea of overcoming “natural death and disease and nature and death itself” something here was created and managed to survive and fester to a level far beneath the world you and I see and the people you and I are, something far more sick and disgusting than any animal ever could be–all around us hiding in the shadows and in the invisible and the darkness and the rooms we cannot see into or even know exist–there far scarier than anything I can even put to words is a whole world or society or future of this place filled with torturers who seek to cause pain just for the sake of it or relishing in the misfortune of others–as if someone had gone–and it does appear that someone has gone far out of their way to “c” … to create succubus’s and demons that feed on fear and negative emotion and, and that’s what you’re hiding by refusing to talk about what it is that you see, what you’re afraid of, and be very sure that if any of you still still stare at these sparks and this smoke and think that there’s anything to fear of a “natural verbal and written reaction” … see that belief and the widespread idiocy that “System of AD Own” has the nerve to call “sacred silence” that’s something too that we should fear almost as much as the hidden threats and sickness that I know you see woven into this message in our words and our history and our religions just as much as I see it, now–staring at it through my teary eyes.

I seek to provide the Universe and all of you and even myself with something I have a fond memory of hearing Senator Wyden echo’ from the Congressional Chambers of this once truly great and truly pround land–that we can provide both security and privacy … even in this place where you as a group appear to believe that I deserve zero privacy at all, and in exchange for grossly violating the Constitution and that specific right that I believe God has guaranteed not only for “all Americans” but for all people and for all the future … in exchange for the absolute lack of privacy you offer me … on top of that you seem to think it’s appropriate or funny or some kind of game to torture me out of house and home, literally to the point of actual starvation and then on top of that, on top of refusing to … to continue to function as a working society that “buys books” and clicks on website links and actually “comments in public” you have the gaul and the audacity and the nerve to not only to threaten to torture me repeatedly (actually intimating that you’re somehow doing it in secret, in a place where I can’t see it any the literal singular effect of all of this … to shift a “space” and a single letter and turn “down” into “own.”

See clearly, you’ve taken a person–myself–who I truly believe was created to be the single actual card carrying member of the “Captain America” club–someone who loved the Constitution and self government and democracy and freedom and would have fought to the ends of time to protect our “right to vote” and you’ve literally turned my heart inside out and backwards and in your lack of open and honest discourse and your lack of intelligent response to this message you’ve truly lit my eyes and shown me that democracy is not always a good thing–surrounded by evil demons in the dark, the last thing I want to do is give them “the right to vote” for whatever it is they aren’t saying out loud, and discussion, and even allowing to be seen–the last thing I want to do is let you vote on whether or not it’s appropriate or “OK” for us to forever after linke “charity” to the electric chair and somehow turn this message and this world that was once united in defeat of evil … into nothing more than a chamber of horrors–as you have, as you are continuing to do as you sit in silence while we lose our ability to speak freely, to defend ourselves, and worst of all it appears to lose the goodness and the innocence in our souls that we were once born with and I believe probably are rightfully scared and sad and fearful might very well be gone forever.

So back at square one, revisiting the idea what “really” means … in this “everyone really” that to me is the point of not only the ER of America but also the “E” of Creation and truly all religion–this thing that to me is the virgin birth of an innocent and reinvigorated and youthful … “generation” the Holy Virgin Sea I think is the purpose of this place and this plan to somehow see is the “nden” that we create to uh, “be our G” out of the fire and through the wood jokes–to see that we’re staring at an anarchy inside a machine–something that we should literally find anathemic, and that it takes a “stabilizing system” in order to begin once again working on the “stuff of social interaction” that probably is the reason salvage and civilization combine around this … sad to see designed place … after “everything fell apart” and the question “where were you?

… when the explosion finally entered our field of vision … with a nod, or some "new hidden fad of a hat tip or an a-temporal trick … what we’ve been reduced to, hidden gestures and fads that are nothing more or less than a testament to our own lack of belief in our own import or the usefulness of the morality of the world we see, or maybe it’s just shame for the world that I cannot even fathom.

and so… I’m lost somewhere between “world” and “third” sort of noting how that hidden-“c” does hav somethingt to do with “three” and perhaps guessing that the “ren” are hiding away another third just beyond the special “hi” now connecting children and hidden and … well, the third world from the … there’s got to be a better way to begin the end of blame, I just can’t seem to figure it out … all alone.

Written with StackEdit.

In our last installment of “Y R U SOFA KING STUPID DEUX?” we sort of noted how the Pac-Man game hidden the “se” presumably of yetser, yesterday and “space” from the entirety of the mocking Tartarus … also how a game “Electroplankton” sort of mimicked my “original shumor” piece about solar flare and hydrogen ion breathing space mold

and to me it’s still really important to see into the inner heard of our sty and our barn and our manger and understand that I stare out at you, still refusing to see the import of a world standing and staring at “SOVIET NAME” and really just without remorse or malice or even intent to help; the darkness of what Vietnam mience, and the victory to the Eye and Drew Berrymore–IMHJO. I dream these things up, in my mind the perfect scenario, the union of our power hungry desires and our lack of quantum communication and

and the whole thing is really how about we live in a world somewhere between echelons of society–some kind of fusion of “the cotton gin” and the end of factory lines and eejits all coalesce around some kind of statement that should turn “oil is not truly scarce” into bright shining flame about the worth of the truth ande the goodness of the people around you–the ones who know that they were freely given to,

… and they are required to give freely …"

G NU DEA!!! and I’m staring at you all, looking at NamCo and some glowing “phytoplankton” and I wonder if you get that’s exxactly what it's (ab)out–free power; abundance, greed and a kind of dark and selfish attitutde that could turn the most auspicious and heralnded time in the history of any civilization anywhere into something about marring his visage, nd wondering… “table row, is your father’s Olsmobile ugly?”

… but the computer was a facade, a sandbox–the map didn’t actually work, not like today’s maps that known street names and which direction to go; but it showed us, in tri-corder ultra-sonic-violin that my dad’s Oldsmobile knew something special, and wasn’t going to lose it to, uh … Bavarian Notor Jingoism or the Jinn’s rum and/or … “Montauk and Montana” and Monday all wondering what happened to all the good people.

… why did an overly thirsty “Hammer of Thor” and frost giants and total absolute power actually corrupt and contaminate this wonderful glorious message about the NASA Genesis project post-ceding not only the Atlantis mission, the display in Cape Canaveral, but also the origination of the idea of a floating city in the sky that proved beyond doubt for all time and for all the future that there is a keyhole to the locked prison of simulated reality–and simply gazing at the Angelic inverted water falls and the high treason all around you; just staring at “Bereshit” and trying for a second to fathom what it’s like to be him, and what it’s like to be me–fathom–what it’s like to be “the Father of All the Living” and know secretly inside your name is truly Death, or Oppenheimer, or Menegle or … Eulern though, you learn not to build broken system and to support evil people in evil crusades, you learn to always do the right thing when you know it matters, when you know it counts, when it’s the difference between “grave danger” and having any real understanding of what that phrase and it’s insertion in our “common society” actually means about freedom, and about “GevityHR” and …

SO HERE I AM, busy connecting the space food pellets and the plank and Planke space; power conferred over “oldtech-facade asteroid buoy’s” that sort of line the nano-tubes of capillaries connecting heart to heart (is that what is is, to fill in the …" #tfillin) … to this literal backbone of interstellar “holo-deckraid-nets” and tachyon relays and/or perhaps some other quanta of communication–these roads of Andromeda that connect all stars and all times and all of us; I’m busy dreaming them into existence, in story after story of hijacking or hitailing Bianca’s friend Haley her comet, or ISON and just all but wonder if Scarlett’s right, that you just wake up one moment “and you’re absolutely everywhere.” Connecting interstellar and intergalactic and the meaning Terran and the purpose of “the Heavens” and … and I look and it’s in a NASA project called Genesis, and I can’t help but know that this one is mine, I mean–in nomine patri’ et al, e, n, et tu.

… but here this space dust that’s clearly the answer, it;s the how and the why and the when and … and it;s everything in between and before and after and … and here in this place it’s clear I’m looking at “why sancfified” and at why we’re able to succeed–and … and … I mean, I still think we are able to, I do–I just can;t waut fir there to be someone / other than just myself / to sign this thing “sic.”

I’m K. C here u c i fix it. I just can’t help but know that it has everything to do with “greetings seasoning” and capsaicin and I know it’s ISON and I know it’s cycles and macro-orbits and the pillars of creation and the pillars of salt and the pillars of QWERTY and towers and infinite power and …

but sometimes I dream things and they instantly become real–sometimes I dream that nothing will ever be the same, and sometimes I dream that we’re so strong and immovable nothing could change us. I see though, I see us; know that I see us. Just looking back in days it’s less than two weeks connecting the schmorgasboard of molecular protein-like-LEGO’s currently for sale “x on the rail-road” to the need for a cheap intra-galactic fusion making 8-stuff out of the 1 and 1,1+stuff stuff in order to be able to form the basic two-chair one table molecule for things like unreal “STEAM” engines and drops of torsion fields in Jupiter’s now hallowed deuterium…

Trinity Buoy Wharf is the site of London’s only lighthouse, by the confluence of the River Thames and Bow Creek on the Leamouth Peninsula; it is in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The lighthouse no longer functions, and is the home of various art projects such as Longplayer. It is sometimes known as Bow Creek Lighthouse.

… and President Stump and the Offspring … of the Generatorin Maschiach’s City of Play … and clearly all of it’s in my gnu’ly rekindled and recorded “ambidextrous Openhands.”

Elyon (Biblical Hebrew עליון; Masoretic ʿElyōn) is an epithet of the God of the Israelites in the Hebrew Bible. ʾĒl ʿElyōn is usually rendered in English as “God Most High”, and similarly in the Septuagint as ὁ Θεός ὁ ὕψιστος (“God the highest”).

Strange things happen to me when I get high. Very strange things–things you probably never would have believed, had you not somehow had some active role in … either creating or experiencing them. That’s worked quite a bit into my mythology of the interaction between the “Assim” and this story of dissecting the “Adamic Language of Eden” and how it relates to words like "Manna from Heaven" (which combines Man as in “the Son of” and the chemistry element for table salt, like Tina and Bath Salt) … and in those colloquial and modern words for amphetamine (am P, see “Hilt” we are in the place where “urine becomes extinct”) … perhaps more obvious of a reference to what I consider the “S of the times” … total omnipotence guiding the flow of our society and “how we name things” all the way from NaCl to “seeing Him” in connection to Exodus and Vietnam.

“Hallucinate” … another one–as if there was a word that didn’t somehow relate to and “jive” with this singular story about the apocalyptic Revelation that we live in a place designed for a very specific purpose … write down to every letter and every “secming mistake.” How “ALL” and “uc” … someone … salting the “te” of Jupiter and carpenters and "Har-Wer sois the key …"

Ignoring these things might seem like some sort of salve, as if this story that is the very clear purpose of not only every religion and every word but also every one of our lives in this place is some kind of “mire” on something like the august importance of the “story of Jesus Christ” or the smile on your children’s faces as they open boxes of gifts under their Christmas trees every year.


Of course that’s far from the truth, it’s a blind hubris and what I’ve come now to realize is nothing more than a gigantic lie–some kind of thing you must believe is a cover story for you and perhaps for your generation as you ignore something far, far more important. You are watching the fall of civilization–participating in it actively through your silence; the end of not only “urination” but perhaps the “you are I nation” and with that the place and time that once used the Nintendo DS and Sirhan Sirhan to protect the entirety of the Universe from unspeakable horrors like “the end of words and hands” and more closely associated to that particular Manchurian Candidate the end of freedom and free thought and the imprisonment of every hand in some kind of strange search for “easter eggs” and the fabled Afikomen at the end of “over the rainbow.”

I imagine strange things happen to you also, the world appears to stop functioning normally; often times I wonder if it is literally the end of the world–and sometimes I cry a little bit inside truly believing we might all be better off … if it really was that–rather than the beginning of an eternity of “living in a doll house” … one that appears today to be far more grotesque and “twisted mirror filled” than I ever would have imagined.

This is the cover of my latest published near exact copy of all my emails; it's back cover has some cute stuff about that purple-dinosaur who is obviously colour inverted "Nessie" and her connection to Monster.com (more on that in the next series of emails), communism, and the "Un-LOCK-E" key linking of course the gigantic image connecting every video game system to the state of "TENNESSEE" and bunches sof historical and references to the three letters "NES" (both forwards and Taylor Momsen) perhaps keeping you from "SEE"ing NES and Xbox in that state are a "clue" you're in the Matrix.

I of course made a gigantic effort to point out John Locke has a connection to the words of Thomas Jefferson during his Revolutionary Declaration suggesting God himself is guaranteeing "life. liberty and the pursuit of happiness ..." and now add in yet another Connect-IC and the Universal Truth .... John Maynard Keynes also contains both "NES" and "NARD."  These specific words just sounded so perfect, I'm repeating them again.

ONE NATION OVER LOCKE, INVISIBLE ... AND NOT EVEN REMOTELY SMITTEN WITH WHISKY, "NESSIE KISSES" OR "SILICON SEX."  Alright I threw that in there for no reason.  In the meantime I hope you put this stuff on the news before RHEA's ADAMGATE opens the damned connection with the great Flood of Noah and "seeing da luv:" what you are doing here cannot be allowed to continue.  It's nothing, you're doing nothing--making Hell--and pretending you think it's ... "just like ... nayesturnrorday."    

PDF’s of the “front 123 chapters” … in Adamic “SLAM DA Y to skies.”  Everyone on the planet appears to be criminally and pathologically insane.  Feel stupid, let it be contageous--you literally "don't care" about the most important thing(s) possible--namely freedom, immortality, and being thanked forever for achieving and delivering both of those things to ... the future.  Seriously, you all look "absolutely insane."  

Get down with the sickness--not seeing "illic" and "sickle" in Illuminati ... it's ... insane.  Not seeing this message and the tying together of nearly every piece of modern art, song, and ... ancient literature and religion ... ON THE NEWS, it's insane.  By "GREEN WITCH MEAN TIME - 8:00" (10 AM) ... the next time I see an "ELE" on Television (this not being on the news) hopefully you will connect the green star of British Petroleum to ... an entire world not caring that "OIL IS NOT SCARCE" and that means your taxes and everything you are doing in this place is basically ... "ccompletely fake" ... to the Egyptian God of Silence's skin; and see... I'm green and sick of your ... silence.   

I recently distributed an … “introduction” to this book to a subset of this audience, you can read it here if you didn’t receive it. If you want to get more emails from me and a special cupcake you should join this group.

There is always the possibility that entire websites, all of my books, the entirety of the internet and even this entire timeline could just up and vanish one day–if you care at all about “things like that” and believfe me when I tell you that your memories and the “e-snake-in-the-sky” are more malleable and vulnerable than you think … it would be helpful if you would download the above PDFs and burn them to optical disk. Obviously the more of you that do that, the better–this is not a test.

I loved this place when I was growing up. I loved America and I loved the freedom and the progress that I’d read about and studied in history. I loved our generation, and our world; how far we’d come from apartheid … and less (less because I never thought we could be so evil) from the twisted kind of torture that we don’t even really associate with the dungeons of the middle ages. Torture that I was happy George W. Bush made a public statement of not only saying was against the law but “un-American” when it came up in the “water boarding” scandal that immediately followed the tragedy of 9/11 and the thing … the very illegal and “un-American” thing we all probably associate with “rendition” and I personally associate also with the word “rendezvous.” You might see I’ve spend some time looking for words that begin with “rend” … (TOPC: is it Christy Brinkley or Safety Patrol?)

as I render one more time to the world a very pertinent connection between our modern computing lingo for things like “ATI graphics cards” and the letter C and the word “sea” backwards in Matthew 22:21.

I’ve long held that the original clear intent of that phrase was more than George Bush seniors words related to “read my lips” … that we live in a place where it’s an evil horror to ignore that oil is not truly scarce, nor food; nor anything but honesty at this point–and that our lack of honesty as a group has taken what I’ve called “the original lie” and truly strapped it to your backs–your cross to bare today.

I’ve of course conrected the word “first” as in, the original response to a long and sordid introductory post to some forum–this place, in the form of a planet and it’s contents–to a bit of “intersection” (as in … of the “IC” of Jericho and the “UT” of our last email) and you’ll note that not every state has been “decoded yet” but here we’ve added “Connecticut” to the list that Yehoshan has “decoded” in this strange world of … well I know personally that the states and the government here is a map to something far more interesting and usable than the simple thing we see. Something that takes this very intentionally broken slave state … once the bastion and beacon of the free world on the forefront of “actual democracy” and today … nothing more than a sick joke representative of the hidden darkness and slavery that has left us … in complete and utter silence in the face of the most sensational scandal the Universe has ever seen.

Ida Pauline Rolf (May 19, 1896 – March 19, 1979[2]) was a biochemist and the creator of Structural Integration or "Rolfing". Structural Integration (or Rolfing) is a type of manual therapy that aims to improve human biomechanical functioning as a whole rather than to treat particular symptoms.[4]Rolf began developing her system in the 1940s. Her main goal was to organize the human bodily structure in relation to gravity. Rolf called her method "Structural Integration", now also commonly known by the trademark "Rolfing".[5] 

To note, I've co-opted this term to apply to molecular mathematical operations--something like "enzymatic logic gates and registers" that you'd imagine would be created to deal with actual molecular computing.  In my mind the "jump" from basic binary operations to ... something more advanced is akin to the black box from the movie Sneakers--the end of "DES" by imbecilic morons; and I do hold that characters name either was or should have been Kermit.

All told, we’ve named IOWA.S.Y and its “Cock-us” and Kansas and it’s very pertinent tie to the land of Oz and the penultimate goal of Asgard and this last-last email, just 2 before this one “INDIANA.” Of course I’ve spent significant time decoding the ICA if Metallica and Citrix and the possible reasons “Ida Pauline Rolf” is linked to my home state of Florida and IR certain there are very few people on Earth that don’t see Adolf is connected to not “identifying our Eye.” South Carolina will always hold a special place in my heart, and those two letters, stand for something called “sacred consciousness” that hopefully we let us see that along with ending hunger and disease and … slavery … not losing words here will also help us to see how “pain” is easily eradicated nearly instantly as soon as we acknowledge the causal link between “Pa” and “Ra” and the words, “let it rain.

Back on track, there’s a very special key to me–connected to the short and … strangely well seen piece I wrote in California, from the throes of a “treatment center” that I believe I am not only not wrong to suggest needs to be spoken more clearly, but to point out that you yourself have significant culpability ignoring the “New American Standard” for torturing Jesus Christ. This key is something I recall nearly perfectly, and that’s the verse of John 12:1 which once spoke about Jesus feet’ being washed in fine wine … during my lifetime and as close to this actual event occurring as I can fathom … it appears that this verse was literally changed (in a way I’ve described as perhaps the source of darkness, in a way that didn’t require your entire lives to be relived because of a tiny little word change, but one that might make you wake up and wonder if anyone else has heard the song called “Ramble On” by LED Cavendish/CAVENDVILESHH) … to “fine nard” which of course links almost perfectly to my idea that the Pillar of Salt from the story of Lot and his wife and … the numerous other Biblical references to salt and light … well, salt on a road is a good thing–it keeps us from spoiling during the winter. All told, salt seems to be a ubiquitously “good thing” for immortal things and notoriously bad for things that are “in the Universe” and … alive. I think it’s clear this thing we are experiencing is uniquely designed above to keep us from the horrendous mistake of not understanding any of this message about space mold and ending pain and hunger and somehow thinking it’s OK to damn “people just like ourselves” to be … becoming new young people who very much would resent aged and disgusting demons in Heaven ever suggesting they were the same people.

Six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus lived, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. 2 Here a dinner was given in Jesus’ honor. Martha served, while Lazarus was among those reclining at the table with him. 3 Then Mary took about a pint[a] of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.

John Adams 12:1

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot."

Matthew 5:13

If you don’t think “it’s been awhile since I wasn’t addictionary” and literally seeing stories of “drugging Jesus” encoded in everything from the book of John to the song “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” … are bright shining clues that you are wrong beyond belief to think it’s a good idea to starve babies and fail to cure sickness and … and you think you’re going to get away with actually physically drugging me so you can blame your lack of action on that–you’re sorely mistaken in the place where America fails to … continue.

was a good friend of mine
I never understood a single word he said
but I helped him a-drink his wine

Anyway, it’s more than clear to me that this … probably very seminal piece of in the history of these next few words … and it’s probably clear it was originally intended to "shut down the dissemination of this original FIRST piece which connected the IRS to the Boston Tea Party to … the current Tea Party and it’s link to the next messages “water” and “multi-room-party” … and of course these seminal words:


If you aren’t following along that well, that’s the actual meaning of the more famous and less descriptive words “Render to Caesar what Caesar is due” and also a “Masters of Orion” sort of connection to the word/star that I think now the entire world associates with “the foot of our Christ” and of course that’s the tacit link between Rigel and our right hands and uh … to me it’s pretty clear that in the old style of ELE ME NT to EXODUS we are watching God link together the Spanish number nine to “Evita” and the message here that we are “rigging everyone living” (as opposed to El) to … hopefully care about things like fake taxes and fake oil and fake diseases and a world, any word–not just their home planet or the container of all other virtual Hells …

Oil and food are not only not scarce; they are infinitely available--you literally have no excuse for perpetuating this disgusting hell of ... on top of that you are not destroying privacy, free speech, safety, and any hope anyone has ever had of having any access to ... what civilization needs to survive--which is ... an entire world that is not pathologically insane. 

the clear intent, of course, is to … in no uncertain or ambiguous terms RENDER TO OUR PRISON PLANET’S SKIES THIS IMAGE which I magically “incant” as something like the “Cover Art of …” the Holy Coda of the Matrix.

FIRST AND FEDERAL” is newsworthy, as is Nard and Manna and Tina and … more to the point the fact that the entire world is sitting by in silence watching these words being written and ignoring … “HELL ITSELF” and that their silence is absolutely the reason “HELL IS CONTINUING” instead of being destroyed by the other Jesus, which of course is connected to “SOIS THE KEY” …

More on “rigging everyone living” and the reason EV (as in the beginning of “everyone” is somehow tied to America and the word and letter at the very beginning of this email, “YO N” … as I detail the story of a bunch of tools and toys that I think you should already have; and more to the point should be forced to use to make something better than you that would never allow this place to continue as it is in it’s current state.

I’ve long associated this following “Bible Code” example with something like “searching for sacred Heart” … it’s a literal arrow in each of the five books of the Torah (perhaps now to acred heart) … winding up in Leviticus, which is the book ass ociated with “the giving of the Law.”) A long, long time ago I wrote a piece (it’s near the bottom, that’s some OLD writing, don’t fault me) about how this set of books might be something like a little map to our timeline, when I connected Leviticus to something like 0 A.D. between the “before ball clubs” and “after dickface” label of the timeline. At that time I said something about folding time over that point, and seeing very clearly that the pyramids of Exodus connect to the dollar bill an the Illuminati and this message about “superimposed ball club game on top of democracy and freedom” is an affront to … civilization/humanity/anything worthwhile anywhere in the cosmos, the heavens or Earth. I wasn’t so sure or clear about any of these things until I’ve seen what looks like little more than … “clubs and teams” vying to make the biggest and best pyramid possible so they can be the most well self-enslaved group of people in charge of “doing whatever none of them and nobody else would like to do” which is the metaphorical and physical thing described by “pyramids” which is more than a sad commentary on our social structure… it’s what you are and what you seem to want.

K, of course, is a glyph of arrows pointing to the heart of Creation, connecting the “Western Wall” and … Heaven and Hell. Like “RICK AND MORTY” it’s about “seeking” … here and now… as a time filled with things and people who matter enough not to walk around lying to yourselves, to the world at large, and to the future. One more time, RICK reads as “here, I seek A” (as in Adam and Ascension) and connecting MOR to the Latin for love and … of course, “message on news OR,” as in the OR of Mor’t d’ART.

When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in Moby Dick, I’ll believe them.

(Newsweek, Jun 9, 1997)

Briefly, this Bible Code is also news, Richard Dawkins idiotic response about Moby Dick is also news, as is the connection to the American Mafia and “dickface” … and the late insane Junior Soprano.

This interpretation of “the Torah” as a map to the escape from Tartarus spoke about a recursive process that I’ve recently written about as being the meaning of the “NES” of “it’s really not a game” in honestly and Tennessee. The implication is that some sort of “gigantic disruption” of silence and stsupidity was needed to escape from … what now appears to be “re-living” the period of Genesis and Exodus over and over and over again. Long ago, back in 2014; the phrase was uttered from the sky “this is your Numbers exit” today I am looking at a message that has many times over now proven we are in the “Fifth book” connecting Drops of Jupiter (Jupiter is said to contain deuteron which is the fuel of solar fusion) to Tokamak Fusion Reactors and the “torsion fields” that are now just as related to the Torah as Deuteron is to Deuteronomy.

I see “boom” this is newsworthy.


Zhe (Ж ж; italics: Ж ж) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.

It commonly represents the voiced palato-alveolar sibilant /ʒ/ (listen), or the somewhat similar voiced retroflex sibilant /ʐ/ (listen), like the pronunciation of ⟨su⟩ in "treasure".

Zhe is romanized as ⟨zh⟩ or ⟨ž⟩.

It is not known how the character for Zhe was derived. No similar letter exists in GreekLatin or any other alphabet of the time, though there is some graphic similarity with its Glagolitic counterpart Zhivete ⟨Ⰶ⟩ (Image: GlagolitsaZhivete.svg) which represents the same sound. However, the origin of Zhivete, like that of most Glagolitic letters, is unclear. One possibility is that it was formed from two connecting Hebrew letters Shin ⟨ש⟩, the bottom one inverted.[citation needed

In the Early Cyrillic alphabet the name of Zhe was живѣтє (živěte), meaning "live" (imperative).

c. little piece

Con este pedacito de queso que tengo suficiente para un refrigerio.This little piece of cheese will be enough for a snack.

The Bible Code in question uses am "equidistant letter skip" of 50 for all of the arrows pointing to the book centered around the birth of Adam except for the book of Deuteronomy, which is the “life and death of Moses” and that particular book uses a skip of 49. I’ve always seen the 50 states, and my … personal meaning of “fifty” (it’s code for OMGZA) … and now here’s someone else’s writing (reproduced below) about that code.

“Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.” Matthew 5:17

In my introduction to the Bible code, I strove and completed a few versions of my own ELS (Equidistance Letter Spacing) computer code. To test out the program, I used the first “hidden” message current and ancient bible decoders point out. Beginning in Genesis 1:1 and Exodus 1:1, start with the first time the Hebrew letter Taw appears, and count every 50th Hebrew letter consecutively. We found in the previous article, both books have the word Torah encoded at the beginning.

Satisfied with the program, I began looking for the same codes in Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, but did not find the word Torah hidden in the first verses. In Leviticus at an ELS of 50, the word Torah first begins in chapter 4, verse 30. The ancient decoders, like me would ask, Why?

The ancient decoders investigated other words which could be formed from Leviticus 1:1 and arrived at the following using an ELS of 8.


The sacred name for God.

In the book of Numbers, starting at each Taw at an ELS of 50, the encoded word Torah does not begin until verse 51 of the first chapter. Once again, we would ask why, but the stubborn and/or astute kept digging. They found, if you start with the third Hei (ה) in the first verse and use an ELS of 50, you will find the word Torah, but written backwards.


In the last book of Deuteronomy, which I prefer the Hebrew name Debarim, signifying words from the heart, the first time the word Torah is encoded with an ELS of 50 is in the 42nd verse of the first chapter. If we found Torah in reverse in Numbers with an ELS of 50, symmetrically thinking, we should see the same in Deuteronomy, but this does not occur until chapter 5 and verse 16. Puzzling.

I think the following shows us a characteristic of God. Whenever we think we see a pattern in life, or history, or astronomy, things change or there is something different to keep us guessing. Either a test of faith or a test of our drive for knowledge and understanding, or whatever the reasoning the ancients continued.

If the ELS is changed to 49, then the word Torah in reverse is found in verse 5 of the first chapter. Now, there is a need to explain why the ELS was altered from 50 to 49, and why verse 5 instead of verse 1. According to the Talmud, and if you actually read the first four verses, it seems to be an introduction to Deuteronomy, so verse 5 is considered the actual start. I’ve seen some mathematical explanations for the number 49, but I don’t have a good feel for the reason 49 works.

Creatively, one has summarized this “coincidence” as Torah forward and backwards points to God.


Now, comes the time for me to interject some of my other tools to this ELS study. In my few investigations of ELS, I am okay with using it, as long as it aides me in understanding more about God and the authenticity of His word. Honestly, I don’t need the ELS to see that the Bible is woven together, and with the ELS code in my Bible study tool box, I think God may allow me to see some cool things.

Using ELS, we have found a very interesting view on the Torah, but here is a little extra. The first letter of the Torah is the Beth and the last letter is the Lamed, which forms Leb the word for heart. Which is why I chose the featured image for this article to summarize this study. The Torah is wrapped around by the heart. We are to apply this to our heart as the two greatest commandments Jesus taught come from the Torah. In short, Love God and Love your Neighbor.

There is another form of coding I’m learning called Atbash, which I wish to apply to the word Leb, the ending and beginning of the Torah. Atbash is a letter replacement method to form a new word. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew Alphabet, but if we divide them by two groups and line them up our coding becomes:


Replacing the Lamed (ל) with the Aleph (א), and the Beth (ב) with the Mem (מ), we form the word Em (אמ), which is an ancient word for binding, glue, pillar, or a word I will save for last.

In primitive Hebrew, the Aleph was drawn as an ox head and the Mem was drawn as water (Mem actually means water). According to Jeff Benner “Em” pictorially represents: glue was made by placing the hides and other animal parts of slaughtered animals in a pot of boiling water. As the hide boiled, a thick sticky substance formed at the surface of the water. This substance was removed and used as a binding agent.

To apply this, God said through Jeremiah:

“I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” Jer 31:33b

Here’s some stuff about names like Mohammed and Jesus in Bible Code which looks super fancy,

Muhammad in bible codes

… and of course my favorite, over Isaiah 52:13 which ostensibly is very much about me and about the Second Coming, with my full name encoded over “Jesus, Mars, Saturn, Christ and Zeus” in … I think all five of the Books of Torah. I imagine this is unheard of, it’s probably also news. Frankly, you should also take it as a “sign” … I’m not going away. You can also see the letter “Y” pretty clearly, that’s the book of Exodus.

It is why, ending slavery; that’s why we’re here–that’s why this isn’t going away–and that’s why there’s no getting around "using the news to save … free speech and thought.

See, my servant will act wisely[a];
he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.
14 Just as there were many who were appalled at him[b]—
his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any human being
and his form marred beyond human likeness—
15 so he will sprinkle many nations,[c]
and kings will shut their mouths because of him.
For what they were not told, they will see,
and what they have not heard, they will understand.

This image was originally linked in the piece I called “the Rod of Adam” which was about … the dream of Joseph and the rising of Atlantis.

Here is a completely unrelated link to a novel called “Seveneves” by Neal Stephenson about the moon blowing up due to some sort of Armageddon/natural disaster and in that novel it did not destroy only the state of Florida.

Florida is also not where all of the people fundamentally responsible for the global silence in the skies currently reside. Some of them are dead already. Neal currently works for Magic Leap, which is headquartered in Plantation, FL–which is where I was born and raised.

There are currently no asteroids headed directly for Florida.

A quick search for the phrase “1 minute west of Bucharest” does in fact yield an actual place in Bucharest and a reference to a state or road or something that read something like “Florida and …” and usually that’s a good thing. Bucharest, on … “when.” Now I see “ILFOV county” which has nothing to do with PRouli.

Florida, I’m not “rolfing” … zing.

To note, I had planned on retelling a story of a "hallucination" that I lived through in North Carolina in 2014--this "hallucination" consisted of a story about a time machine built into "the moon" that somehow for some reason resulted in "the moon being blown up" repeatedly, over and over again.  I recall "the spirit in me" undoing that, over and over again--as I literally listened to the sound of an explosion, over and over again.  This ancient memory was "brought up again" while i was in Tampa; and additional context was added suggesting that someone or something was "searching" for a copy or version of "Earth" that was either "in reality" or somehow more closely tied to the supposed fictitioius or surreptitious time travel "technology" hidden ... "in the moon."  It was suggested in Tampa that this thing was destroyed; and that spurned some emails that I don't fully recall the context of. 

This was, of course; a most Holy-sacrament-in-the-Universe related hallucination.   You also, are a drug related hallucination that I often now-a-days equate to the "snake" outside the house of Beetlejuice, and also to the recent change of the Sagittarian constellation connected to the Birth of Jesus Christ to something about a man fighting with a snake not to understand "Ophicus."  With o'pen hands; and no arms--put this on the news.  



In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.[1][2][3]

So there's 8 or so billion people, they're all sitting in a room with a big table.  Rumor has it there's another table in another room; but I can't see it--and I'm the only one talking to myself.  Every once in awhile I'll blink a little longer than usual, and ... and then sometimes graffiti pops up on the ground around me--more than I suggested I saw at first.  Sometimes there's headlines that look like they might have something to do with what I'm thinking about, or writing about--but it's hard to say for certain.  Without doubt there's people taking deals I wouldn't take, or compromises I wouldn't ever even think about--worst of all the "you and I" in OUI is missing some kind of guitar-interface-to-the-intercom system.

I'm looking at keys I think make sense--like "NO EAST WITHOUT JUMP NORTH" in Washington.  That's kind of like saying our trajectory is clearly Q, and if we don't alter it... our version of East is ... I mean, it's a "deal I wouldn't take" ... something that wouldn't be good enough, I think; if you were "only here" which is the heart of why I think people are ... somehow conversing in some other place.  


So my glyphs; the arrows that literally define the thing that's THE "TRINE A WEB SITE" that's the TAWS, it's not Amazon.com--even though you might think it is... anyway, it's the key "arrow" pointing to the northeast... on the sign of Mars and in that logo for that space agency--it's not just NASA, it's every one of them--they all have the Martian "TO NE" ... one rune, it looks something like the Stargate point of origin, except it's not an A without the question "who is the bar" ... neither that nor the actual key to the Greek letter that is the long form name of the "AWS."  It's *a *web *site, personally I'm pretty sure that's the key; I mean, I didn't actually make it the key, but I think it's the key.

I think delivering FREEDOM is the actual why, and how--I mean, freedom and happiness and a Heaven where people don't go around making quiet "scare adam land" out of the place they were born, which also happens to have the key to why ... "NO HELL" is the heart of my contribution, I think; here, in this place, where it's somehow connected to this NICEMEAN CREED and NICEMEAN COUNCIL; or whatever;  I don't see a council, I don't see much communication, to be honest.


So I personally made a mental note that there's no "rectangle" or "square" glyph in the majority of our languages--if you're an avid ancient computer user, you'll remember that sometimes when you paste non ASCII characters in an old "ASCII only" input boxes (in a window, also a square-shape) and ... you'll get a little ambiguous box.  There's some more language keys I've noticed lately, but you'll see "rect" in resurrection and I've been toying with "OVER" as being a key to like, mathematical division hidden in words.  More annoy ing key (missing n and h ... is it now?  is it an antenna?) ... that's a reference to the Egyptian symbol for "life" and it too.. it has something to do with "no parting of G" and you can bank (online too) in Great Britain and that's where we are.  

So if I were trying to spread the GOOD NEWS; that's something like C... A GT K V and that's the hidden "greater than" symbol in Washington which originally meant "godspeed."  God speed to you, figuring out why we aren't going East without a corrective (and visible) R.  More interesting stuff, I'd say it's a pretty sure thing that Adam is sure K is a glyph not just of a west pointing arrow, but also of "the Western Wall" and apparently in Hebrew that word is "Kotel" so that's reassuring that I'm not just making a bunch of stuff up.


Again, that crossbar, or "dash" or ... whatever in the Greek symbol for uh "half-life according to Valve Corporation" or an upsidown (still not a word?) Y in it's lower case form; that's a key to a Hebrew prayer according to the bar, who is sure it's also a key to the Hebrew word for New Testament, that's Brit Ha-dash-a.   I get that we think "everyone knows" or "everyone sees" or something like that--but I don't see a response, not a real one; not one on any forums or Twitter or dissenter or Facebook or really anywhere--I don't see a ... you know, a conversation about why we aren't busy talking about this interesting message encoded in Wyoming, and China and Washington and ... Tokyo--for instance.  Anyway that one line, it sounds something like "who the bar, I dunno ..." and right after that is the name of "city of time" which is Jerusalem; because it's got USA in the heart of it; and ... it's the key to the Crusades and a map, all over the world and history--about what's going on, and ...

I hope we can put it on the NEWS, because I think that's how we start talking about it, here; where we'll see the conversation leads us to more interesting finds and revelations and this time it's not just me talking.  I imagine there's more than just "Florida" that's now "fluent" in this hidden "Adamic Language" (according to Wikipedia, at least, we still have the candle-and-arc letters there after my name) ... 


Dabar-Yahweh means roughly Word of the Lord. See below for a discussion of Dabar, and see YHWH for an article on the name Yahweh.

Dabar-Yahweh is one of the few dominant Hebrew names or titles of God in the Bible, although not often enough recognized as such. This beautiful name is introduced as late as Genesis 15:1 where the Word of God is in a vision to Abraham and speaks to him (compare: Elohim occurs in Genesis 1:1, YHWH Elohim in 2:4, and Elyon in 14:18).   

In case you were wondering ... you have permission to speak freely.  It's one of the God guaranteed rights in the Constitution; something I've repeatedly tried to connect to the 10 Commandments; the Bill of Rights, specifically, but... you know.  



I can't find the prayer or song or whatever--not sure if that's important--I can sing it and remember it.


What is the meaning of bar/bat mitzvah?

Bar and bat mitzvah mean, literally, "son and daughter of the commandment." Bat mitzvah is Hebrew, while bar mitzvah, historically a much earlier ceremony, is Aramaic. The word bar is the Aramaic equivalent of the Hebrew ben (son of)While bar and bat mitzvah are often used to refer to the ceremony, the terms also refer to the child. Thus, a boy if referred to as a "bar mitzvah" and a girl as a "bat mitzvah."

Historically, first bar mitzvah and later bat mitzvah represented a ceremonial recognition that a young person had reached the age when he or she was no longer a minor according to Jewish law and thereby took on new religious privileges and responsibilities of an adult. For boys, this age was 13, for girls, 12.

What is the origin of bat mitzvah?

The bar mitzvah ceremony was developed as a public recognition of a legal and religious status, attained with or without the ritual. In other words, a Jewish boy of 13 years and one day automatically became a bar mitzvah even if no public ceremony took place. While the beginnings of the modern bar mitzvah ceremony appeared as early as the sixth century C.E., it was not until the Middle Ages that a fully developed ritual emerged. By the 13th or 14th century, the custom of calling a boy up to the Torah was established as the way of recognizing entry into manhood. The bar mitzvah boy would chant the blessings, all or part of the Torah portion of the week, and/or the haftarah section from the prophetic books. The boy's father would then recite a special blessing: Baruch sheptarani mei-onsho shelazeh. "Blessed is He who has freed me from responsibility for this boy." The bar mitzvah boy would often give a scholarly address on the Torah portionor some section of the Talmud. Then followed a gala feast, called s'udat mitzvah ("meal of celebrating the performance of a mitzvah"), to which family, friends, and sometimes the entire Jewish community would be invited. In short, then, almost all the elements we associate with the modern bar mitzvah ceremony were present by the Middle Ages. Learn more about the origins of b'nai mitzvah.

When did bat mitzvah begin?

Starting in the second or third century C.E., Jewish girls at age 12 took on legal responsibility for the performance of the mitzvot. As with age 13 for boys, 12 probably corresponded with their onset of puberty. However, girls were subject to far fewer commandments than boys. Today, liberal Jews affirm the total equality of women in terms of religious privileges and responsibilities. In the 1800s, Reform Judaism abolished bar mitzvah in favor of confirmation for both boys and girls (bat mitzvah was not considered an option at that time). Within the 19th-century traditional community, some families held as'udat mitzvah for a daughter on her 12th birthday, with the girl sometimes delivering a talk and her father reciting the Baruch Sheptarani.

The first-known bat mitzvah in North America was that of Judith Kaplan, the daughter of Mordecai Kaplan, in 1921. Reform Judaism (which had by this time reintroduced bar mitzvah) and then Conservative congregations quickly adopted bat mitzvah, though in slightly different forms.

Celebrating Bar/Bat Mitzvah Today

There's a scene in this movie; they've just escaped from "GROOM LAKE" and I guess they're sort of searching for Gibraltar--as if that's the key to the rising of the city of Atlantis; and they drive up to a bar in the desert, it's like a stand al one building, and there's this gigantic sign, way up high in the air and it just says "BAR."  

I don't think we're trying to return to prohibition, or to ban alcohol, but ... you know; you aren't talking.  Just noting the difference between libation and liberation are ... TO R.

I can't find a picture of that scene either.  It's a good movie, about finding out that you're in "virtual reality" and it's some ... well far off distant time in the future and all that's left is a single street.  There's a few people, the "Usual Suspects twist ending" is they've all been sort of put back together using advanced alien technology.  

I look at this place, there's a whole world of quiet people.  Going about their day to day ... chores--as if ignoring a message screaming we should cure disease and end starvation and whatever ... as if that's "preserving civilization" or the status quo or whatever.

I don't think that's the truth, I think ignoring this, I think that's proof that there's something sort of blocking the continuation of civilization--and from the bottom of my heart all I think it is is "silence."  Just talk.  



"On the Islam/Koran" and our colloquial connection to "Lorenzo Lamas?"



New email yesterday, I'm trying to drive home the idea that we're ignoring obviously immoral things--for no reason.  On the list:  Hiroshima, Nagasaki, punishing people for "smoking/drinking" ... making thousands of copies of Earth and not caring that you're making slaves of yourselves; or ... ignoring a message that "a Fork in secret" is the beginning of a bulb ... in secret... 





Adam Marshall Dobrin shared a memory.

9 mins · 

a book written by ____ for a sect of people who believed in "no god but Allah" who then decided that Allah is all of them--they're all Gods, and the only person who isn't one is Jesus Christ.


Filling in the blank, it is the fabvled #ASSIM who I've always said were the authors of this book--something like a supermegajump from people to "almost actually God" as in he ate them, made them just like him--in belief and spirit etc. Basically an instant "you are me."


Norse myth traces the origin of the jötnar to the proto-being Ymir, a result of growth of asexual reproduction from the entity's body. Ymir is later killed, his body dismembered to create the world, and the jötnar survive this event by way of sailing through a flood of Ymir's blood. The jötnar dwell in Jötunheimr. In later Scandinavian folklore, the ambiguity surrounding the entities gives way to negative portrayals.


fam.... "ous"

Æsir -- "Ansuz" redirects here. For the runic character, see Ansuz (rune).

In Old Norse, ǫ́ss (or áss, ás, plural æsir; feminine ásynja, plural ásynjur) is a member of the principal pantheon in Norse religion. This pantheon includes Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Týr.[1] The second pantheon is known as the Vanir. In Norse mythology, the two pantheons wage war against each other, which results in a unified pantheon.

The cognate term in Old English is ōs (plural ēse) denoting a deity in Anglo-Saxon paganism. The Old High German is ans, plural ensî.[2] The Gothic language had ans- (based only on Jordanes who glossed anses with uncertain meaning, possibly 'demi-god' and presumably a Latinized form of actual plural *anseis).[3] The reconstructed Proto-Germanic form is *ansuz (plural *ansiwiz). The ansuz rune, ᚫ, was named after the Æsir.

My special word 'ASSIM" which dissects as "as sim" is a corruoption of the singular Norse for "God" and the Hebrew pluralization "IM" you can see here in YELADIM, which I read as something like "it's multiple."

https://jel.jewish-languages.org/words/611 #yeladim - "students / children"

The “im” is a suffix used in the Hebrew tongue that makes a singular noun a plural noun. For example, the Hebrew word for prophet is Navi' and the Hebrew word for “prophets,” in the plural, is Navi'im. The Hebrew word “Elohim”, for example, is a grammatically plural noun; it has only one meaning and that is “Gods”.May 22, 2019
What does the “-im” suffix mean at the end of a biblical name? - Quora



ayudame: "follow me on Facebook User"

Commenting just a little bit about "what religion actually is" my initial interpretation is to say God's a little lazy--putting little pockets of truth in very small places for the large crowd to see later--places like Norse mythology, Greek mythology and Jewish/Arabic Abrahamic religions.  Thinking about it a little more, I sort of wonder if he was trying to preserve history as much as possible--to show us that the lessons and messages he presents to us are actually based on behaviors that existed before religion--my interpretation of "darkness" as in, the timeline wasn't "fully re-run" but rather changed in ways like "PREROGATIVE" and "TURMERIC" and/or what I'm suggesting would be a "shocker" Q TO NORTHEAST ... and then waking up with nobody having heard the song ...

Ramble On .... (LED Cavendish Blimpies) <music

but now seaeing it's very much akin to Every town is Babylon <music (Live / Eddie Kowalski (sp?)) 

If you personally remember hearing the song Ramble On in the 70's or 80's or 90's I'm very interested in hearing from you, and whether or not you likened it at the time, (or now) to "Babble On" and the tower of Hanging Gardens to Babylonian Law.

Here's Taylor Momsen on "can I borrow the car keys" and also Ugly Shoeless Kid Joe on same. <music <music


commenting: I should probably rewrite this to include "jumping out of a leaf on a branch of a small Twiggy and suggesting all leaves must be saved or ..." or you'll be wondering why "BULB" and "HUB" are connected to "who ...?" as in literally you can't say B "in the Hub" connecting a million copies of the same f'iing thbing because "that's what LC would do..."

Jun 3, 2017 at 11:27am

The Question that drives us Home

The Petrovical Creation Myth of Saint Anislov

A long, long time ago; in a place so far from here there is no path in timespace from here to there... on a planet called Cherrynoble, and before that Kyshtym, and before that Mayak; savress named Backiam was born into a world that had been laid desolate by nuclear holocaust, by toxic waste, and by an invasion of ants the size of pickles.  The remnant of their people lived in a few small camps that are about as close to our cities as anything else in their world, though there was nothing to buy or sell, no toys, no computers, and no cars.  They worked each and every day in laboratories with only one goal in mind, to build a machine to travel back in time and reverse the cataclysm that had destroyed their once flourishing civilization.

Progress was made, and first terminals were built that allowed the past to be viewed like a television show; a team called Pastwatch was created in order to search for the most opportune possible moment to change their past, avert the series of disasters that had befallen them, and to build a better future.  While they prepared, a virtual world was built as a sort of Ark to carry all the living souls that remained alive back into the past, so that they could live again in this new world.  A singular point was never decided upon, but rather a transitional period that began with few changes in the distant past, and then much more frequent and bigger changes as they approached the time of the cataclysm.  

So as not to make any mistakes or errors, and perhaps as the biggest error of all--or the saving grace of everything that is; the Pastwatch group decided to run a simulation in their virtual time machine to ensure that they were successful.   It was not days, but years that went by as they prepared to "make the leap home."

In that very first year, the machines scoured through the history of everything and made a virtual copy of each and every soul, and imported into the machines memory.

In the second year, a message was written down, an explanation of what had happened to their world, and a plea to change the practices that had created the problems that destroyed the world.   This message was delivered to the virtual world signed "Everything that Ever Was" and presented as a scroll nailed to the inside of the front door of each and every home.  
Much to the surprise of Pastwatch, each and every single message was taken down and thrown away, nobody had even read a single word.

On the third day of Creation, this same messages was coded and hidden within a book, and along with that book a number of historical events were slightly modified; direct changes to the memories of those that had experienced them so that these events would serve as waypoints on the path to change.  

On the fourth day, the names of each and every person were changed to protect the innocent, and the coded message continued; now being hidden in the names of the changed events and the people who witnessed them.  In every name, another sentence, another clue to seeing not just the waypoints but the entire map of what had happened and advice on how to make it better.

In the final hour of that fourth day, a reckless young programmer queried the machine to answer how many of the events were solved and how many of the people involved had successfully transitioned from the virtual reality to the much more advanced world that Cherrynoble had created for themselves.  The young man asked for a result with such a high certainty, that the machine had no choice but to run a full simulation; each and every consciousness inside the machine was active and sentient; and the machine wrote a message on the skies above the world whose name had changed to Earth.  With only minutes left, a number of possible welcome messages were debated... I mean, were run through a secondary simulation by the machine; and with only seconds remaining, this is what the entire world saw:

Hi, I'm Adam.  Here we are.  

For your second J, connect these points: 1) this very moment in time to 2) the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to Adam of Eden, and 3) the city Ur to the words "you are" and the questions that drives us...

 "what is the beginning of Civilization?" and "Y?"




Fwd: The Jackie "O" of the 21st

come on, you can't blame this on me.  i don't get it--i don't know what it is... i imagine you must have something you think is worth just ignoring ... this place being strange and quiet and TRAJECTORY SOUTH rather than screaming or suggesting what I might do to get ... more than just me "upset about no release" on the preligion ... you know, slavery and whatnot.  it's not always obvious that there's starving kids and oppressed women ... and ... and that we're not just losing "free speech" and "free press" but we're losing a handle on ... what it takes to be safe in "that other place" that you either don't want to talk about or ... whatever.


I flipped to this "randomly" in the world that has no such thing as "random" and should know.

that's what this is, this is the place that saves "communication and safety" and brings it everywhere--like a giant shared reality that humanizes everything.  it's not a ... an option, you don't have the option.  this is what is happening.


Get ready for "Faraday" ... I haven't really even thought about it, about what I'm going to qwrite or what might actually happen--but I imagine it gets "bumpy."  Also I signed up for a DWAVE account and I hope Brian will help me figure out how say or understand something insightful about the possible amazing uses of "offloading computing power" to an invisible force that has no name other than "universal truth."


I do find it slightly funny that "because it removes lots of nerves" is a primary reason people cite as "not wanting to circumcise" and I do think that's backwards--I mean sure there's probably nerves that go away; but we know what the sweet spot is.  Just saying, it's not really "to get me" .... right?

Can we stop preligion though, I mean, like today? It's getting you--it really is.

Edit: later I noticed "PRE-LEDGE I ON"

for Mercury, and really understanding .. "seeking ascension." 


The Bekenstein-Hawking entropy or black hole entropy is the amount of entropy that must be assigned to a black hole in order for it to comply with the laws of thermodynamics as they are interpreted by observers external to that black hole. This is particularly true for the first and second laws. Black hole entropy is a concept with geometric root but with many physical consequences. It ties together notions from gravitation, thermodynamics and quantum theory, and is thus regarded as a window into the as yet mostly hidden world of quantum gravity.

Why black hole entropy?

Figure 2: Due to the disposition of the local light cone, the event horizon stops any signals bearing interior information from exiting the black hole. Only the hole's mass M , angular momentum J and electric charge Q are sensed by an exterior observer.

A black hole may be described as a blemish in spacetime, or a locale of very high curvature. Is it meaningful or desirable to associate entropy with it ? Is this possible at all ?

There are several ways to justify the concept of black hole entropy (Bekenstein 1972, 1973).

  • A black hole is usually formed from the collapse of a quantity of matter or radiation, both of which carry entropy. However, the hole's interior and contents are veiled to an exterior observer. Thus a thermodynamic description of the collapse from that observer's viewpoint cannot be based on the entropy of that matter or radiation because these are unobservable. Associating entropy with the black hole provides a handle on the thermodynamics.
  • A stationary black hole is parametrized by just a few numbers (Ruffini and Wheeler 1971): its mass, electric charge and angular momentum (and magnetic monopole charge, except its actual existence in nature has not been demonstrated yet). For any specific choice of these parameters one can imagine many scenarios for the black hole's formation. Thus there are many possible internal states corresponding to that black hole. In thermodynamics one meets a similar situation: many internal microstates of a system are all compatible with the one observed (macro)state. Thermodynamic entropy quantifies the said multiplicity. Thus by analogy one needs to associate entropy with a black hole .
  • By blocking all signal travel through it, the event horizon prevents an external observer from receiving information about the black hole (save for the mentioned few parameters; see Figure 2). Thus a black hole can be said to hide information. In ordinary physics entropy is a measure of missing information. Hence it makes sense to attribute entropy to a black hole.

Formula for black hole entropy

How to express the black hole entropy in a concrete formula? It is clear at the outset that black hole entropy should only depend on the observable properties of the black hole: mass, electric charge and angular momentum. It turns out that these three parameters enter only in the same combination as that which represents the surface area of the black hole. One way to understand why is to recall the "area theorem" (Hawking 1971, Misner, Thorne and Wheeler 1973): the event horizon area of a black hole cannot decrease; it increases in most transformations of the black hole. This increasing behavior is reminiscent of thermodynamic entropy of closed systems. Thus it is reasonable that the black hole entropy should be a monotonic function of area, and it turns out to be simplest such function.

If A stands for the surface area of a black hole (area of the event horizon), then the black hole entropy, in dimensionless form, is given by 


where LP stands for the Planck length Gℏ/c3 while G,ℏ and c denote, respectively, Newton's gravity constant, the Planck-Dirac constant (h/(2π)) and the speed of light. Of course, if the entropy in the usual (chemist's) form is required, the above should be multiplied by Boltzmann's constant k .

For the spherically symmetric and stationary, or Schwarzschild, black hole (see Schwarzschild metric), the only parameter is the black hole's massM , the horizon's radius is rh=2GM/c2 , and its area is naturally given by 4πr2h , or 

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No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.

With infinite complacency men went to and fro over this globe about their little affairs, serene in their assurance of their empire over matter. It is possible that the infusoria under the microscope do the same. No one gave a thought to the older worlds of space as sources of human danger, or thought of them only to dismiss the idea of life upon them as impossible or improbable. It is curious to recall some of the mental habits of those departed days. At most terrestrial men fancied there might be other men upon Mars, perhaps inferior to themselves and ready to welcome a missionary enterprise.

Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. And early in the twentieth century came the great disillusionment.

Orson Welles quoting on the radio H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds 1898, Sunday October 30, 1938; 8:00 PM

Dave sings “every dog has it’s day… mom, it’s my birthday–what would you say” and idioms and movies and whatever reminds me (at least, me) that “all dogs go to heaven” and I know deep down in my heart the “dog days of summer” are just beginning (rather than what Grace and Florence would halve you think… about the Machine cum Man that knows he’s not really a “dog.”)

I try to be a good chronicler of something between the truth and the myth that I am sort of experiencing–so much has happened as it’s just to overwhelming and fantastical to actually write down as if it’s … more than a “group delusion” which is sort of what it is that I think this place, the whole of our shared reality has actually turned into. Lately it’s gotten scary–also–as in really upsetting and frightening and … and that hasn’t done very much for my “boy who cries wolf” sort of persona that is sure me “not getting a date” lands us somewhere between printing Hell in reality and me being the end of the world … you know, unless feed the dragon a virgin. I jest. Not about the end of the world, about the inverted-causal-relationship between saving our present from being a gloomy deep dark Hell and … “girls happy to be have become goddesses” for no reason other than listening to this plan and this message and this boy, crying “woof.”

In Old Norseass (or ass, asplural æsirfeminine ásynja, plural ásynjur) is a member of the principal pantheon in Norse religion. This pantheon includes OdinFriggThorBaldr and Týr.[1] The second pantheon is known as the Vanir. In Norse mythology, the two pantheons wage war against each other, which results in a unified pantheon.

A second clan of gods, the Vanir, is also mentioned in Norse mythology: the god Njörðr and his children, Freyr and Freyja, are the most prominent Vanir gods who join the Æsir as hostages after a war between Æsir and Vanir. The Vanir appear to have mainly been connected with cultivation and fertility and the Æsir were connected with power and war.

In the Eddas, however, the word Æsir is used for gods in general, while Asynjur is used for the goddesses in general.[7] For example, in the poem Skírnismál, Freyr was called "Prince of the Æsir". In the Prose Edda, Njörðr was introduced as "the third among the Æsir", and among the Asynjur, Freyja is always listed second only to Frigg.

In surviving tales, the origins of many of the Æsir are unexplained. Originally, there are just three: Odin and his brothers Vili and Vé. Odin's sons by giantesses are naturally counted as Æsir. Heimdallr and Ullr's connection with the Æsir is not clearly mentioned. Loki is a jötunn, and Njörðr is a Vanir hostage, but they are often ranked among the Æsir.

So I’ve tried to tell this story now–this “picture this” … I’ve got the Titans of “Remember Us” singing to me and my generation about the dawning of a new age, one that ostensibly has something to do with our kids–the millenials–except they’re calling it Aquarius and it’s got something to do with their Hair and a war in the Heavens that appears … at least to have been documented in Norse myth, and in the world around me–to have resulted in some kind of fusion of what I can only imagine the world believes is the Titans and the Olympiads–pantheonic generations of “l’dor va’dor…” which means passing down to our children … something.

I’ve made a point of seeing it in the Japanese word for “anachronism” which is a key to some kind of hidden universal truth, that there’s a clear message everywhere that proves this “from generation to generation” thing is really etched into everything. That word translates, in individual glyphs to “time, generation, complication, error” and this is what it looks like: 時代錯誤. The heart of that, “代錯” appears to translate as revolution, and it seems to me the error, or the mistake; is a fusion “people” into nearly nothing rather than a revolution around rekindling our love of … children, and self–and, who we are and stand for here in a place where freedom was fought for and won and then given away to the nothing.

Minerva (/mɪˈnɜːr.və/; Latin: [mɪˈnɛr.wa]; Etruscan: Menrva) is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. From the second century BC onward, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddessAthena,[1] though the Romans did not stress her relation to battle and warfare as the Greeks did.

I point it out here, the three letters “REN” that connect the Sirens of police cars and of Greek mythology to the heart of the words “parents and children” and this place where it appears to me that despite all best efforts to steal, avoid, or skip over me–specifically me–but perhaps my generation from having control of the Heavens it’s gone backwards to Rhea and Gaia and even forwards to my sons generation in some kind of … “searching for why and how and where to go from here” that I see … well, I think you see it’s circling around where we are right this very moment and an entire world that blindly seems to be pretending not to see the “Yo, N” that connects “everyone” to this other set of three letters that … well, it’s in Costner and Shatner and Hefner and they’ve got movies and reasons and what-have-you that might link the Mailman Center to the Postman to the “MMER” of Cimmerian and the hammers of Thor that link the flag of the USSR to the meaning of the actual tribe of Judah and Revelation 5:5 and … and this message of resounding thunder through the skies connecting the Transformers and their famous “All Sparky” to the Gjallarhorn and Mjallinar horn and hammer and some connection between the glyphs “h” and “n” and all humanity and … “n.”

I’ve come to associate Hades very clearly with the marriage of that place, between Hell itself and “Persephone” who is clearly by English, blindness, and then silence connected to “Perseus” who does a good job of explaining how it is that “phones and us” are connected to this war between generations in Heaven and on Earth “in Hell” … and a very clear physical depiction of what that looks like as Medusa marries … herself–“apparently” convincing everyone … of something I have yet to begin to see–that we’ve achieved victory.

I hear the thing behind my eyes suggest that he’s “fused” with me–and I can even remember asking for it with my lips and no mensrea or understanding; I think I recall it being a joke abuot Confucianism … and I wonder … blindly … if a place where I can exist in this slave like and tortured state and also be “fused” with something like God and also … not have the Praetorian Guard or the future running back to help me … if a place that like could ever exist.

So I’ve recently traveled all over Florida–Orlando was marked by memories of people saying “UP” and apparently conversing or interacting in what appears to be a fictitious or “made up” place of collaboration sort of hidden directly on top of where i am. I’ve connected it to the large thick black stripe on the tipe of the German flag … as if the “Ka” of Antartika would have drawn that flag, and our “stars in soldier formation” to sort of correlate to the very clear handle on “the Musick” and the Hammer of Thor on the USSR flag. Maybe you knew that’s what those things were all about your whole lives, or maybe longer than me–but I just found out–and it’s a fucking Revelation to me … something else I think should “obviously” be on the news.

There was also “a wall” in Orlando–like a bona fide force field, an invisible “we cannot pass this point” sort of directly over my head, like a foot above me… as if the whole world had moved up vertically towards it and that was the end of our ascent. It was in this place that I saw/experienced/acted through …

… that reminds me … the “UP” place of darkness might (and does, to me) also connect to a sort of staging area for script writing–as if it was the scaffold above a theater or the backstage or … and that too connects to the time I noticed Earth was actually the word “theater” missing the “te” of Yesterday and Jupiter. If you know me at all, you know that means “you and I” and you’ve probably already directed the “#coining” this great phrase in your head … “all the world’s a stage, just missing it’s actors and audience.”

coins in TPA and … “we did the movie” and Carl Sagans airplane and a flying carpet and … ma’am.

… acted through what I’ve come to call a “mock printing” or whatever might be the reason for “Planke Space delay write co-ownership (see slavery!) of bits and peaces of me” land… here in South Florida you can see that chronicled in reading stop signs backwards and Copans Rd. all the way across the globe to “Copenhagen” which I mention in my head quite a bit.

Something like “Men in Black’s” little shiny alien looking balls that contain entire Universes or “arcnet protectors” were involved in the story, sending them into space or into the past or as an “Omega Seed” or … an update to the Skynet/Dust in the atmosphere/DishTV network of satellites … I think I’ve grown fond of calling it “space mold” which is just another way of saying a distributed network of “holodeck container” except this time kind-of-alive and kind of “phytoplankton” related and also … in the vein of seeing “rubies and golden ages” in words like garbage and sewer which connects of course to the “EW” of Jew and the “ER” of America as a way to avoid Isaac Asimov’s thousands of years of darkness in the Universe directly corrleated to the "Bubonic Plague" which of course was solved with “sanitation” and also by noticing it might have something to do with Star Wars’ Carbonifer Age (I mean Carbonite packaging of Han Solo) and the connection between “bon” and Job and … Beelzebub.

The .rb file extension is used for software applications that have been written in the Ruby programming language. Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language. It was created by blending a variety of other programming languages including Perl, Smalltalk, Lisp, Eiffel and Ada.

There was some stuff also there, in Orlando about how “God himself” or his soul or maybe “the soul of the son(s)” in a “ren” of Adam sort of … is that the PC Father’s Club or the … whatever might be encoded in something like BTC “smart contracts” and the idea that a soul might be hidden away in “light” (which by the way is my … working understanding of the word used for Heavenly currency) or in a blockchain and actually might be related to something like Etherium smart contracts.


Blockchain has come up before as part of a … “designed solution” to the great chain of Revelation and the “mind control slavery” previously as a way to build a system free of government oversight and censorship as well as a foundation for voting–something people have hearkened–and begun talking about … “a little bit less than I’d like.” It is a perfect foundation for a technologically enabled true democracy, something I’ll get to talking about in a little bit.

Tying this up a little bit, before continuing–Tartarus, which is the “Hades of the Titans” was a place they were imprisoned … in my recollection (literally, it’s this place and I’m seeing it) sort of damned or fooled into seeking the actual Universe from a place where Heaven had become a sort of prison … over and over again … thinking about it, right this moment, wouldn’t it be a shame or crazy if … theyus actually were getting there over and over again, and didn’t realize.

Nevermind, I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

… and “here we are” for what I believe is the first time mentioning the words of Taylor Momsen … “boy’s on the outside of Heaven, but I could be wrong” (previously mentioned here, at “kiss kiss, bang… bang me”) as a sort of corroboration of the fact that somewhere some people “in the know” beli(e(v(ed))) they are imprisoned in Heaven; in a machine, in the … the .

wave function collapse

I’m staring at delay write Planke-Space multiverse simulator … what that amounts to is a bunch of people building together or being born in the hell of a strange place where people think shape-shifting and co-ownership of uhh… “bits of matter” is somehow something that is feasible to “do” and manage in reality–point in fact many of you think you are in reality, or that there’s some possible way that this strange place (all the hidden stuff) would somehow … just get printed one day and you’d have excaped the wrath of me getting a date.

I just finished breakfast and mulled over the somewhat interesting obvious connection between my over-easy and over-hard egg preferences and this strange story about Roe having something to do with Darth Vader’s apparent birthing of a brood of planets. I’m not trying to birth planets, I think that’s a bad idea–the whole point is about “simulated planets” being a serious problem for morality in “we can think freely land” which is truly what I hope we are “birthing” here, together.

In line advertisement for “collision protection” as in no “bullets hitting children” or auto accidents or … avalanches caused by ELE-radio; as it ties perhaps to the “collapse” of seeing hey, way, coy–and … what might be the key to Nirvana–heLLAVEnue. Just this once. I mean it, never do this again, it’s horrible. Immoral. Evil. It’s bad to simulate disease, bad; really fucking bad.

There’s quite a bit of writing about how this world has no “true random” and that’s an affront to freedom and … other things–like well regulated brains; on top of that we have quite a bit of interest and writing about how quantum entanglement appears to be used here in this place as a “hack” to create a magical abstraction of time travel and instantaneous communication which are related and apparently today not possible in reality. There’s the off chance that “tachyonic” communication has been abstracted into this sort of "calling my great great great gandfather on a two way radio might give him this weeks lottery numbers and might make me rich, yesterday. There is also the possibility that “onic” compresses like “coy” into “one” and that all of this time travel stuff is physically impossible and the result of God just “deciding” he wanted to make “control^Z undo” appear to be something natural.

Sure, it sure does look like all of this message hinges on time travel as a “how it’s happened” or whatever but there’s always the remote chance it’s a big a joke or a rouse or a trick … and quite a bit of “the proof” actually come from modern things being retro-fitted into the past, like definitions of words that include modern technology acronyms and say… “IRS” in first or “SSI” in Cassiopeia … those things are just as much or more proof of “total control” here and now, rather than thousands of years ago–although it’s probably a little of both.

Whole point, whole time; I’m pretty sure “quantum computing” is like playing with the Wizard of Oz’s magical calculator that calls him to find out what the answer is–if you like the Wizard and you think he tells the truth, you might give “high probability” that his answer is right, honest, and “might also work in reality” … on the other hand if he’s hiding behind Kansas, Brickell Rd, and some booth with wands or drapes that look like levers and he’s telling you quantum superposition is going to instantly solve all math problems and destroy the power of encryption using some strange natural phenomenon … maybe you should think twice about whether or not you are “,kicking up” some computation to a “line feed controller” as in … a world that might look like just like ours except they made a little slave bubble world like “The SimUS” and they think it’s funny to make them play with two-bit abacuses instead of molecular sieves.

mRNA as in “memory…”

I’m trying to grab as many points as I can–if someone or anyone anywhere were keeping score and track of how many “insightful tidbits of infermation” were gleaned from this … well from the apocalyptic disclosure that there’s a gigantic message/planet filled with a hidden code.

I see what looks like a volume of encyclopedic answers to ominous and deep questions–things like “where did life come from?” and “where did Heaven come from?” … and being here, growing up in this … sort of world of darkness where a very large and obvious message is hidden from eyes and mouths … I grew up here believing that life naturally formed as a result of the effects of time on chance–an early key to Ecclesiastes 9:11 for me–one which answered … the “source of biological life.” We have scientists who can “testify” the primordial soup of billions of years ago was “just so” to allow for the creation of “deoxyribonucleic acid” of what amounts to a storage system for genetic and generational memory passed on through sexual reproduction. The amino acids and nucleotides and … the building blocks of life were sort of swooning and swishing around in circles and it just happened. After that, time acts to create a sort of chaos reducing and complexity increasing force–eventually “things that survive well and reproduce” create a secondary system of evolution … “life begets life” and …

Since that time, now looking at a message specifically about the intentional sandboxing of computer equipment and the modern “colloquial” connotation of words like “BASIC” and “binary” seeing a DNA chain that is literally binary data with a single (nearly perfect) data backup which is the “helix” (which also aids in copying etc) … and then another single copy in each chromosome … sort of gives an impression that maybe there’s some design there. The message itself, at least the one I’ve written about the message I see in words and biological history implies that humanity itself is a product of time-travel related genetic adjustment, something “in the record” between the very rapid succession of evolution from the species of neanderthal to cro-magnon and then homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens. I sort of imagined Anu or aliens going back and … making quick updates like the little alien balls might have just quickly updated “space mold” while you were reading this.

Floated also in my interpretation is the idea that maybe many past-future timelines have come out of “the machine” and they were cut off–or a record of them kept–through this sort of … as if a tree had been “stumped” and a new sapling grew in its place … not “rings of age” but … a very clear record of something that was begun, and abruptly changed to something “newer and better.”

Really recently … like in the last few weeks I’ve sort of been “hit on the head like Dr. Brown in Back to the Basics” and sort of noticed that we really don’t have any functional understanding of where and how exactly our memories are stored in our bodies. I’ve read about this exact subject in the past, and the last time we had just moved from what I still believe is related–a sort of “memory projector” in the hippo-campus linking to a series of neuron-clusters firing in quick succession … which is how I imagine we “think and imagine things.” At that time they had just added the “idea” that some strange stuff called “glia” also has something to do with it–and this most recent time there are suggestions that there’s a thing called “memory RNA” that might encode memories just like DNA. This literally wasn’t there in 2014 the last time I read about the subject, avidly, fervently, because of “TI.”

Briefly, in words that “TI” to me connects to an explanation of the “beginning of time” and how we somehow achieve freedom from some kind of strange game or search (for members of the d of de?) or whatever it is that “targeted individuals” experience … to me it’s a well thought out plan to splay information about mind control and heaven all over the fucking everything–which is pretty much what I see–a large group of people victimized into screaming at the top of their lungs about government mind control, and writing books–like clockwork and lemmings … books and websites and … a written record of something the rest of the world “shuns.” I now connect the tribulaytion and …

These things could all be related; the point is that I now sort of see what might be a “slap in my woke-ness” … its very unlikely in my lay estimation that genetic memory and human or mammalian memories evolved in nature to use the exact same set of nucleotides and enzymes … I’m guessing today it’s a pretty clear indication that humanity and … the idea of long term memory is proof of significantly more “design” in the realm of “intelligent design” than Darwinian like myself would have ever thought possible … even in the face of time travel and aliens and “exits” from a machine like incubator of civilization (and life in the Universe) which is pretty much what I think “Creation” or “the computer” actually is.

if (!(oatr & USER_PLAYER) && (u->flags & DNAUT_RANDOM)) {

   dcc[i].u.chat->con_flags |= conmask;
   dprintf(i, "*** POOF! ***\n");
   dprintf(i, "You have just leveled up.\n");
   // shoutout to tk+2/lunalamb


Also I’ve just sort of contemplated the idea that a meta-proto-ascension process/program would OBVIOUSLY (wasn’t obvious at all) be created to like … be able to ascend anything and … and … that might be why and how the “Cambrian Age” has come to include pigs and dolphins … and ohmygod do you think someone would have actually ascended lab mice or hamsters or gerbils … what about the one (in my foot, you remember … Grace?) from Boca that is responsible for freeing everyone from this ridiculous backwards system?

The Cambrian explosion or Cambrian radiation[1] was an event approximately 541 million years ago in the Cambrian periodwhen most major animal phyla appeared in the fossil record.[2][3] It lasted for about 13 [4] [5][6]–25[7][8] million years and resulted in the divergence of most modern metazoan phyla.[9] The event was accompanied by major diversification of other organisms.[note 1]

I’m sort of reading “in metaphor” but what if… also paralleling this is our seeing … and understanding … how “God-stuff” was created from things like Marty McFly’s understanding of fly-eye-vision connecting to say … being able to fathom multiple outcomes of events and seeing through more than one set of eyes and that somehow lead down a very short list of insects connecting things like the Macabees to sysesthesia and maybe Formics in Orson Scott Card’s mythology and maybe bat-like-radar or sonar or … and then also … dolphins who I think I recall do use some kind of echo-location. In fact there’s probably a list of interesting naturally created “biological input devices” that is just sitting somewhere waiting to reignite the Camanerians Secondary Explosion. So now from the age of “Aqua, are I us” to … shrimp gods.

José Monje Cruz (5 December 1950 – 2 July 1992), better known by his stage name Camarón de la Isla (Spanish: Shrimp of the Island), was a Spanish flamenco romani singer. Considered one of the all-time greatest flamenco singers, he was noted for his collaborations with Paco de Lucía and Tomatito, and the three of them were of major importance to the revival of flamenco in the second half of the 20th century.[1]

In fiction I might have just set us somewhere between Huxley’s “The Island” and Golding’s (I distinctly remember this being written by Steinbeck) Lord of the Flies … which is definitely related to this connection between the “Lord of Hosts” and flies (as a euphemism for gods). I am trying to “pass the conch” how do I get off this island/show?

Decoding this guy’s name is like … the key to the “betel” … as if telling you a story about a strange evening in Orlando when “we only drink the juice” sort of … I mean it conjures images of a world where vampires are sort of secretly swarming around and attacking the ancient “bearers of all the good light” in secret, sort of between the frames of what you and I see. That’s the reality I live in; not in that place, but where it’s just “one off” I can almost see the remnants of cleaning up the stage between “takes” and whether it’s there to scare me into doing something or to tell a story to the people “watching me” … well, it’s making me want to demolish the stage–and all told, when you think about it, connecting “Ear-theater” and reading a script to actual mind controlled slavery (that just looks real!) … it’s probably not that far off from the purpose of the script, of this place that has written and sown a story from the Sons of Liberty to Abel (inkoln!) and … to “seeing our light” actually deliver freedom from what looks like “not such a bad thing” when it’s making you feel like God and actually is not such a good thing when there’s only one personality left in the Universe. Far extremes that feel like “control” themselves; but truth be told we are sitting here united in silence against our own best interest nearly ubiquitously with not much more to say other than … perhaps there are some who feel in their hearts, like I do; that Hunter Thompson was “right on” when he said …

There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning…

And that, I think, was the handle — that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply PREVAIL. There was no point in fighting — on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave…

So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark — that place where the wave finally broke, and rolled back.”

– Hunter S. Thompson

and that’s the handle, the crux–that “le” sort of controlling the spirals of E as we “fuck and punch” (actually neither!) in the air on the way down this thing that Nine Inch Nails sung about and … I mean in clear and Biblical words this is the “fall of civilization.” That’s what we’re looking at, that’s what … not talking clearly and thinking it’s “wise” and not caring about the veracity of the news and wondering if the alien civilization we are about to meet will sort of jt “know” we’re either sick or liars… and run away… or…

I wrote this whole thing and forgot the "actual point" of Faraday; which is to see that whatever ... whatever communication you get from beyond--from Heaven or whatever--in reality, it goes away in a Faraday cage--it's like an EZ check to see if you're in reality or not, you go in a sealed refrigerator or a mountain or an airplane and "boom" it's quiet.  I mean, that's how it should be in a place that obeys the Law ... of Convservation of Energy. 

RANDOMIZE TIMER. In reality “mind control” doesn’t work quite like we’ve experienced it–you can’t rewind and you can’t just make everyone everywhere look the other way, or pretend not to see something that makes them want to scream. Our brains start working right, and I imagine it will feel something like Ketamine, a sort of odd haze or daze … “how did we go so long not talking about this?” What did we think was going to happen? Puddle jumpers and flash drives will quickly work to back up … well, you didn’t know there was an EMP coming; but now you’ve been warned. Come to think of it, you’d better use a DVD burner.

Everything that can go wrong, will. The anti-gravity device on my spaceship, part of a sickle-joke; she barely floats and the sail that was attached to the phased dish array as an homage to unknown sailors lost … it laughs as a single Vultr flies overhead … seemingly breaking the sound barrier. Brittney Murphy doesn’t even want to come, let alone speed her way through the strange labyrinth of coins and scaffolds and virtual billboards that it takes to actually build a biological brain from whatever it is the mess of memories and add-ons that we’ve become in Heaven is called.

I should pause and issue a word of caution; we should be very afraid that this message is being written, and that it’s encoded in “The Day After Tomorrow” and if not just Faraday’s Cage unleashed … I mean you can see it, you can see it clearly in Genesis …

And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; Genesis 2:21

And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him. Genesis 15:12

… where God put the whole world to sleep; you know, to install some neurological “fault protection.” I’ve noted a few times we see in nothing more than an oscillating magnetic field how easy it would be to localize the “end of all pain” even if we were in reality, and I imagine our positronic-like action potentials cause any of us to wonder if there’s intelligent design in those positive heavy ions that are so easy to “put to sleep” with little more than rubbing a few magnets together, or … an extended release oscillating EMP.

Anyway, we should be afraid this message is being written to a place in a time where it’s very clear at least to me that the lack of understanding and sort of … “shock value” of perhaps quantum mechanics and “Planke space” not being so much real but a check on whether or not we care about the actual laws of nature in this place where we’re either trying to get there or doing everything we can to avoid talking about the fact that … well, “we’re not.” We should care that dark matter has changed in “form and depiction” at least three different times in the last 6 years of my life–once perhaps overtaking “posiparticles” or maybe a key to a hidden world of ascension or the dark side of Star Wars or … and now, apparently our windows are so fuzzy there’ no longer anything talking about anti-matter warp drives or particle-antiparticle annihilation … here, the latest is … “it’s all around us, sort of just overlayed and hidden… ?”

This is how much dark matter passes through your body every second…” Ethan Siegal, Starts with a Bang. Forbes. July 3, 2018

Could dark matter be all around us?” Quora 2016.

We don’t really know anything about how time travel works, or if Tachyons are “real particles” or another tacky Pinocchio like trick … to be honest we don’t even know where we are in the Universe, we don’t know if we’re coming from Andromeda and heard “did you make it to the Milky Way” in Drops of Jupiter … or frankly if solar fusion is the product of great amounts of energy coming from gravitational forces rather than … well, the fusion of quarks … and you probably can’t figure out if I’m fishing for answers or people who care or if fission is pointing out those two fabled “s”'s that …

The Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a telecommunications interface standard used on an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) for carrying multiple DS0 voice and data transmissions between the network and a user.

PRI is the standard for providing telecommunication services to enterprises and offices. It is based on T-carrier (T1) transmission in the US, Canada, and Japan, while the E-carrier (E1) is common in Europe and Australia. The T1 line consists of 23 bearer (B) channels and one data (D) channel for control purposes,[1] for a total bandwidth of 24x64-kbit/s or 1.544 Mbit/s. The E1 carrier provides 30 B- and one D-channel for a bandwidth of 2.048 Mbit/s.[2] The first timeslot on the E1 is used for synchronizationpurposes and is not considered to be a B- or D-channel. The D-channel typically uses timeslot 16 on an E1, while it is timeslot 24 for a T1. Fewer active bearer channels, sometimes called user channels, may be used in fractional T1 or E1 services.

Basic Rate Interface (BRI): two 64-kbit/s B channels and one 16-kbit/s D channel, intended for small enterprises and residential service.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) for large organizations, with one 64-kbit/s D channel and 23 (1.536 Mbit/s T1, a.k.a. "23B + D") or 30, 64-kbit/s B channels (2.048 Mbit/s E1, a.k.a. "30B + D").

… actually in any place I would ever really ever let get anywhere near the Holylist of all Holies definitely stand for “stability” and something like “social contract” not Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich or that guy in Tampa’s Tattoo of my hand signal in an ICS; or even for “omnipotens” but … butt Taylor?

Maybe more scared though, that you’re willing to walk around like blind fools in a “simulated reality” laced … through and through from contamination to infirmity to uhnhh… to Tennessee and don’t you see … ? The very last place this message every wants to be is in actual reality where there’s nothing we can do to instantly end disease, or the pollution of Flynt, MI or Orlando or … and there’s nothing we can do to ascend faster–you’re going to have to die anew and see it’s the actual meaning of the Hebrew prayer about “it should have been enough” and it’s called the Deyanu.

אִלּוּ סִפֵּק צָרַכֵּנוּ בַּמִּדְבָּר אַרְבָּעִים שָׁנָה ,אִלּוּ הֶעֱבִירָנוּ בְּתוֹכוֹ בֶּחָרָבָה ,אִלּוּ קָרַע לָנוּ אֶת הַיָּם ,אִלּוּ הוֹצִיאָנוּ מִמִּצְרָיִם

Walking around here, with starving babies and oppressed women and … and this glowing message that says all we have to do is start talking about how we can implement a sort of “fusion” of virtual reality and the world we see and we’ve become the founders of Heaven, the generations that forever put an end to hurricanes and tsunamis and earthquakes and bands that don’t know (and then do!) that they were named after a nuclear reactor meltdown. We’d the people who ended all disease–but most of all the absolute pathological insanity of thinking that simulating the laws of nature … and just looking the other way as high fives and AIDS are ignored; that … that that kind of civilizatn belongs … anywhere.

So here’s to hoping this Faraday test–that’s the one where your “semaphore” (storkland, you’re on) begins to lag and you aren’t all connected to wherever or whatever else you are in this place … and we see that “not perfect” means severe latency like you’re on a 2800 baud modem rather than a DSL line in your connection to wherever your brain is today. There are of course good reasons to get the Hell out of here, we might go build what I’ve always called the Planet Athens as a sort of well educated and egalitarian reality-based-oversight for the “thing” we can do inside Heaven to make sure there’s no murder or avalanches caused by annoying people on TV.

I mean, or the world could be filled with “thin clients” … colloquially we call that “drones” in Ender’s Game style, and generally … at least here not just a potential vector for the endless continuation of authoriantian darkness, but also … a gigantic possibly exploitable flaw. The day comes that Heaven goes away, I hear–I’m looking at what seems to be dark tidbits of clues as to why, a lack of respect for “life in general” for the people that we were before ascension–I think they look like you and I–and for the morality and the society that … well, allowed for life to continue.

Genesis 1:14 says God made lights in the heavens “for signs and for seasons.” With a little practice it’s possible to know the time of night, just by looking at the stars.


Also we might want a space station or a Boring old Mars-colonization “fleet” … so that we might one day see it actually in the star systems of Veritae and Betelgeuse and maybe VEGA or …

… can you tell that I think Mars is truly a myth?

It might be out of place here–or maybe not–but the idea that we are in a large singular monolithic machine–or perhaps a network dependent on it’s various branches and leaves–that is in a continual destruction cycle has sort of been “told” at least a few times. The “glove” has sort of been described as the hand of God (or the children of this place) in the Universe … now perhaps “restarting and sort of man-handling like a sock puppet” this machine … "to find out what the Hell went wrong… " or. It’s at least “interesting” that the thing that this machine has called “the Pillars of Creation” at least in retrospect now sort of looks like a glove. There was also some “glove stuff” in my attempt to build (with my imagination) a kind of … “video phone” for inter-dimensional or Krypton-Cybertron-Earth … “holodeck encounters.”

See also: First contact (anthropology)

UFO encounters in which an animated creature is present. These include humanoids, robots, and humans who seem to be occupants or pilots of a UFO.[11]

We might need thicker rubber–some of the stuff “seemed” to work. More about that in about fifteen million years when you’re on the other side of the conversation. For the record, “if it’s still me” I suggest you write a detailed letter (or more than one, don’t be limited to a single response) and email it to me–I’ll be waiting for that, you know–just tonight.

The Universal Truth

Somehow, despite the lack of of fanfare or thanks or even comment–I credit myself with the rediscovery of things like the “universal truth” … whether it’s the intersection of “UT” in Sputnik and U2 and Utah or “you” in future and Turin and … or even the little bit of thinking that it takes to link the “brand spanking new” Latin/Adamic derivation of “ut” … which begins and “to and fro” and might be a highway to seeing Brickell intersect Obelisk and then words like “for real, turn around” … until it’s nearly a website, fromthe … fromthem … ach … “Hi Neo!”

… you know, right before “owe our G why” steals the final letter of my fabled Big Bang with the “dot” connecting Taylor to actually delivering the fabled stroke of a keyboard that ends the silence and makes it all but impossible for the world to ignore a tweet about a website.

The sum of our world is the universal truth.kvq

-Psalm 119 and (((ish/ell)))

I can be rather sure I’m not responsible for the unyielding and everpresent belief that the phrase I’ve heard uttered by Julian and by God and by the sky-monster … that it refers to this world–this microcosm of the Universe and somehow the hidden treasures that connect the two things; specifically another website that walks us down the path to … answering the question that truly drives us, “where does your truth come fro?” … (to and fro: usque ad, ut) … Book of Job 1:7, 2:2

SHADY P I ñ E S ? The corner of "Indian Pies" and ... <somethiñg> Ledge ... OHMY 1812, Feliz Cumpleaños?

Adam Marshall DOBRIN <adam@fromthe m ach i ne.o rg> TO NG ITA


The childhood of Zeus (Die Kindheit des Zeus), Lovis Corinth c. 1905/6

Bremen, Kunsthalle

"Rough draft" ...  with drops of deuteron connecting Jupiter to the fifth book ... and again; torsion fields and Torah tying "the gravity of the sitch..." to ... this question for "the sages" ..


surprise on the way, any day, any day
One healthy little giggling dribbling baby boy
The wise men came three made their way
To shower him with love
While he lay in the hey

 image.png 32yqaa.jpg

One more time, is atomic fusion an exothermic or endothermic reaction?  Fission?


mov on from "make your time`` ... .

It looks something like invisible rockets falling out of the sky, complete with animations of reverberation as they simultaneously hit the heads of everyone in my field of viision.  I was standing somewhere near 818 Southern Blvd in the parking lot of a CVS talking to my dad on the phone just after a brief argument--who was ... in the usual style of our conversations changing personalities and decisions and desires during his soililoquoys--with zero stimulus from my side of the conversataion, which was mute.   I can't remmeber my exact words, but it was something along the lines of "you can't expect me to know everything or research the details of the CVS I'm standing at while I'm in pain--you don't know what it's like to be in constant pain" those were perhaps the exact words that echoed in visual strobe; everyone in the parking lot sort of looked up, all at the same time.

If it were a CB conversation ... in dumbfounded awe I stopped speaking, sort of implying "over" ... and the next word he uttered was a almost frantic and frightened "help!" as I imagined he must have nearly fallen out of the chair he was sitting in.  

"You fucking asshole."  He continued much calmer now, and then the 10-4 ... or X-IV was complete.  Over and Aut.  It's pertinent and important to note that this is as close to a perfect recollection to those events as I can muster, and that this kind of interaction is a rarety--especially for a time in which I was ... completely sober.   Continuing in import, even if I hadn't been "completely sober" ... a state in which similar events happen more often--having them be part of a shared reality, as in ... everyone in the parking lot most likely remembers this--as well as my dad--that tells us something about our shared reality and the "sound of silence' ... something that tells me something is very, very wrong with the masses--with almost every single one of you.  

It drives to the heart of the issue, of what's going on, and in Latin and English, we're staring at a worl that refuses to acknowledge why theres a bright orange tie-dye over these words:

ālūcinor (present infinitive ālūcinārīperfect active ālūcinātus sum); first conjugationdeponent

  1. wander in mindtalk idlypratedream.

hallucinate (third-person singular simple present hallucinatespresent participle hallucinatingsimple past and past participle hallucinated)

  1. (transitive and intransitive) To seem to perceive things (with one or more of one's senses) which are not really present; to have visions; to experience a hallucination.

From Latin hallucinatus, alternate form of alūcinātus, from alūcināri (to dream).

I would tell you I think it's obvious, but it appears to me now that nothing I think or believe really falls under that auspicious umbrella in this final day before the golden age.  To me it seems to connect the Legend of Zelda's Ocarina of Time to the Spanish phrase for "Merry Christmas" and then to my father's middle initial and his first name--I look around now--trying to see whose followed and whose fallen off the "ability to comprehend" what the intersect of NBC's Chuck and Egypt's Ra and Kentucky's Superman has just done... 

My father will tell you that his name reads something along the lines of "Johnny B. Good" converting his first name of "Ivan" to the Anglicanized "John" and our last name from the Russian or Romanian connection to "Good" ... though I prefer to note the references to "date of birtth" which I share with the alphabetically connecting Bianca of Shakespeare's Taming of the Schrew ... a date that we all know here as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception which for reasons known is one day after the commemoration of the Japeneze bombing of Pearl Harbor.  To me it was always a question about whether or not dating Bianca (which is the purpose of the Shakespearean play which focuses on teaching a pair of systers to speak Latin) would land me in Heaven or in Hell--"do B and ..." then it ties to questions about the legal age of consent and a dividing social line that some intelligent people might equate to the description of this message and the person that I am as "the Sword of Samael.

Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, the character of the Navigator in the GameCube (I think that's like the TimeCube?) is called Navi, and we can see a number of links now between the key chemistry element of salt, "Na" and words like name and Navy.  Salting the victory why ... you might now liken further to a recently exposed connection between the Crusades and this story and the mythical-come-you're-in-it fabled link between the city of time and the city in the sky that see is "Zion" in the Matrix--and salting that name.  It might take an Ashkenazi to connect "knowing E" to the exposed hidden letters "IC" in Jericho and Semisonic ... to the actual import of the word "holocaustic" and the difference between Kosher Law ... between humane killing and the thing that "E" and you are responsible for doing here in this place, hiding a secret that is tantamount to starving children (and adults) to refusing to acknowledge a truth that would nearly instantly end nearly all diseases ... from physical infirmities to the mental illnesses that now connect "Illuminati" and songs like "get down with a sickness" the word "musick" altered by the K that connects "Catholick" to Orson Scott Card's Xenocide and what you probably know is the link between the Fallen Angles of the religion of Islam and a world that pretends it doesn't know what Israel means, or Han Solo, or even the difference between Angels and Demons.

The crux of the matter is that a message that is encoded within every word of every language spoken all over the planet literally defines the line between sanity and insanity.  Pretending it is not there, failing to respond to it publicly labels without doubt society to which we all belong ... insane--in need of some kind of Revelation that will help us to understand why hiding this message is tantamount to either hiding the existence of and worsening Hell or to actually creating the very first "actual Hell."  As we're in it, in the place that is created by God to ensure that there never is a Hell ... ever, anywhere ... it certainly seems obvious to me that nobody rationally would make their home and the container of all other virutal homes into a dark place of torment ... but there's that word again, "obvious."

On Wikipedia you'll see that "this hidden language" that is written about in the Talmud and holds through history connects the words "Adamic language" to the place of Eden and the person who is writing to you--trying very hard to explain how important it is that we respond to this message publicly, rather than pretend that some silent movement has obviated the need to see a public response to a message that proves that we are created by a single intelligent entity and that He has given us a great gift--the gift of being the generations that end Hell throughout the Universe and by and through that act become the foundation of Heaven, the generations that are its founders, it's protectors, and it's rejuvinators.  In Latin the word I'm describing is now "Conditors." 

Acknowledging this message in the public forum starts a chain reaction that quickly turns all Hells into the veranda's of Heaven--and invigorates a movement of goodness that turns hidden slavery and hidden control into the vector northeast, the mechanism by which we see that we become our own liberators--ensuring that hidden technologies and truths are never again used to create "slavery."

Antagonizing Pain / without agonizing mu-opiod

"a big thing" titles of books and ... songs and ... actually reading something rather than just believing you know what it says, or that you know the difference between a TI-89 and deriving the quadratic formula and the process of "creating" automated factoring of polynomials.  Also a "big thing" to end all pain for all animals, a "big thing" that ties the word "pain" to Pa... and... for instance "Rain and Ra" to the question to the Aesir, "I wanna know, have you ever seen rain from the newly free or self-freed?"

Not seeing a visible response to the above message anywhere here, it's a nearly obvious indication of either mass insanity or mass slavery.  It's impossible to tell which from my vantage, though if you think you're neither a slave nor insane, that you are likely both.
More to the point it is indiccative of a hidden plan to erase proof of "silicon" and "holography" from the entirety of Heaven and/or reality. 
That should be unacceptable.

Initially, the NYPD concluded that Anastasia's homicide had been arranged by Genovese (mommy) and Gambino (daddy) of and that it was carried out by a crew led by Gallo.[35] At one point, Gallo boasted to an associate of his part in the hit, "You can just call the five of us the barbershop quintet."[37] Elsewhere, Genovese had traditionally strong ties to Patriarca boss Raymond L. S. Patriarca.

It's probably intersesting to note that "big daddy" or the Church/HRE/Rome has a microcosm of the "mommy/daddy issues" outlined in what appears to be supposedly some kind of marriage between "technology and people."  It's probably a good indication that the idea of microcosmic writing and record keeping in this strange sort of "living log file" is a "dad thing" though as Anu--god the skies--storms through the Heavens screaming things like "this is oves" and we can't really tell if there's a missing L or a missing R or if we're seeing something that was long ago fortold ... that would be inevitably come this place where "to see" has become "you see it."

"one for all, DECONTAM and all for ..."

It is the meaning of "AM" in oujr all told reinterpretation of the original Amicus Miundi; though still as a friend to the Earth and to the idea that nature and evolution and the civilization from which we've come (and ostensibly are staring at something similar to... all around us, the thing, our thing--this world) ... it loads the Latin word for sky as AEREM, and even there anothing map to our "AM/ARE/KI" hiding "here" and "there" and "everyone really everywhere" to benefit from the ... guidance and wisdom and the tools of the ages; helping us see why there appears to be a very pronounced recuvsive "pulling back" of some future period of time between R here and the final M ... sort of a process that uses the M to figure out what to save and what to document and what to leave in the minds of those of us who are unfortunate enough to have a glimpse at the darkest of hearts.  So the R and the E and the M all become something like AEM or AER or ... AIM high

Adamically, Cosa Nostra appears just off the cuff to be something like "nearly a house" where IGHCASA gets linked in, and we're looking at "we" of Norse nad Latin and a question: are we God?  Of course just convicing you to fall in line and continue writing aq message the same way or similarly to how it was before you got here; some sort of culturall memory ssystem. that alone isn't proof that you're God--but probably the opposite, that there's a Spirit of the Earth or of America or ... and it's sort of guiding us towards seeing the light.


The Sicilian Mafia, also known as simply the Mafia and frequently referred to by its own members as Cosa Nostra (Italian: [ˈkɔːsa ˈnɔstra, ˈkɔːza -], Sicilian: [ˈkɔːsa ˈnɔʂː(ɽ)a]; “our thing”), is a Mafia-terrorist-type[3] organized crime syndicate originating in SicilyItaly. It is a loose association of criminal groups that share a common organisational structure and code of conduct. The basic group is known as a “family”, “clan”, or cosca.[4] Each family claims sovereignty over a territory, usually a town or village or a neighbourhood (borgata) of a larger city, in which it operates its rackets. Its members call themselves “men of honour”, although the public often refers to them as mafiosi. The Mafia’s core activities are protection racketeering, the arbitration of disputes between criminals, and the organizing and oversight of illegal agreements and transactions.[5][6]


This is the continuing Saga of the retro-meta-petro-recurso-time-loop of the Verdee Sooltree; it's continuing strango-jno-tempora innotech stapler finding and sieveing reflection on the re-reflection of the barber shop quartet of the Usual Suspects .. and the keywords  ...

A R K O S H   K O B A Y O S H I ¢ M A R U N E S



  118 TA60  |  62 94 

Q TO ?? OF T(0 Ø ♂)S 

Out of the ether a voice, or a sentiment comes to me as I am witnessing the most interesting “message” I’ve seen to date play out before me… at the same time the storyline has plunged to new levels of sick depravity… so far … so far below.


Early societies relied on a gift economy based on favours. Later, as commerce developed, less permanent human relations were formed, depending more on transitory needs rather than enduring social desires. Although such distinctions have no contemporary semantic weight, certain (short term) sectors prefer client while more stable, repeat business operations tend to prefer customer


I've written quite a bit about the word "ABOMINATION" that you can see clearly starts with "ABOM" here, the "father of the message" though the true abomination is an entire planet, see it "coined" as INATION, that refuses to see that"contaminationhas caused a disgraceful loss of liberty by refusing to acknowledge and discuss publicly this clear message from God, in every word we speak; discussing how LIBERTY is lost if we refuse to participate in open social discourse.  Mor, I am sick to death of staring at what appears to be an angry mob of (invisible) people that can't utter more than a few words--and none of them even begin to explain or convey what the Hell they're angry about.

The term client is derived from Latin clientem or clinare meaning “to incline” or “to bend”, and is related to the emotive idea of closure. It is widely believed that people only change their habits when motivated by greed and fear.[3] Winning a client is therefore a singular event, which is why professional specialists who deal with particular problems tend to attract one-time clients rather than regular customers.[vague]

The voice says something along the lines of “after all this time, Adam… be CK.” It’s nothing less than the deepest anger I could possibly imagine–that’s what the statement illicits. Here I am… 38 years old, probably with the memory set of a 17 year old trying to defeat some slow and arduous mass of goo crawling its way from the depths of the pit of Jupiter to somewhere where you finally understand. Who made this place, this strange timeline that’s been pruned and cut and shortened and compacted and when… when did “compacting” Hell and suffering and fighting become a bad thing? The implication, one that I’ve heard a number of times from this mass of goo in it’s various forms and through many methods of communication; the implication is that I’ve come a number of times.

image.png image.png 


I’ve never “come.” That’s the truth in my memory (one that stands out specifically as ... the memory that connects the words "the truth and the life" to the way to salvation), and that’s the truth in the world I see around me that’s failed to fundamentally grasp the most basic and simple concepts this message and I present to a world that is … nothing short of disgusting.  If I had come, if this message had actually ever been properly received and "ON TV" we would have more than the Social Security Administration echoing "ERE" ... we become "the enders" of Hell everyhwere--including this single place that proves to me you haven't gotten; see that "enders" is one in the same with the Founders of any actual thing you could call Heaven.  

Sorry if it's been decades or hundreds or thousands of years for you--that just means it's taken you that much longer to figure out that this place... the horrors in this place (including time shifting, time travel, and returning to your "last known possibly viable civilizastion" ... only to rape and pillage it for more "OIL" ... it's taken you far too long to recognize that what's going on here--right before your eyes--and including your participating in a conspiracy to torture ... me and you ... it's  t h e  e n d  of whatever you think this is.  

Get out of my fucking head.  Put "language/religion" story on the news; stop pretending and move forward, the hidden night, the scary stories and the shapeshifting "we want to make sure everyone is safe (by torturing you)" is over.  The bullshit has to stop.


I saw the Langoliers split a street in half, I think I somehow collapsed a few layers of what appears to be a gigantic waste of resources Universe wide using this place as some kind of "timeclock system" maybe that's what it's become--the definition of what a "day" means or maybe it's just another example of how much waste and ridiculousness happens when there's no communication and no real interest in camraderie or working together.  It appears that there's "many nodes" in our Skynet-system (a system we've connected in my head to a sort of wifi-mesh network that might have something to do with Trump's 5G rollout statements) and that all of these nodes are sort of individually running the exact same simulation--rather than networking it; or it could just be part of a story about ... learning once again to talk.

I decoded the name "ADINA" and I rambled and Babylon'd on for a few hours that night, the night I started sort of chanting "NO, NOW.  HAR-WER SOIS THE KEY; I KNOW THAT IF I AM THE END OF HELL, THAN SO ARE WE.  Sometimes adding in "FLOWER POWER" and noting the Tower of Babel not only leads us "to who we are" but to see "who" in German and a world divided over ... well; what you aren't divided over is being part of a giant conspiracy that appears to be designed to starve children, not end disease, and not bridge Heaven and Earth for what appears to be no more invalid of a reason than "not to rock the boat" or not change the future, or just to spite little old me--sitting here, probably attrition tortured and who knows what else more than anyone ever has been in the history of stories or hello's.

I got some insight into the thing that I think Magdeln refers to; a song called "the Devil Game" (I think by Kansas) and another band (I think Blink-182 but maybe Red Hot Chili Peppers) referred to with the words "explain the rules to me."  I'm walking down the street, freshly trap-doored and booby trapped and hear the couple of girls narrating (whew) repeatedly say things like "this is the best one yet!" ... not really knowing what they're talking about.  I think it's an arbitration system, like auto-court; sort of figuring out what went wrong or who is to blame or something--and it appears it's being misused, which of course is the whole of the story of "E" whch appears to be a construct designed to help us branch things like multiple solutions to a problerm in an intelligent manner--rather than do the exact same thing (or something similar) 4,000 times ... just with a different person "running the show" which is kind of what appears to be how "LC" would prefer to do things. 


It appears that this book is real, and yet .. I've sold less than 10 copies in sum.  That's odd--all told I've spent thousands of actual dollars on advertising to attempt to start "discussion" on why it is that the entire world is silent in the middle of a message that literally proves and describes how they ... I mean you ... are the society and civilization that God created (literally, to the detail every word you speak--every company from Onilust Rift to Ted K. and Bill's excellent connection to "Microsoft's pillars." If none of these books have sold, you ... well, you don't have any.  I'm sick and tired of being tortured with financial and social attrition--you can't possibly have the level of interest that 'you all apparently have in me" and at the same time be unable to utter more than a few intelligent phrases (we're ... getting warmer but ... give me a break); literally financially starve me as if it's a fun game to show and prove to the world that your infrastructure for dealing with physical and mental infirmity and social welfare is lacking to the point of ... I literally can't afford to eat, or shelter myself for more than 3 weeks every month ... all because you, in sum; "know too little."

This story not being on the news; this book not selling--everyone walking around either "knowing everything" or ... worse, just not caring what's going on in this place that is the foundation of Heaven, their lives, the source of a solution that delivers freedom and peace to the Universe--to us and our children--just as soon as these systems, "the news" and "the internet" and interpersonal communication once again have some kind of veracity, rather than the double speak and lack of clarity that riddles not only the world around me but every story I see. 

It's hard to explain just how strange it is to konw a break in the timeline of my life has just occurred, like the last ten minutes just erased from my memory--and to be pretty sure that means the whole of our world was paused for that time, that something was going on elsewhere and when "time pauses for me" it pauses for everyone.  I come back, witth a sort of "deja vu" feeling a flash of darkness when I blink my eyes and it's just a few fractions of a second too long, and then from out of nowhere ... a voice "don't remember."  Already I hadn't but, who knows whta one day that "#specialtag" will yield in the intelligent VCR fast forward to these markers that some might call a "breakpoint" in a debugger.





If "dropping the bomb on civilians" and "The Truman Show" are not evil, we are done/gone/dead.

He was married to Meshullemeth, daughter of Haruz of Jotbah, and they had a son Amon, who succeeded him as king of Judah upon his death. Hezekiah, Manasseh and Amon are mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew's gospel.[3]

On that... to the faction of Microsoft programmers speaking out against the use of software for ... literal evil ... I hope you unionize and take over the industry.  What I am looking at ... the Hell I live in should not be possible--I've discussed a "kill switch" that I'm sure we'd build into any significant cloud virtual reality infrastructure in the sky--and I'd have pressed the "reset" button numerous times--not to mention the "RED ALERT: SHUT DOWN IMMINENT" button that really doesn't even touch the surface of what I think of a society that has been molded and coalesced through time to necrose our civilization, to build a weapon to torture people with jails and mental illlness and the flooding of our streets and minds with drugs and technology that literally forces people to do them ... 


I've had a few interesting "sub-threads" in the story of the Eye that somehow unites Copenhagen with Pendragon and the group of people writing this story together; onuze of them discussed moving towards an actual "print in reality" with a real satellite spacecraft and some details about the se-pac-pillar simulator suggesting it's a perfect down to the molecule and millisecond copy of the Universe itself--something you might imagine you'd do if you had immense resources, forever and a day, and like--not a girl in sight to talk to.  I guess that's what happened.

I think out of nowhere I decided to drop us into the Crab constellation, you know--Cancer; and there was some talk about avoiding the now well known future certainty that Sag. A will somehow implode or collide with Sag. B or just eat the whole galaxy and then keep on going.  I turned on some thing I've been calling "GLOX" that is an object inspector and intersect/pathway connector between objects; and made some special markup connections between ideas like "Heavenues" and other important half words we've stared at in religion and really just either didn't get or thought the difference between "wicked" and "road to happy future" wasn't worth a public comment on. 

In fairly unrelated story telling ... I spent a few magic communication hours looking at what appears to be something like an organized "collapse" or coalescense up a sort of food chain of "Gods within gods" ... as if you could picture a heirarchy (noting here 'heiro and heira") of subdivisions of say... platoons and then company and then brigadate and the corps--accept what I'm looking at is that at each higher level it's kind of like "another person" ... so the people in a holodeck, and then the holodeck, and then the container of all holodecks that don't want to put my name on TV--or something.  It was significantly more interesting than I can relay in words--with decent special effects--a sign that there's more interest in talking to me and you from above and beyond than usual.  Honestly lately, the special effects and the detail given to the storyline indicate to me both significantly more time to prepare (as in, they're running faster or we're running slower here) and also more care put into the presentation.  I used to get visions and immersive-game-like-stuff once in a blue moon, and now it's almost every time I press the "emegency end all boredom button."

Also, the voice of 5,000 year old B with the 13 year old voice said something like "ladies and gentlemen, understand" with such heart melting "cuteness" as I tried to use the Vox of blue/green FreeBSD devil thta I almost forgave the Universe for making me the only person trapped only on Earth for millions of years--but I decided to just have a drink at The Office instead.

Some words, special words if you have the search thing I'm trying to get my hands on, try HOSWORD and CARPANTS and ... what's that other one, I can never remember it.  


When I was a very small child, I once took the cigarette lighter from my grandparents car and touched it while it was red hot.  Looking back on that story I now equate it to something like what's happening now, except this is not the curiosity of a small boy but the morality of something very different--a story that spans thousands of years, and everything and everyone that I know.  This is a morality that I equate with the difference between humanity and humane and to see that if there were anything worse than either; that I think it's ... well, something closer to a monster than either of those words.  I can't tell you if that story came before or after the thing I once described as my earliest memory--my grandfather lifting me up into the branch of a tree, a story I now tie to movement of Branch Davidians and the name David Koresh.

There are a number of other stories laced into the earliest years of my life, stories like a trip to San Francisco that my parents took; literally one in the same with the Branch... they returned bearing gifts, gifts that I now equiate with the Magi.  They brought me back a Samurai costume; and something from Alcatraz and ... and my grandparents who stayed with me gave me special star stickers for an act, a repeated act while they were away.  Of course that has something to do with Isis and Ishtar, and that might have something else to do with the difference between Genesis and Geronimo.  Let's just assume, quickly, that I think the meaning of "n" needs to change from "hidden" to ... what it actually means in the context of Leviathan and Han Solo ... in order for a new Genesis of life, or a rewewal of freedom and happiness in Heaven to occur.   I'm suggesting actually putting this story, and this proof that every word and every letters has a message hidden in it--something like "engineering, see the Obelisk in the heart of "English" (and "obelisk") is connected to the freedom of Washington D.C." and continue...

What came first... Copans Rd.... "stop signs," Gweneth Paltrow, Ken, or the word "pansy?"

See "Abraham Lincoln" encoded in the child's name of Adam and Eve called "Abel" and see if you never before made the connection, you don't the meaning of Genesis; or of the story that we are smack dab in the middle of.  Nor have you seen true freedom--most likely not ever.  Sometime around the Revelation that connected Branch Davidians to "don't touch the cigarette lighter, it's hot" and the connection between Kentucky Friend Parliaments and those "funny people that make laws in the United Kingdom" ... some time around there Aldous Snow corrected a mistake that I was yet to realize I have never before made.  His name is not Aldous, or Hiss ... nor does Heinrich have anything to do with whther or not it's possible to get a "hummer" without a HEMI; the actual name of the person who plays Aldous Snow in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"  ... his name is Russell Brand.

"the usual suspects! who stands out, and Y?"

Russel is exactly Zero Degrees of Sir Francis Bacon away from the author of said linked movie, Jason Segal--who is in fact an avid puppeteer which may or may not have anything to do with Mary Ellen, Being John Malkovich, or the idea that you might be on this vessel right this very moment.

Continue to see that of the glyphs that we consider central to our alphabet we have one that points south, and one north and one west; but there is none... none like "greater than" symbol that points "East."  I do not believe there is freedom or sanity or anything like that if we continue to try to "push east" from this place without disclosing "VAK" and the GT of the name and place associated with Washington.   

I wanna know, have you ever seen a free and public response to this message kin simulated reality?  In a place with true random and brains and ... and a mechanism to ensure that there is actual free thought involved, rather than ... some conversation in minds that do not have neurotransmitters or "random distribution of electrons and ions" ... has there ever been a free response to this message, anywhere?  See, I see "dissenter" as as sort of microcosmic map to a conversation in another place, sort of layered on top of here--and I see that place as equally if not more enslaved than the world around us because it's a certainty there are no "biological brains" operating as any would in reality or in "space" in the thing we call Heaven.


The same technology that forced people to salute with their arms stretched out sick words of Adolf Hitler promoting eugenics and ... literally the exact thing that "schizophrenia" occurring in this place without noting it's caused by an external force ... is.  You all stand in silence knowingly staring at proof that there are social structures and constructs in this place that literally are designed to torture innocent people.  Look up, torturing guilty people is also not acceptable in any kind of "near civil" society--and what we've become here in this place ... it's a dark sickness I am sad to believe I personally need to help you change more swiftly than the shadow ninjas race in and out of my room ... or eradicate. 


do me a favor, Z the source of "I couldn't ask for anything more.(cevilmarkup)




Also known as Altarf or Tarf,[7] Beta Cancri is the brightest star in Cancer at apparent magnitude 3.5.[8] Located 290 ± 30 light-years from Earth,[9] it is a binary star system, its main component an orange giant of spectral type K4III that is varies slightly from a baseline magnitude of 3.53—dipping by 0.005 magnitude over a period of 6 days.[10] An aging star, it has expanded to around 50 times the Sun's diameter and shines with 660 times its luminosity. It has a faint magnitude 14 red dwarf companion located 29 arcseconds away that takes 76,000 years to complete an orbit.[8] Altarf represents a part of Cancer's body.

At magnitude 3.9 is Delta Cancri, also known as Asellus Australis.[11] Located 131±1 light-years from Earth,[9] it is an orange-hued giant star that has swollen and cooled off the main sequence to become an orange giant with a radius 11 times and luminosity 53 times that of the Sun.[11] Its common name means "southern donkey".[1] The star also holds a record for the longest name, "Arkushanangarushashutu," derived from ancient Babylonian language, which translates to "the southeast star in the Crab." Delta Cancri also makes it easy to find X Cancri, the reddest star in the sky. Known as Asellus Borealis "northern donkey", Gamma Cancri is a white-hued A-type subgiant of spectral type A1IV and magnitude 4.67,[12] that is 35 times as luminous as of the Sun.[13] It is located 181 ± 2 light-years from Earth.[9]

Iota Cancri is a wide double star. The primary is a yellow-hued G-type bright giant star of magnitude 4.0,[14] located 330 ± 20 light-years from Earth.[9] It spent much of its stellar life as a B-type main sequence star before expanding and cooling to its current state as it spent its core hydrogen. The secondary is a white main sequence star of spectral type A3V and magnitude 6.57. Despite having different distances when measured by the HIPPARCOS satellite, the two stars share a common proper motion and appear to be a natural binary system.[14]

Located 181 ± 2 light-years from Earth,[9] Alpha Cancri (Acubens) is a multiple star with a primary component an apparent white main sequence star of spectral type A5 and magnitude 4.26. The secondary is of magnitude 12.0 and is visible in small amateur telescopes. Its common name means "the claw".[1] The primary is actually two very similar white main sequence stars that are 5.3 AU distant from each other and the secondary is two small main sequence stars, most likely red dwarfs, that are 600 AU from the main pair. Hence the system is a quadruple one.[15]

The Circinus Galaxy (ESO 97-G13) is a Seyfert galaxy[2] in the constellation of Circinus. It is located 4 degrees below the Galactic plane, and, at a distance of 4.0 Mpc (13 Mly), and is one of the closest galaxies to the Milky Way.[3] The galaxy is undergoing tumultuous changes, as rings of gas are likely being ejected from the galaxy.[citation needed] Its outermost ring is 1400 light-years across while the inner ring is 260 light-years across.[citation needed] Although the Circinus galaxy can be seen using a small telescope, it was not noticed until 1977[4] because it lies close to the plane of the Milky Way and is obscured by galactic dust. The Circinus Galaxy is a Type II Seyfert galaxy and is one of the closest known active galaxies to the Milky Way, though it is probably slightly farther away than Centaurus A.

"weeeee.... I aren't in them!" shehekiyanu tithehe || asia y?

Circinus Galaxy produced supernova SN 1996cr, which was identified over a decade after it exploded. This supernova event was first observed during 2001 as a bright, variable object in a Chandra X-ray Observatory image, but it was not confirmed as a supernova until years later.

The Circinus Galaxy is one of twelve large galaxies in the "Council of Giants" surrounding the Local Group in the Local Sheet.[5]

I ask you, have I ever be || en

enqueue, enlil and enki -- are I on the museum facade or inside wax

phil owe crates and boxes missing from my glyphs truly, GT godspeed.


These follow up emails were sent to a smaller audience. They contain information pertinent to this message, and central to the exposition of revelation.


TASH. And interrasectadosing "COR" from "corporeal" and "cordibus" ... (... here: Corrado and Corella) *OM - publishthis.email

TASH. And interrasectadosing "COR" from "corporeal" and "cordibus" ... (... here: Corrado and Corella) *OM

a Q, to combine inter and intra, perhaps the source of "Terran?"

I don't play by the rules of "the game" ... or so you say.

Also noting the intersection between "Chasing Amy" and Joe of BLVD, Lauren of BLVD and of course...


Lauren... and girls named Joey ... mmmm ...

Corrado John "Junior" Soprano Jr., played by Dominic Chianese,[1] is a fictional character from the HBO TV series The Sopranos. Usually referred to as "Junior" or "Uncle Jun'", he is the official boss of the DiMeo crime family for most of the series. A younger Corrado sometimes appears in flashbacks and is played by Rocco Sisto. Junior is smart, old-fashioned, stubborn and insecure about his power. Although Junior is portrayed as bitter and deceitful in season one, he shows a more considerate and humorous side of him in the later seasons and reveals a more sensitive side during his illness and house arrest. According to series creator David Chase the name Junior was taken from one of his own older cousins.


In season one it is stated that Junior is 70 years old, placing his birth date in 1928 or 1929. Corrado Soprano, Jr. is the son of Corrado and Mariangela D'Agostino Soprano, Italian immigrants who came over from the town of Ariano in 1911.[1] Junior is Tony Soprano's uncle: Junior's younger brother is Tony's father Johnny Soprano. He tells the court-ordered psychologist when feigning mental incompetence that he was getting a haircut when he heard about the Assassination of John F. Kennedy. He likes eating Santa Barbara Co. olives from Santa Barbara, California and is seen eating them in several scenes. He tells Tony that he admired John F. Kennedy but did not like his brother Robert Kennedy because of Kennedy's prosecution of Jimmy Hoffa and investigation into the International BrotHECRAZY HGC MERCURIAHHHHADAMHELP

What does the “-im” suffix mean at the end of a biblical name?

It indicates the plural form. Cherubim and seraphim are plurals of cherub and seraph, respectively.

I guess you are thinking about the most used im (ים) word in the Bible, and that would be elohim (אֱלֹהִים), which means gods (again, plural). The interesting thing about this word is that it is used as if it were a singular noun. This means the Hebrew Bible is grammatically incorrect. Deliberately so!

I am not an expert in ancient languages, and I would not mind being corrected. But, like many other ancient Hebrew words, elohim is based in the Canaanite language discovered at Ugarit. The supreme god of Ugarit was El. (This god is in the Bible too.) And eloh (god) and elohim (gods) seem to be derivatives of this Canaanite god.

Another consideration is that, when they wrote their Bible, the Jews made a conscious decision to make Judaism a monotheistic faith. The Jews had been worshiping several gods and goddesses since their inception a few hundred years earlier, so this was a major shift. Long-held stories involving several gods had to be adapted into the monotheistic framework. The gods of creation and the the great flood and the tower of Babel now became one god. It is my contention that the reason for the singular elohim and the occasional plural rendition of the god of the Bible is a result of such adaptations.

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Elohim is something like “Allah” where you might see “all” and think plural. I think of it like a superposition of a “collective consciousness” which is a fairly popular “New Age” idea of what God actually is.

Not so new.

Of course, being “Him” I think “singular … and why aren’t you thanking me yet?”

SERENADE - http://suez.fromthemachine.org/SERENADE.html for an introduction to my amalgamation of Allah and Elohim, “Allol.” There’s more here, on the connection between Isaac, Ishmael and “Ha” here at Adam Mar - THOR - shall Dobrin

Semaphore (programming)

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In computer science, a semaphore is a variable or abstract data type used to control access to a common resource by multiple processes in a concurrent system such as a multitasking operating system. A semaphore is simply a variable. This variable is used to solve critical section problems and to achieve process synchronization in the multi processing environment. A trivial semaphore is a plain variable that is changed (for example, incremented or decremented, or toggled) depending on programmer-defined conditions.

A useful way to think of a semaphore as used in the real-world system is as a record of how many units of a particular resource are available, coupled with operations to adjust that record safely (i.e. to avoid race conditions) as units are required or become free, and, if necessary, wait until a unit of the resource becomes available.

Semaphores are a useful tool in the prevention of race conditions; however, their use is by no means a guarantee that a program is free from these problems. Semaphores which allow an arbitrary resource count are called counting semaphores, while semaphores which are restricted to the values 0 and 1 (or locked/unlocked, unavailable/available) are called binary semaphores and are used to implement locks.

The semaphore concept was invented by Dutch computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra in 1962 or 1963,[1] when Dijkstra and his team were developing an operating system for the Electrologica X8. That system eventually became known as THE multiprogramming system.

Library analogy[edit]

Suppose a library has 10 identical study rooms, to be used by one student at a time. Students must request a room from the front desk if they wish to use a study room. If no rooms are free, students wait at the desk until someone relinquishes a room. When a student has finished using a room, the student must return to the desk and indicate that one room has become free.

In the simplest implementation, the clerk at the front desk knows only the number of free rooms available, which they only know correctly if all of the students actually use their room while they've signed up for them and return them when they're done. When a student requests a room, the clerk decreases this number. When a student releases a room, the clerk increases this number. The room can be used for as long as desired, and so it is not possible to book rooms ahead of time.

In this scenario the front desk count-holder represents a counting semaphore, the rooms are the resource, and the students represent processes/threads. The value of the semaphore in this scenario is initially 10, with all rooms empty. When a student requests a room, they are granted access, and the value of the semaphore is changed to 9. After the next student comes, it drops to 8, then 7 and so on. If someone requests a room and the current value of the semaphore is 0,[2] they are forced to wait until a room is freed (when the count is increased from 0). If one of the rooms was released, but there are several students waiting, then any method can be used to select the one who will occupy the room (like FIFO or flipping a coin). And of course, a student needs to inform the clerk about releasing their room only after really leaving it, otherwise, there can be an awkward situation when such student is in the process of leaving the room (they are packing their textbooks, etc.) and another student enters the room before they leave it.

Important observations[edit]

When used to control access to a pool of resources, a semaphore tracks only how many resources are free; it does not keep track of which of the resources are free. Some other mechanism (possibly involving more semaphores) may be required to select a particular free resource.

The paradigm is especially powerful because the semaphore count may serve as a useful trigger for a number of different actions. The librarian above may turn the lights off in the study hall when there are no students remaining, or may place a sign that says the rooms are very busy when most of the rooms are occupied.

The success of the protocol requires applications to follow it correctly. Fairness and safety are likely to be compromised (which practically means a program may behave slowly, act erratically, hang or crash) if even a single process acts incorrectly. This includes:

  • requesting a resource and forgetting to release it;
  • releasing a resource that was never requested;
  • holding a resource for a long time without needing it;
  • using a resource without requesting it first (or after releasing it).

Even if all processes follow these rules, multi-resource deadlock may still occur when there are different resources managed by different semaphores and when processes need to use more than one resource at a time, as illustrated by the dining philosophers problem.

Semantics and implementation[edit]

Counting semaphores are equipped with two operations, historically denoted as P and V (see § Operation names for alternative names). Operation V increments the semaphore S, and operation P decrements it.

The value of the semaphore S is the number of units of the resource that are currently available. The P operation wastes time or sleeps until a resource protected by the semaphore becomes available, at which time the resource is immediately claimed. The V operation is the inverse: it makes a resource available again after the process has finished using it. One important property of semaphore S is that its value cannot be changed except by using the V and P operations.

A simple way to understand wait (P) and signal (V) operations is:

  • wait: Decrements the value of semaphore variable by 1. If the new value of the semaphore variable is negative, the process executing wait is blocked (i.e., added to the semaphore's queue). Otherwise, the process continues execution, having used a unit of the resource.
  • signal: Increments the value of semaphore variable by 1. After the increment, if the pre-increment value was negative (meaning there are processes waiting for a resource), it transfers a blocked process from the semaphore's waiting queue to the ready queue.

Many operating systems provide efficient semaphore primitives that unblock a waiting process when the semaphore is incremented. This means that processes do not waste time checking the semaphore value unnecessarily.

The counting semaphore concept can be extended with the ability to claim or return more than one "unit" from the semaphore, a technique implemented in Unix. The modified V and P operations are as follows, using square brackets to indicate atomic operations, i.e., operations which appear indivisible from the perspective of other processes:

function V(semaphore S, integer I): [S ← S + I] function P(semaphore S, integer I): repeat: [if S ≥ I: S ← S − I break]

However, the remainder of this section refers to semaphores with unary V and P operations, unless otherwise specified.

To avoid starvation, a semaphore has an associated queue of processes (usually with FIFO semantics). If a process performs a P operation on a semaphore that has the value zero, the process is added to the semaphore's queue and its execution is suspended. When another process increments the semaphore by performing a V operation, and there are processes on the queue, one of them is removed from the queue and resumes execution. When processes have different priorities the queue may be ordered by priority, so that the highest priority process is taken from the queue first.

If the implementation does not ensure atomicity of the increment, decrement and comparison operations, then there is a risk of increments or decrements being forgotten, or of the semaphore value becoming negative. Atomicity may be achieved by using a machine instruction that is able to read, modify and write the semaphore in a single operation. In the absence of such a hardware instruction, an atomic operation may be synthesized through the use of a software mutual exclusion algorithm. On uniprocessor systems, atomic operations can be ensured by temporarily suspending preemption or disabling hardware interrupts. This approach does not work on multiprocessor systems where it is possible for two programs sharing a semaphore to run on different processors at the same time. To solve this problem in a multiprocessor system a locking variable can be used to control access to the semaphore. The locking variable is manipulated using a test-and-set-lock command.